Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1814

Extinguishes these people of day alliance thoroughly at this time already was excited. The opportunity that they have waited for came finally. Extinguishing demon big that above releases stopped, this representative extinguished demon big to reach the limit, did not have to extinguish the demon big protection, living of above that several person radically impossible defenses, therefore they believe that now day Lingshan is their, the rare treasure is also their. Brothers kill, all that snatches belong to you.” Tripod Expert shouts loudly. To make everybody go all out for them, that must put out the prize, they definitely will not take, but here died these many people, everyone more or less has the treasure, these treasures turned over to them, moreover in day Lingshan also so many Expert, so long as killed them, their treasures also turned over to oneself these people all. Kill! The enormous and powerful several thousand people rushed directly. These people may be different from these people, the beforehand these person of majority are the common people, although also some strength good people, but compared with these people are not anything, in these several thousand people strength lowest was cauldron Rank 5, even two cauldrons above also had many. But these people main battle efficiency. Now Expert on day Lingshan is each one was exhausted, they cannot block the impacts of following these people absolutely. The day spirit second child follows quietly after these people, but he has not worried, because now above is not very chaotic, after he must wait thoroughly above chaotic, again with. In this time day Lingshan, a piece in confusion. Although these people had not been killed completely, these people that but lives had been scared completely, they such standing there, some lie on the ground cries, they experienced since birth the most fearful nightmare today, they hope one can wake earlier. This did not need to be suffered by this nightmare. Abao, do not kill, they have not revolted against the ability.” Yu Wentao has blocked Abao. Present Abao almost killed to get angry, even if these people did not have the resistance, Abao has not let off them, but has been slaughtering. „, Don't you think together very crisp?” Abao's excited saying.

Do not kill, these people by the tool of use, you had a look below, the control central to kill.” Yu Wentao frowns to say. At this time these people under mountain have killed completely. Conformity army, prepares for action.” Abao said loudly. Quick, in day Lingshan, all can the combatant all gather, about 20 minutes, the person under mountain all flushed, the enormous and powerful 70,000-80,000 people, in addition were the nine people of head. Person are many.” Abao looks at saying of front these person of coldly. In dungeon. Xia Tian rapidly is still recovering, his original manuscript thinks one can feel better for two days, but the old lunatic has not shown mercy, instead has made an effort, he who hit will get rid to hit half dead Xia Tian each time, the Xia Tian wound almost healed, therefore he could not notice that the bone of Xia Tian was growing. Old lunatic, can you trade several to hit, these nine positions are very painful.” Even if is hit one month of Xia Tian now were still very painful. If other place such has been hit, so long as perhaps is there is destroyed, that resistance hit the ability already becomes very terrifying, but Xia Tian discovered that how regardless of these nine positions were hit hurt, the resistance hit the ability as if not to increase. Bang! Depends on your boy also to dare to order me.” The old lunatic said that then has hit. Lying trough, the old lunatic, you and others I can hit you, I must trade these fists.” Xia Tian scolded loudly. Bang! How also? Depending on you now this disabled body?” Saying that the old lunatic disdains. Old lunatic, discussed a matter, our two so were both ripe, can you under handle gently.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Bang!

„Are you are recognizing to me instigate?” The old lunatic looked asked puzzled to Xia Tian, he hit the Xia Tian also quick two months, but Xia Tian one time has not recognized has instigated. I recognize instigate Damn.” Xia Tian hears to recognize instigated two characters time, the anger came up immediately. He was hit the quick two months not to recognize has instigated, how now possibly to recognize instigated. Bang! Lying trough!” . Two people continued to circulate, Xia Tian this time with the old lunatic thorough bar on, he has also depended own body a little to restore, directly was scolding that kept, the old lunatic this time has not called a halt, usually was gets for several hours to start to rest, hitting that but this time, he was keeping. Absolutely does not have the tired feeling. In day Lingshan. Ha Ha Ha Ha, day Lingshan turned over to us.” Laughs to transmit. Whiz! Whiz! Nine forms fell on Abao and the others the front. Anyone of you are Abao, quickly kneels down to us, our is perhaps happy, can forgive your dog's life.” Tripod Expert very impolite saying. They know that Abao is the mountain lord in day Lingshan. You know that you such spoke to die was very miserable?” Abao coldly looked that asked to that tripod Expert. Originally you are that Abao, now I give you an opportunity, kneels down to me, I forgive you not dead, late the words, I want you to meet a cruel death.” That tripod Expert arrogant saying, in his opinion, they have won, because they have attacked to ascend the sky now the summit of Lingshan.

Did not have to extinguish the demon big support, these person each one consumptions of day Lingshan were not small, said again, in their was also having the absolute superiority. Therefore he dares such to speak to Abao. Wants me to meet a cruel death? Perhaps you did not have that skill.” Saying that Abao disdains, he is arrogant. Everything has offended him, person who or has provoked his is out is very all miserable, for example the mountain of day Lingshan advocates peace that several elders, Xia Tian they, the fates of these people can be said as very miserable. Since you have missed this opportunity, that was a pity very much that you did not have the fresh right, I sentence your death penalty.” That tripod Expert very impolite saying. The people of both sides immediately to holding. The war will break out at any time. Abao, do not waste the time, delivers them dead.” Yu Wentao opens the mouth to say suddenly. Yeah, what a pity, actually I really have not wanted this so happy die.” Abao sighed saying that he was wish made this provoke his person to be the same with the Xia Tian fate, to fight a battle to force a quick decision he has put out a plate. Extinguishes the demon big plate. Under mountain. The day spirit second child has prepared to climb mountains, at this moment, he saw a familiar form suddenly, this familiar form movement is lithe, moreover her movement is strange, is jumps, the both feet bounces the advance.