Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1811
The small snake restored. This regarding Xia Tian absolutely is a huge good news. Small snake resurrecting represented him to have the opportunity of rebirth, although now the old lunatic goes crazy hits him, but will not go to want his assigning, he can the safe start repair his body now. Bang! When Xia Tian immerses, the old lunatic started. Lying trough, we related were so ripe, you also hit me.” Xia Tian scolded one. Bang! The old lunatic has hit Xia Tian one crowd once more: Who is ripe with you, I just am idling bored and you chat.” Bang! After the old lunatic hit tired, started to sleep directly, Xia Tian does not dare to have slight delay. Small insect, by you.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, compounded drug tumbles afterward on the ground. The small insect hurried picks up the compounded drug, fast crawls to Xia Tian, when it crawls to the Xia Tian mouth near, the compounded drug flows from the Xia Tian mouth directly. Lives bone pill. Fresh bone pill who pill emperor leaves behind but one of the pill emperor best several compounded drugs, the pill emperor past Pill Refining technology of it can be said that was unparalleled in the world. The effect of living bone pill is good.

Thump! Xia Tian will live bone Dantun to enter in the stomach directly. ! A strange strength flows to the four limbs of Xia Tian instantaneously, afterward Xia Tian felt own bone is very itchy, this type makes him suddenly unendurable itchy, the pain, he has attempted, he was hit Tiantian, that rending pain was needless to say much, but itchy actually completely was another feeling. The key is he is itchy, his also flexure, because of his manual, his hand active, his also flexure, what because is itchy is the bone, but is not the meat. Itchy on this bone makes Xia Tian very uncomfortable. Small insect, quick, under gives me to take the therapy compounded drug again, I try the muscle to join.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. The small insect transported in the compounded drug the Xia Tian mouth once more. Compounded drug entrance. The effect is remarkable, quick, Xia Tian wound on good almost . Moreover the muscle of Xia Tian slowly is also healing, although the speed is slow, but he finally had has hoped. Xia Tian is enduring in this. Um?” At this moment, the old lunatic of deep sleep woke suddenly, the small snake is also the earliest possible time disappears on the body of Xia Tian. The sound that hears the old lunatic, Xia Tian had a scare immediately, his vision slowly looks to the old lunatic: How you awoke.” In day Lingshan.

Ha Ha Ha Ha, this offends my fate, do not attack day Lingshan? You come actually.” Abao laughs to say excitedly, at this time he smiles is very happy, he as if never killing people this matter cares, what present he is excited, he saw offended his person is any fate. Nearby Yu Wentao laughable, had killed several million people all of a sudden . Moreover the crushed stone has also killed many people, trampled the population of casualty to add mutually already more than ten million, this was the human life, has killed these many people, his innermost feelings had strong guilty conscience, although there is a Abao, he did not need to worry that encountered the day to punish, but however these of homicide person. Yu Wentao, why you puts on a serious face, you did not think that this is crisp? Looks that own enemy is out such miserably, this is one how the matter that is worth celebrating.” Abao incomparably excited saying. He most likes seeing person who has offended his by him was made miserably, to be just like the mountain of day Lingshan to advocate peace very much that several elders, Xia Tian, they one by one are miserable, is Abao does. How has killed these many person possibly happy getting up, I am not the killing devil.” Yu Wentao said that discovered own words said is not right, his saying probably was saying that Abao was the killing devil is the same. However Abao now was really too happy, therefore he has not gone to care about this matter: You know that they so will be why miserable? Because they offended me, I have the big destiny person, offends me to be equal to offending the day, they naturally must encounter the retribution.” Volume!” Yu Wentao had nothing to say in reply, after all the person of big destiny was really too formidable, was too mystical. Nobody knows that actually the destiny from which comes, but has the big destiny person is that type along the person of day, they walk to pick the treasure. Big destiny. Any entrance or the influence discovered that is willing to receive it for the subordinates, even if unable to receive for the subordinates, they do not want to offend such person, once because offended, that must kill, if cannot kill, that future absolutely will be no end of trouble for the future. The person on mountain is excited, the person under mountain may be depressed. They think this time can take over day Lingshan absolutely at one fell swoop, but unexpectedly had such matter finally. Explosion, flame. These many people, the quantity was too crowded, they are unable to dodge, can only stiffly was killed, moreover here person were too many, in the event of ****, that all people want to maintain life, they fear death, this ran away mutually occurred has stepped on the event, stepped on an event occurrence, so long as were the person of falling to the ground cannot stand.

Hateful, how to turn into this, these fellow unexpectedly the mountain road overspread the explosion crag on, these many people were all killed . Moreover the road last present flame that climbs mountains has not been put out, definitely nobody dares to come up.” „It is not good, must try to find solution, otherwise we have wasted all previous efforts, the explosion crag can only explode one time, now exploded, although died 10 million people, but our here present also some people, so long as makes them clash, we have the opportunity.” Now crowd already thorough was chaotic, how this clashes, moreover they trample mutually, soon, the population of casualty will increase.” That nine tripod Expert are pondering the countermeasure fast, they do not want to give up absolutely, because they have been away from the buried treasure to be so near, so long as they can take day Lingshan at one fell swoop, that rare treasure was their. Bastard, lunatic.” The day spirit second child saw scolding that the front pitiful condition keeps, although he does not care about others' life, when he saw when such scene thought that these people are the lunatics, is the bastard, their unexpectedly so mistreats the human life, for the so-called rare treasure, they have discarded the lives of these people. That nine tripod Expert discussed a moment later, finally nobody can find out the good means. Hateful, can we give up like this? Has missed this time, which returns finds these many people.” Saying that a tripod does not dare. Yeah! Sighing that other people also all keep, regarding them, lets go this time opportunity, is very depressed. At this moment, demon that had not spoken teaches the alliance the hegemon to open the mouth to say suddenly: I have means.”