Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1816

Abao lies down on the ground at this time is motionless. Abao, you how?” Yu Wentao goes forward to ask hurriedly, he does not hope Abao to have an accident, reason that he thinks own present makes anything to be able problem-free to be because has Abao's big destiny, if Abao died, even if he had to extinguish demon big, he did not feel relieved. She is very strange, his chest bone was kicked by him.” Abao's difficult saying. What?” Yu Wentao stares immediately, Abao's bone unexpectedly was kicked, although Abao's Realm promotes is a little sudden, therefore is not considered as that genuine tripod Expert, but his Realm and strength in that his unexpectedly will also be kicked the breastbone by a young miss. Bang! Bang! These people who at this time fires into spirit were all hit, these people may be Expert, but spirit and her side that two person strength very formidable, what regardless of past will be what Expert is hit. Hateful, actually they are, how to kill such strong person suddenly.” Yu Wentao's angry saying. How long extinguishes demon big also to need to restore?” Abao asked. „The number of times of today using were too many, although is still restoring, but also needs a meeting.” Yu Wentao said. Finds the way to delay meets time, then with extinguishing demon big has killed them.” Abao said. Yu Wentao nodded shouts afterward loudly: Stop, stops to me.” The sound that hears Yu Wentao, the disciples in day Lingshan all drew back, spirit looks that Yu Wentao said: Quickly hands over Elder Brother Tian, otherwise I kill off you.” You do not want Xia Tian, I called people to bring him and that's the end.” Yu Wentao waved to person afterward. He asked this person to go not to bring Xia Tian, even if were he goes with the old lunatic important person personally, perhaps the old lunatic will not hand over, but he does not dare to approach the old lunatic, he worried that the old lunatic was directly remnant to the dozen him, he asked this person to be only as far as possible delayed the time. Was bad, they in the protracted time, spirit have little experience of the world, definitely is unable to discover that this matter, I must come up to remind her.” Day spirit second child not direct in the past, he made a transmission to mark in his under foot, this was one of the he most adept skills, was same place is making a mark, then can return to this place within a half hour instantaneously. Whiz!

The day spirit second child fell on the spirit side directly. Um?” Two guards of spirit must begin directly. Spirit, do not begin, I am the Xia Tian friend.” The day spirit second child said hurriedly. Spirit heard the day of spirit second child to call her name, immediately gawked: You are.” Spirit, I do not know how at once should explain to you, but you must believe me, which day is casual you to propose, I can know that you and Xia Tian are doing.” The day spirit second child said. Spirit really asked two, when first is she knows Xia Tian, where is at \; When second separates. The day spirit second child all answered. Evil corpse king!” A Yu Wentao wrinkle, his eyes have not looked, at this time front the person is not just his evil corpse king, but he responded immediately, his evil corpse king soul had written off, in other words now in this soul is not he stays behind, but was a new person. Spirit, must begin, the direction that they now in protracted time, that going does not detain the Xia Tian place, here has to extinguish demon big, once extinguished demon big to restore, you will die possibly, you had a look at the surroundings, felt again, here today died tens of millions people, majority were extinguished the demon big institute to kill.” The day spirit second child said hurriedly. Um?” Spirit hears here time stares slightly, afterward he was saying to two: Kills off them.” Spirit, this is the soul bead, you grasp in the hand, if has had an accident on the crumb it, believes me.” The day spirit second child has given a spirit his self-made soul bead, this is his treasure, is he is used to protect the soul, but he worried that a meeting can leave any situation. Um.” Spirit nodded. Hears the words of day of spirit second child, Yu Wentao's brow a wrinkle, he has not thought immediately unexpectedly meets the halfway to kill the day spirit second child. Constrains them.” Yu Wentao said hurriedly. How his subordinate starts to use long-distance attacks to that two people, but they discovered that these two people almost do not hide completely do not dodge, and has not used any Spirit Tool, but these attacks are unable to cause any damage to them.

In dungeon. The person who delivers the food arrived in the dungeon. To have taken how a beating, you do not have one day not to take a beating?” Delivers the food person to look that asked to Xia Tian. Go away.” Xia Tian scolded one. I am the good intention told you a news, since you called me to leave, I rolled.” Delivers person very optional saying of food. „Did I make you leave far? I make you turn circle to leave same place.” Xia Tian said. Was right, you had Little Sister to save you, the person seemed very naive that what a pity.” The person who delivers the food spoke of here time shook the head. Spirit, is spirit, told me exactly to have anything quickly.” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. Day Lingshan currently has to extinguish demon big, you know that what extinguishes demon big? A moment ago nine tripod Expert and 70,000-80,000 super Expert, were extinguished demon big to kill all of a sudden, today extinguished demon big altogether to kill more than ten million people, bang, regardless of any person will meet a cruel death.” Delivers person crazy saying of food. You cannot move him, otherwise I want you dead.” Xia Tian angry shouting. Spirit! Xia Tian thinks that spirit must have an accident, his whole person was crazy. Told Abao, I must see him, cannot make him move spirit.” Xia Tian said loudly. Was a pity that I am not your signalling.” After the person who delivers the food said that left directly, he liked seeing Xia Tian this crazy expression, at this moment Xia Tian was finally chaotic, even if were he is hit the remnant time he not chaotic. Ah!

Xia Tian angry shouting. Bang! The old lunatic fought with the fists on his face: Do not call.” Ah! Xia Tian has not stopped, but called was crazier. Bang! The old lunatic fought with the fists on the face of Xia Tian. Abao, I will kill off you sooner or later.” Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to the old lunatic, but is crazy shouting. Bang! Regardless of how the old lunatic hits, Xia Tian did not scold him, but was scolding Abao them. In day Lingshan, saw that two Expert came on the strategic place, Yu Wentao has looked anxiously an plate in own hand, at this moment, button on the plate finally restored: Good.”