Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1818
He is the master prestige of serious famine eats delicacies. The hair that at this time the prestige eats delicacies bleaches instantaneously, in an instant bleaches sends. He who is closing up the critical time, has interrupted his cultivation. Because he heard a ruinous news, small glass died. ! A fierce roar has spread over the entire uncultivated land beast region, at the same time, all wild beasts in uncultivated land beast region simultaneously lie on the ground. ! In the mouth that the prestige eats delicacies hears one to drink once more greatly, all wild beasts simultaneously have stood afterward: I must sweep away day Lingshan, the place visited, the human and animals do not remain.” The sound that the prestige eats delicacies is very loud. If their people are few, can ride the transmission past, However the prestige eats delicacies this time did not plan that the person are few, but is all wild beasts in set uncultivated land beast region, this quantity has achieved was unable to imagine, perhaps the prestige eats delicacies does not know in the uncultivated land beast region some multi- discount wild beasts, but this time he was angry, he was angry. For spirit he can destroy the entire serious famine. No, is the entire world. Swept away this glossary casually not saying that but was he must lead the army to catch up with bygone days Lingshan from here, did not make the transmission past, but killed, the place visited human and animals did not remain. ! In entire uncultivated land beast region resounded the crazy howling, the howling has shocked the city outside uncultivated land beast region. The people in surrounding all cities, first run away, moreover this news is disseminating at the invisible speed, the uncultivated land beast group of uncultivated land beast region wanted the rebellion, but why wanted the rebellion is nobody knows.

Quick, these people discovered. The wild beast flushes away in a direction. Day Lingshan! 1 million heads? 10 million heads? 100 million heads? No, is the number the endless uncultivated land beast group, the quantity is imponderable. Goes to the bygone days Lingshan this online city, each one is very panic-stricken, the wise person has chosen escaping, some people do not think that the wild beast comes to them, but was quick they to regret, this was a disaster, an unprecedented disaster, compared with the uncultivated land beast group rebellion, the demon taught the attack of alliance to feel dwarfed simply. Wild beast any in uncultivated land beast region is not affable. Even if were tripod Expert has gone , was also absolutely impossible to live coming out. Destruction! In the entire serious famine has witnessed the moment of destruction. Why the person in serious famine knew the uncultivated land beast group rebellion, because their princesses' Abao by day Lingshan had been killed, therefore the wild beast in entire uncultivated land beast region pledged, even if were dies must trample flat day Lingshan, all the way who was resisting, finally died, wild beasts the city was trampled flat completely, usually the firm city wall also all was trampled flat, in the ground in city was the revenge that the blood wrote. Is takes revenge everywhere these two characters. In City Lord Mansion of sounds of nature city. A City Lord night of old age. I am a criminal, I am the criminal of serious famine.” Because City Lord own daughter has ruined tens of millions ordinarily residents, now because of Abao, they have angered in the uncultivated land beast region continuously the peaceful wild beast. There wild beast usually never commits a footfault, this makes outside person not need to be worried one momentarily encounter the wild beast attack.

However is now different. The wild beast started to take revenge. This revenge is very fearful, the death arrived at the entire serious famine, in the present serious famine weeps and wails the sound everywhere. City Lord, cannot hesitate, the casualty will increase, we such are by the scourge.” Under anxious saying. Yeah!” City Lord numerous sighing. City Lord.” A pair of person all knelt in the City Lord front. Now the entire serious famine is scolding them the sounds of nature city, the sounds of nature city also changed, they started not to believe City Lord Mansion, the everybody feels insecure, even many stores started to conform, no longer sounds of nature city, because the sounds of nature city did not have the prestige to say. All people obey orders, inform all matters that six levels of urban here have, I am willing to accept all punishments.” Sounds of nature City Lord gave up. For he his daughter gave to betray the entire serious famine, making the reputation of sounds of nature city stink to high heaven, making the resident in serious famine suffer the worry of chaos caused by war, made many people die in the flames of war. These times accidental death figures cross hundred million. City Lord is not good, Abao he.” Under a famous artisan flushed. He how?” City Lord asked hurriedly. He sends for delivering the young lady a finger.” Under the famous artisan opened the box in hand, box inside keep flat a finger, is the ring finger: He said that you did not order to make the entire serious famine resist uncultivated land beast region the words of wild beast together, he every day gave same young lady's thing to you.” I.” Puff! City Lord just wants to say anything, that servant who the person in hall will pass on message cutting.

City Lord, cannot listen his, such death will also increase, moreover who you have a look in the serious famine also to be willing to listen now our.” Although I am lord of the city, but I am also a father, let alone, this matter I have decided that orders all entrances, all cities to the day Lingshan gathering, such as being contrary, I settledly personally dispatch troops to go to crusade against.” Sounds of nature City Lord said loudly, this for a lifetime only willful this, but is this, he detained the entire serious famine. daughter is his soft rib. His wise first, confused for a while, but he recognized. City Lord!” Shuts up to me, this is the last time, crossed this time, I personally apologized to the person of serious famine.” Sounds of nature City Lord he knows that he has made a mistake, but he is a father, doesn't in the world which father love his daughter? Especially when he sees that moment of own daughter finger, all determination flash of before making all collapsed. He is not a sage, is impossible to achieve itself to look that own daughter dies. Desperate. In City Lord Mansion a group of people of most elite also despaired, they have thought must pledge to fight to the death to follow City Lord, builds the happy serious famine, because the serious famine is their families, but they follow all not to exist at this moment. Abao, the good news, sounds of nature City Lord there to have compromised, he has issued the dead order in entire serious famine to join up the resistance uncultivated land to be beastly.” Yu Wentao's excited saying. Good, has not thought really unexpectedly will anger such existence.” Abao has not thought after having killed spirit, will present such important matter. In hills. Snort, sounds of nature City Lord was really a dotard, his unexpectedly had issued the person who such order, unexpectedly did not let the place visited fled, but clung to tenaciously, was makes the person in entire serious famine accompany day Lingshan to resist the wild beast together, he was really insane, this was must ruin the entire serious famine.” Five elder angry saying. Nobody will go.” At this moment, mountain main light saying.