Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1817

The plate restores. At this moment, Yu Wentao very excited, his hand directly according to approaching that button on plate: Gives me dead.” „It is not good.” The complexion of day spirit second child changes, he wants to draw spirit, but spirit unexpectedly sudden gate pulse. Whiz! He can only use the mark to pass on. ! Drinks to transmit greatly, afterward a guard body of spirit increases suddenly, turned into a five meters high wild beast instantaneously, the wild beast covers the body of spirit in directly, another wild beast also prepares changes the body, but he was actually trampled to fly by a spirit foot, the strength that this foot uses is big. That wild beast directly trampling to fly by it. Meanwhile, spirit crumb cannot help but the soul bead in hand. Bang! The heavenly thunder lowers together, pounded directly on the body of that wild beast, that wild beast for changed into the flying ash very much immediately, but spirit also thorough disappearance under uncultivated land beast body. Ha Ha Ha Ha! This is the fate that and I oppose.” Abao laughs to say excitedly that extinguishes demon big really not to disappoint him, when he saw uncultivated land beast main body also stares, he has not thought that these wild beast unexpectedly are the wild beasts that changes from, he was also at that time worried to extinguish the demon big might enough. Especially saw that wild beast spirit protects, when under body, the strength of spirit is terrorist, struck kicks to break to pieces his chest, if spirit did not die, perhaps they could not block spirit, after all extinguished demon big unable to start once more. Extinguishes demon big really not to disappoint him, even if so the formidable ominous beast, directly was extinguished kills, spirit hides under his body has not avoided this tribulation. That has not died by the wild beast that spirit kicks out, but has also been injured, after at this time it saw spirit died. ! A pitiful cry transmits. Bang! He has not continued to stay here, but runs to outside fully, he does not run away, but goes back to report that this matter gives above.

Meanwhile together form fast runs downward, in his hand is taking soul bead: Spirit do not fear, although your mortal body has destroyed, but the Boss has the means to rescue your.” The day spirit second child to the spirit soul bead worried that was extinguished demon big to extinguish kills, in the final moment, spirit held that wild beast a moment ago, therefore their souls were all collected in soul Zhu. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” In day Lingshan, Abao was more excited, before he has not been considered as that the true understanding extinguishes demon big, but this time, he understood thoroughly. If not extinguish demon big, on that day Lingshan has been hit several chapters today, but extinguished demon big actually to help them actually successfully reverse. Comes the person, throws into to me him the dungeon.” Abao looked at one to lie down in the demon of ground teaches the alliance the hegemon to say. The demon taught the hegemons of alliance to collapse completely. He has not thought that spirit unexpectedly is so formidable, he has not thought that spirit such formidable has not defended to extinguish the demon big might. In dungeon. Mountain lord said that he promised your person to send to you.” Expert that several see somebody off taught the hegemons of alliance to throw into the shackles the demon. Wei Guang, no, Xia Tian!” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to see Xia Tian time stares. At this time what Xia Tian by old lunatic hit is the air vent are many, the air admission was short. At just the right moment.” Xia Tian also saw the demon teaches the hegemon of alliance. Has not thought that your unexpectedly ends up to turn out so is out, is really should.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance, although before , heard that Xia Tian was dug the bone to break the matter of muscle, but sees with one's own eyes or thinks at this time very crisp, if not Xia Tian, his demon will teach the alliance not to collapse, therefore he will hate Xia Tian. In less than several days, I ensure you are more miserable than me.” Xia Tian said. Is more miserable than you? Should, my Little Sister not die by explosion by the heavenly thunder after all.” The demon teaches hegemon very optional saying of alliance. What?” Hears here time, Xia Tian stares immediately. Really miserable, extinguishes demon big really fierce, she had been protected by a wild beast obviously under the body, meeting a cruel death that what a pity finally explodes.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance is intentionally is being mad Xia Tian, he knows that Xia Tian and relations of spirit are good, he also knows own saying Xia Tian definitely will be so crazy, he wants to see the Xia Tian crazy appearance. Lying trough Damn! What you said is real?” Xia Tian a little cannot believe.

„Did you say?” Demon looks at Xia Tian that teaches the hegemon face of alliance badly to smile. Abao, I sooner or later ice, late you . Xia Tian unceasing was cursing. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to say with a smile loudly, he likes seeing Xia Tian this appearance, but he had not discovered that his is having an eye to stare at him: Xia Tian, you called, those who saw you to be earnest was too crisp.” Bang! At this moment, his head layer on layer had been hit a fist. Has not waited for him to respond. Bang! The old lunatic fought with the fists on his body, his present will just have to recover, was not so lacking in vigilance, but he did not have to think one will receive this to cause heavy losses suddenly, therefore he protected his forehead hurriedly. But! Bang! Who, is TM anyone.” The demon taught the hegemons of alliance to curse angrily one. Bang! Overcoming of fist then fist. The old lunatic hits him and hits Xia Tian to be completely different, he hits Xia Tian time mainly hits that nine places, but hits the demon to teach the hegemons of alliance is, hits everywhere. Ah! Ah! Ah! Pitiful yells teach in the hegemon mouth of alliance to shout from demon.

Miserable! At this time he was hit that to call miserable. In the dungeon, a person called out pitifully, a person was cursing at people, hit the person again. Abao has been injured, he has not gone to the dungeon temporarily, but he also made the person help to inquire the situation in dungeon, after he heard their pitiful conditions, that was very happy, although he has been injured, but his innermost feelings were joyful, he destroyed completely all has dared to provoke his person, let Xia Tian pain. He looks that Xia Tian was suffered was so long, Xia Tian has not gone crazy, but his unexpectedly heard at this time Xia Tian started to go crazy. Seven days later. In serious famine. ! A grievous roar reached in the serious famine, hears this roar time, in the serious famine then roar together transmits from the entire serious famine together. Hundred beast group war casualties! They are mourning, they in pain, because they obtained a fearful news. Their princesses died. ! In the entire serious famine, the innumerable wild beasts start to send out the wail. Bang! In a mountain, form flew together, he flies from the mountain, mountain his stiffly breaks a hole: For her, slaughter completely world how.”