Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1819

Hears Shan Zhu the words, all people looked to Shan Zhu. War is needs the reason and principle of righteousness, if I said security day Lingshan to you, to defend our homelands, you will go all out, but if I said that we to prevent the uncultivated land beast group revenge, is protects Abao of day Lingshan, will you also go? clear(ly) knows that is brings death, who will go? Without the principle of righteousness before, the team does not have the morale \; However the wild beast is different, they are take revenge, is occupying in the absolute morale the superiority, they hold the determination that must die, was congeals the team, that instantaneously will also wash out.” Shan Zhu explained: clear(ly) knows that is brings death, some will that people also go?” Hears Shan Zhu the words, all people thought that is reasonable. If I guess right, on that day sound City Lord daughter had certainly been grasped by Abao, daughter is his soft rib, he is young time is loose, but after bumping into that woman, he thorough was calm and steady, he can have today's status is the merit of that woman, that woman, only then this daughter that he stayed behind, he regards, if treasure, only then this reason can make him issue the so crazed order.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. „What he issues is the dead order.” Five elder puzzled asking. „If usual death order, that nobody dares not to listen absolutely, but, perhaps nobody will listen now, because the people in sounds of nature city did not believe him, now his order is a white paper, although the people in sounds of nature city were die the loyal that type, but they absolutely were not blindly devoted, although they will not rebel against sounds of nature City Lord, but they will not bring under to bring death absolutely, therefore support of this time day of Lingshan not.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan answered. „Does that extinguish demon big?” Five elders asked. Extinguishes demon big is very terrifying. Extinguishes demon big again terrifying, it is also only one big, has the limit, moreover shortly after extinguishes demon big just opened, inside strength are not definitely many, couple days ago Abao they had used that many time extinguishing demon big, although present extinguishing demon big is restoring, how many but cannot restore absolutely, how many does the uncultivated land beast quantity in uncultivated land beast region have? Nobody knows that is leading anger them anything cannot block.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. That this day Lingshan wants.” Consequence nobody can think.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan have closed both eyes, he has not dared to imagine the matter that then can have. He felt that he is unfair to the generation, raises the tiger to create disaster, forcing day Lingshan to be destroyed in a moment. In day Lingshan. Why two days passed by a news not to have.” Abao's angry saying.

Nobody is willing to dispatch troops, they did not listen to the verbal command of sounds of nature city.” Yu Wentao brow tight wrinkle. Why can like this? Why will turn into this?” Abao shouts loudly. I do not know.” Yu Wentao shook the head to say. „It is not good, I must go to add the feeding to him, comes the person.” Abao shouts loudly. Mountain lord.” Then chops to me that female hand, then at the maximum speed sends to day Lingshan to me, on the road, no matter spends many to me deliver at the maximum speed, comes back me to give your double reward, you come back is quicker, I give are more.” Abao told the person management, always so. Using both kindness and severity. Em, rewards \; The prestige, kills. His clear truth is right, uses both kindness and severity with right, but if has changed into the reward the graciousness, but is not the sentimental words, once that does not have the benefit, that nobody will listen his, the mountain hosts in day Lingshan have an accident, many people want to revenge for him, want to save him, but if Abao has an accident, some people are not thinking absolutely saves him, but is thinking snatches his Chu ring. Yes, Shan Zhu.” As soon as that person listened to the reward also to come the interest. In dungeon. For these days Xia Tian a few words had not spoken, the old lunatic hit him, he was a character does not have the throat. Bang!

Boy, your mute, the pain must shout.” Saying that the old lunatic is not feeling well. What's wrong? Hasn't started talking? It seems like must end, his Little Sister dies, his whole person despaired, I looked to be very for these days.” The person who delivers the food said with a sigh. Xia Tian is he has seen the will most formidable person, he was made that miserably, moreover every day was hit, but he does not have desperately. But after he hears his Little Sister death news, he despaired. This was dying, that newly arrived the how?” The person who delivers the food asked. Bang! The old lunatic fights with the fists, in the demon has taught on the hegemons of alliance. N , M , D.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance is also an unyielding person. Good, insisted these many days, but can also shoulder, but looked that the situation was probably more serious than Xia Tian.” Delivers person puzzled saying of food, the demon according to the truth teaches the hegemon strength of alliance to be stronger than Xia Tian, moreover he had not been dug the bone to break the muscle, therefore he should be able to shoulder Xia Tian is more right. But now his situation may be more miserable than Xia Tian. Had the skill you to kill the father, saw Xia Tian to turn into this in any case, the father the value, has not been worth is only the father cannot kill that inexpensive personally, the person.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to hate Xia Tian and spirit, his Tiantian scolded spirit in the ear of Xia Tian. But Xia Tian had not answered. Like this closes one's eyes.

If not he is also angry, they even think that he died. If on usually, that Xia Tian mouth abuses each other has not lost, but he did not answer now. Very tranquil, before probably is storm gather tranquil general. Yeah, was Expert, the will was thanks to you far compared with the incoming messenger with Xia Tian, Xia Tian came to be so long, one time has not striven.” Saying that the person who that delivers the food disdains, he thought that his work is good, figure and super talent that usually keeps aloof must look at his complexion at this time. Moreover he can step on them at any time in the under foot. You are any thing, is a dog.” The demon teaches the hegemons of alliance to scold. Scolded, I like visiting you now this breathless appearance.” The person who delivers the food said that leaves directly. Xia Tian, you is a waste, you own Little Sister could not protect, I was not Abao, if I were Abao am in front of your to insult your Little Sister, has killed then him.” The demon teaches hegemon crazy saying of alliance, for these days he has been familiar with scold Xia Tian and spirit. He was also familiar with Xia Tian not to start talking. Finally was good.” Xia Tian has opened both eyes slowly, afterward eye observed closely the demon to teach the hegemons of alliance to say stubbornly: You were too noisy.”