Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1813

Extinguishes demon big. Hears these four characters time, these tripod Expert remained silent. I said that before extinguishes demon big to be very fierce, but you do not believe that now you can have a look, walks, we approach points to look to be all right, extinguish demon big only to cover in day Lingshan, outside will not be affected.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to say. Since extinguishes is so fierce, we who some demon big you said how also attack day Lingshan.” Tripod Expert asked. Regardless of how terrifying big, definitely has the limit, you will carefully observe will discover that the entire day Lingshan was being covered by a strange strength, I think that this should extinguishes demon big, will meet them definitely to start extinguishes demon big, when they mobilized us to observe the fluctuation of this strength again, if the strength has truly tailed off, we attacked, but if has not changed, we retreated.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance is here only sees has extinguished demon big fierce. Previous time he brought enormous and powerful Expert to kill to a day of Lingshan, was sneak attacked, it can be said that was smooth, but actually destroyed finally, in extinguished in the demon big hand. If not quick, he who he runs away will also be extinguished the demon big institute to put to death. These people are cruel and merciless generations, what at this time their is stepping on is the rivers, is the rivers of blood, but they do not care. These blood are these by the person of killing. The casualty reached as high as 10 million, the blood of person already was so incarnadine the mountain road in day Lingshan, the blood under mountain has formed ten centimeters high small rivers. These people by retribution.” Two elders in day Lingshan hide in behind said. He also steps in the rivers of blood, he has to step on. These Expert all static looks at the change on day Lingshan, they are cauldron Expert, although in day Lingshan the fog winds around, but they can notice actually reluctantly above to have anything. In this time day Lingshan. They came up.” Yu Wentao said. Do not worry, puts some again.” Abao said. Abao, extinguishes demon big to have the range limit, so long as we have exploded the front person, that following person definitely will give way before difficulties.” Yu Wentao said.

No, gives me to explode from two sides.” Abao said. What?” Hears Abao's words, Yu Wentao is startled immediately. I want them to die here, dares to ascend the sky Lingshan, they damn, no matter I they because of anything, since they have trod, I judged that they died.” Abao very impolite saying. Slaughter! Abao at this time simply is the incarnation becomes king of the slaughtering. In his eyes, all as if become are not valuable, the human life, anything does not calculate in his eyes. He wants to kill kills. Even if the lives of tens of millions people. But here person were also too many, if explodes the words from the two sides, I feared that will result in the unnecessary waste, after all until now, we do not know that actually extinguishes the demon big limit is how many, if it reached the limit, we what to do? Did not have to extinguish the demon big protection, below that nine fellows will certainly flush.” Yu Wentao said. Gives me the plate, I look that I didn't let under rest? If big soon reached the limit, that made these people come out to fight, after waiting extinguished these people, under the mountain that nine people come up, we once more started extinguish demon big, destroyed completely directly them.” Abao said. Your meaning releases in order to catch, pretended big unable to use intentionally, enticed them, then destroyed completely them at one fell swoop was right.” Yu Wentao worships looks to Abao, how he has not thought of such good means! You want to be many, I spoke thoughtlessly.” Abao said directly. Hears Abao's words, a heavy line of Yu Wentao face. Came up. When the enormous and powerful crowd comes up, Abao directly according to that small button on plate. Bang!

The flash, the heavenly thunder lowers. Heavenly Thunder directly a big piece of person destruction, but this was only just started, when the heavenly thunder pounded in the ground. Bang! The heavenly thunder explodes once more to the surroundings. Puff! Flash 100,000 people died under the heavenly thunder. Has been a pity, these, if explodes in the crowd, most little can die three times.” Abao shook the head to say. Under mountain! Bang! When this sound conveys, all people all looked to above, although the distance was very far, but they looked clearly, was the heavenly thunder, can destroy all heavenly thunders to lower. Thump. Does not know that was who swallowed a saliva, broke the silence of scene. Good terrifying.” Tripod Expert opens the mouth to say. Truly good terrifying, is this so-called extinguishing demon big?” Another tripod Expert said. You looked quickly that the Formation strength is reducing.” At this moment the demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to shout suddenly. Hears his words, everybody the whereabouts big induction goes immediately.

Really is reducing. Bang! Above continued to broadcast sound of explosion, but this time they had not been attracted by the heavenly thunder, but by the fluctuation of Formation attracting, the demon taught the hegemons of alliance to say right, Formation truly was weakening, although this Formation can absorb the strength between world to restore, rapidness that the speed of however restoring has not used. Bang! . Then explosive sound together transmits, hears these explosive sounds the time from above together, nobody goes to the lives of control above these people, they have not died for these people were sad, they on faces presented the excited look at this time, when they see extinguishes the demon big might, felt the unusual terrifying, they even suspected at that time do one also dare to come up. After all the strength of heavenly thunder is known as the strongest strength. When they see the Formation strength in weakening, they thorough was excited. You looked quickly that the above heavenly thunder might is also weaken.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to shout once more. Hears his words, the people look once more to above that they discovered that the heavenly thunder strength is really weaken . Moreover the speed of weakening is fast, a might compares to be small. When the people waited for the heavenly thunder falls, they suddenly discovered that did not have the sound. Ha Ha Ha Ha, they definitely do not know that extinguishes demon big to have the limit, therefore has used, now suddenly discovered that extinguished demon big to reach the limit, therefore they could not use now, this was a good opportunity, we can rush now, was certainly quick, because extinguished demon big to restore.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to laugh to say excitedly. Good, all people obey orders, kill, the live person in day Lingshan, does not remain.” Has hidden in the following day spirit second child eyes bright light dodges: Boss, I came.”