Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1820

Um?” Heard Xia Tian unexpectedly to start talking, the demon taught the hegemons of alliance to look to Xia Tian, although he same cannot move with Xia Tian now, but he also thinks one were Expert of tripod, his dantian by Abao abandoning, him also same had the tripod Expert arrogance. Recently Xia Tian did not speak, he heard the Xia Tian speech a little not to adapt suddenly. „Did your waste agree speak finally?” Demon saying that teaches the hegemons of alliance to disdain. You were too noisy.” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying. What's wrong? Said that your you didn't like listening? I said that inexpensive.” Bang! His words just told only half that on his mouth layer on layer had been hit a fist by Xia Tian. You were too noisy.” Xia Tian said that fights with the fists, in the demon has taught the alliance on the mouth of hegemon. Bang! Bang! Overcoming of fist then fist, the demon taught the hegemon entire mouth of alliance beating by Xia Tian, but Xia Tian has not called a halt, nearby old lunatic looks at the Xia Tian action silently, without the speech, was such looks, on the face did not have any expression, method he regarding Xia Tian active, was not surprised. At this time Xia Tian active has the right hand. But he with hitting that right fist keeps, in the demon teaches the alliance on the mouth of hegemon. He listened to these many day of demons to teach the alliance the hegemon to scold the spirit words, he had not talked back, because of him in repair own body diligently, now his bone of right arm is completely long, the hand muscle had also been joined by him, the first matter that therefore he did was beats the demon to teach the hegemon of alliance, and hitting that was keeping. Xia Tian does not know one have hit many fists. Do not hit, he died.” The old lunatic opens the mouth saying slowly.

But Xia Tian has still not called a halt, has suppressed such a long time fire, at this moment finally can vent, his such fist then fist is hitting, the demon teaches the alliance the entire face of hegemon by the pulp that he hits. At your present restoration speed, seven days you can joins own bone and muscle completely, but you still cannot move.” Old lunatic light saying. Xia Tian gets rid dozen of demons to teach the hegemons of alliance at that moment, was actually his head short-circuited, he has disregarded all consequences completely, in his eyes only then in front of massacring this person he can vent spleen, he has turned a deaf ear to the demon to teach the hegemons of alliance to insult spirit again, therefore he already how, no matter after the old lunatic knew he restored, will cope with him. He must kill demon to teach the hegemon of alliance now. He has made the worst plan before beginning. However he has not thought that old lunatic unexpectedly knows he is repairing his body, moreover meaning that the old lunatic has not been angry. „Aren't you angry? In your eyes I am only your toy, now the toy is separated from your control gradually, this should anger you.” Xia Tian lies low there, very optional saying. The old lunatic has not spoken, but is the choice sleeps. After Xia Tian right arm active, his restoration speed also changed quick, because he has been able to take the thing, moreover he can also help to repair with the right hand in the repair, but he discovered that his body did not move. So long as he moves. On him that nine positions painful must die. Old lunatic, actually he has made anything to me, no wonder he a moment ago will say that I cannot move.” Xia Tian frowns to say. In sounds of nature city. Sounds of nature City Lord collapsed at this time, he saw the hand of oneself daughter, sees that moment of daughter, he fell ill directly, nobody is willing to dispatch troops, the army that the sounds of nature city he most subordinates is not willing to get rid, at this moment his whole person already thorough must collapse: daughter, is the father is unfair to you.” Sounds of nature City Lord had been protected.

Said is the protection, actually puts under house arrest, anybody cannot examine that this to prevent some people gives the thing to come again, this time is the hand, next time might is the head. In day Lingshan. Hateful, hateful, his unexpectedly did not have any movement, father to have no need for him, has killed to me his daughter, the number of people hangs on the City Lord Mansion front door, I must make him regret.” Abao incomparably crazy shouting. Not.” Yu Wentao consoles to say hurriedly. Has anything not, his unexpectedly dares to be disobedient I, I want him dead.” Abao most hates is others does not take him to be serious. Abao, cannot kill her, so long as she is also living, sounds of nature City Lord does not dare to report here matter to six levels of cities, but she, if died, on that day sound City Lord will be cautious about harming evildoers lest the innocent be hurt, once six levels of cities know that we stepped into here, I died.” Yu Wentao said. Snort!” Abao cold snort: That lets off his one time, since nobody helps us, our oneself help itself, has destroyed to me the mountain road, not having the mountain road I to think how they climbed mountains, day Lingshan was sharper than Spirit Tool, depended on their this flock of wild beasts also to dare with me for the enemy, I thought how they came up also to attack our day Lingshan.” But the mountain road has destroyed, how do we get down?” Yu Wentao asked. Only awfully still, us can repair the mountain road, reopens transmission.” Abao said. Right that said that we have destroyed the mountain road.” Yu Wentao orders under the road that starts to ruin to climb mountains directly. Seven days later. In dungeon. My hand muscle foot muscle entire was good, the bone that was dug was also long, but why can't I move?” Xia Tian depressed saying, although his hands and feet can move now, but he cannot stand, leave continually leave motionless, moreover for these days the old lunatic hit him to hit was also more ruthless. Bang! Bang!

The fist of old lunatic hits each time in these nine positions, but the person who delivers the food came, the old lunatic will leave behind some scars on the face of Xia Tian, the body spills several beans. Xia Tian understands that this is old lunatic changes to the protection he, what he is not clear, since the old lunatic is protecting him, why that also does want to hit him every day? Moreover what hits is such effort. Hits kisses, is scolding love? But they are the men. Xia Tian is the pure man. The old lunatic did not speak to him now, every day except for hitting him, eats meal sleeps. So long as Xia Tian dares to speak to him, he falls asleep wakes up immediately. Half a month later. The cutting edge armed forces of wild beast arrived under a day of Lingshan. This time prestige eating delicacies stands under mountain, vision stubbornly is staring at day Lingshan, he behind is standing is in the desolated region one flock of wild beasts of most elite, strength very formidable, but their behind are having the countless uncultivated land beast army to catch up to here, they completely destroy the place visited all the way, nobody makes transmission, they all dash. Spirit, the elder brother came to revenge for you.”