Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1815

Spirit!” Sees this form time, the day spirit second child first had guessed correctly is. Although she not directly and spirit has spoken, however in the Xia Tian knowledge into the sea, he frequently can see spirit, moreover he was too familiar with the movement of spirit. This leap-style advance besides spirit, does not have other person meetings. Saw that spirit came up, the day spirit second child followed hurriedly. If before , he still in hesitant is in the present or again waits a while, then he has decided now, must on. In day Lingshan. When Abao with going forth to battle plate, the first feeling not good is the demon teaches the hegemon of alliance, he has chosen escaping immediately, sees his movement, several other tripod Expert also responded, in their brains short-circuits directly, but immediately restored. Extinguishes demon big. unexpectedly can also use. Run away! This is the first decision that they make. Bang! Dies.” Abao shouts excitedly greatly. The heavenly thunder lowers together directly, maliciously above the ground, the central person to have been exploded how crushes, when the heavenly thunder pounds in the ground scatters in all directions to go. Bang! Flash. The enormous and powerful team, all fell down, a moment ago they for the convenience met the person in day Lingshan, the team stood crowded, completely had been hit by the heavenly thunder all of a sudden, although the person in surrounding had not died, only then the nearest about 50,000 people died, however the remaining 30,000 people of bodies also all lulled. Starts to kill people, carries to me that nine people, other people kill as you like, their treasures turned over to you, so long as you did not dislike tired, recently all died person the treasure in day Lingshan all turns over to you.” Abao very optional saying.

Multi- Xieshan hosts.” Hears Abao's words, these people were very excited. This is big granting. These many granting let their blossom at heart happily. Quick, that nine body of person was all lifted, at this time these nine person inside eight died, Abao has taken their Chu ring directly, threw to Yu Wentao four, he has left behind five, other treasures he could not have a liking, only then these tripod Expert treasures he could have a liking. Because on them should have existence of treasure. Nine people died eight, a physical condition is also the unusual difference, he is the demon teaches the hegemon of alliance. He is first runs away, the speed is fast, almost ran away, what a pity almost, his body was also lulled by the heavenly thunder, moreover on the body by the slungshot of scrap was also given to crush and injure, his body upper reaches of present many blood. At just the right moment, the previous time is also you.” Abao looked that teaches the hegemons of alliance to say to the demon. Your unexpectedly can also start.” The demon taught the hegemons of alliance to say half a word words strenuously, he now including the mouth and tongue is also lacking in vigilance. Extinguishes huge? Ha Ha Ha Ha, has not thought that you are really idiots, extinguishes huge really to have the restriction on use, but how I possibly do not keep one to you.” Abao smiling looked that is bewitched to teach the hegemons of alliance to say. The demon taught on the hegemon face of alliance to present the desperate look. Lost, he does not have to think one consider everything, finally lost. The little general idea died finally. You felt relieved that I will not kill temporarily you, because I promised a person to give him the same toy, you happen to were that toy.” For Abao before did not make old lunatic kill Xia Tian directly, therefore promised the old lunatic to look for a new toy to him, now he found. Is the demon teaches the hegemon of alliance. Comes the person.” Whiz!

In this is, the lithe form fell on Abao and the others together the front. Has put Elder Brother Tian.” Comes person spirit. After spirit escapes from the serious famine, immediately has caught up to day Lingshan, she has not rested all the way, if not her physical quality formidable, perhaps was already exhausted, even if, her present consumption is not so small, but she has not chosen the rest, but climbs mountains directly, because she is afraid herself to rest a meeting, her Elder Brother Tian died. Elder Brother Tian?” A Abao brow wrinkle: What you said is Xia Tian.” Demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to see spirit time, on the face appeared some surprisedly, but he anything could not say now. Has put my Elder Brother Tian, or I have killed you.” Spirit very impolite saying. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” Abao raises head to laugh, he as if heard the huge joke to be the same, at this time front this was long adorable girl unexpectedly saying that must kill them: „Did small girl, you grow up? Also wants to rescue Xia Tian depending on you?” I said again, if you do not hand over Elder Brother Tian, I have killed you.” Spirit impatient saying. Day spirit second child already with, when he noticed that spirit unexpectedly directly with Abao and the others such spoke, completely has been shocked, Abao they were tripod Expert, but comes up now the stop, obviously was already without enough time, therefore he can only hide in secret, once spirit had an accident, he will immediately exit to save others. He knows the spirit and Xia Tian sentiment between good. Small girl, I had not accompanied you to play patiently, since you are Xia Tian Little Sister, I happen to can hold you, was in front of Xia Tian to kill you, I think that this regarding Xia Tian certainly was very painful.” Abao has thought suddenly this idea, is in front of Xia Tian to kill his Little Sister. Perhaps Xia Tian will collapse directly. Thinks of here Abao specially excitedly. Whiz! Spirit rubbish, jumped directly, both legs fast kicks to Abao. Bang! Abao also fights with the fists, in his opinion, own fist can break spirit the both legs.

But at this moment, the tuck dive of body of spirit in the midair, her both legs unexpectedly can borrow the strength in the air. Bang! The both legs of spirit trampled directly above Abao's chest. Puff! A blood spouts from Abao's mouth. What?” Sees such scene Yu Wentao immediately one startled, afterward he shouts hurriedly: Blocks him to me.” All Expert all fire into spirit at once. Who dares to begin to the princess.” At this moment, two drink sound to transmit greatly, afterward they fell on the spirit side directly. How did you come?” Spirit sees time puzzled asking of these two people. Princess, we have made the life mark on you, after you exit, we pursued.” A person answered. Good, since you came, that helps me save my brother together!” Spirit said. Your elder brother? The Sir isn't he is closing up?” A person has doubts looks to spirit. „It is not my brother, is my Elder Brother Tian.” Spirit answered.