Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1812

Has the means! This is now this few words that extinguishes the day alliance topmost level most to like hearing. Because they cannot achieve except for annoyed anything now. Said quickly that is what means?” Other eight people simultaneously looked that teaches the hegemons of alliance to say to demon. Is very simple, their people rush to our here also to take more than ten minutes, these more than ten minutes already enough our here arrangement next more terrifying momentum, if our here conditions are more dangerous than the mountain road, you said where these people will choose toward run?” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to say. Hears this proposition time, on the people face of scene is one happy. Good means that on mountain road, although also has the flame, but the majority has extinguished, but if we arrange a more terrifying momentum here, they can only the round trip run finally.” His proposition was approved by all people instantaneously. That together begins, uses the fire, because the fire looks like the terrifying.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to say. Good, comes the person, you will go to neighbor all trees to chop to me, the speed to most open will transport to here comes.” A tripod Expert order said that their several thousand own soldiers all cut trees down. But their several have not idled. The wooden attribute person starts to release own attribute directly here, but hot attribute is starts to ignite, metallicity helps to cut the tree, the earth attribute help ships, only then water attribute anything busy cannot add on temporarily, the movements of these people are quick. About 78 minutes, about 300 meters in width road by trees dying of suffocation, but the flame also at the same time starts to burn. These many trees burn together, seems very magnificent. These flee to the flame that here person sees this to soar to the heavens, all turns around, was too terrifying, they have not dared to look, does not dare to run toward here.

Only can turn head. But the direction is the direction of day Lingshan. In day Lingshan. Then has troubled, these fellow unexpectedly have thought this means that they such do definitely to force the remaining people, because these people want to live.” Yu Wentao said hurriedly. Snort, comes back to be what kind of? Now the mountain road majority had been destroyed, the person who can come up one time is limited, moreover on that is so hot, came up the later person affirmation condition not to be good, making our people kill directly has been OK, coming many us to kill many.” Abao very impolite saying. In his opinion these people are one group treat butcher the lamb, regardless of comes many, so long as they all massacred are good. These many people, kill.” Yu Wentao's depressed saying. We are having natural superiority, moreover following person is too crowded, even if throws a stone casually, can be battered to death dozens.” Saying that Abao disdains. But.” Not anything, but, spirit stone and restores the compounded drug I to prepare to them, lets attack to me who they keep on the line, works as a farm laborer the target not to need any technology.” Abao said that turns the head to leave directly, obviously he already to here situation thorough is not interested. In dungeon. Xia Tian saw that the old lunatic wakes up suddenly, immediately had a scare. Nothing.” The old lunatic looked at Xia Tian one saying that he has not hit Xia Tian, but going off once more. Saw that the old lunatic has not begun, has probably not discovered the small snake, Xia Tian relaxed finally, now he must do waited for that waited for own bone and muscle join, but he has not idled, he still in studying the Tathagata god palm, he wants to learn the Tathagata god palm at the shortest time, like this after he exits, had the qualification of maintaining life.

Shouted! Narrow squeak.” Xia Tian long expiration, he also really thought that was too dangerous, if a moment ago made the old lunatic discover that small snake, that small snake may be dangerous, even if the small snake can run away, Xia Tian cannot run away. The old lunatic is a through lunatic. No one is able to guarantee that he can kill Xia Tian. After all beforehand Xia Tian thinks that he and old lunatic were very ripe, the result old lunatic hits him. The temperament mental disposition of old lunatic was too strange, moreover his strength was also too fearful, can in Yu Wang with legend fight, thus it can be seen the strength of old lunatic is formidable how. Xia Tian does not suspect his words the genuine and fake. Because of these chains in that pendulum, Xia Tian was guessing least 20,000-30,000 jin (0.5 kg) before, but he does not have to experiment personally, therefore does not know that is many. In day Lingshan. The war continued for three days three nights, these disciples on day Lingshan has killed to be lenient, they only killed people, kill the person who one group has almost not revolted against the ability, but the population of opposite party was too many. „It is not good, our people did not move, the opposite person also has these many.” Yu Wentao frowns to say. That puts them to come.” Abao said. Puts? That made them attack.” Yu Wentao looks puzzled to Abao. „Did you forget to extinguish demon big?” Abao's self-confident saying, extinguishes demon big, but in day Lingshan the maximum capital, had to extinguish demon big, that nobody can attack. This person were also too many, I feared that extinguished the demon big might to be limited.” Yu Wentao said.

All right, so long as there is spirit stone, that extinguishes demon big should not to have the issue.” Abao said. Good, listens your.” Yu Wentao almost anything listens to Abao now, because Abao has the big destiny to add the person of body, follows his opinion, should receive the asylum that ascends the sky. Goes to call the person, puts these people to climb mountains.” Abao said directly. Hears Abao's words, Yu Wentao's nod of silently, he started to tell afterward, this time he must the disciple and his person day Lingshan calls, then and other people killed they opened extinguish demon big. Extinguishing day alliance Expert under mountain saw the person on mountain to withdraw. Ha Ha, they did not have strength finally, trivial less than 10,000 people, even if were kills to be lenient they unable to kill the following these many people, now they should not have the strength to protect, they started to give up resisting.” Tripod Expert said. We also march.” Another tripod Expert said. Wait / Etc..” At this moment, the demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to say. How?” People puzzled asking. „Did you forget to extinguish demon big? Reason that they the withdrawal of troops, is not because they have feared, is not because they did not have the strength to defend, but was they plans to use to extinguish demon big, what might haven't you wanted to have a look to extinguish demon big are? Now you can have a look.” The demon teaches alliance saying of hegemon coldly, his all under dies in extinguishing demon big.