Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1821

The war of revenge. Started. This all the way, they hold the determination of revenge to come. For spirit, the prestige eats delicacies to handle all matters, he has held spirit in the control, reason that he does not let spirit the uncultivated land beast region is because load mind has an accident, but all were also late, spirit died, heard this news time, he has terminated his cultivation forcefully. At this time his a white hair was with the wind faded and fallen, seems a miserable heroic spirit. He arrived in day Lingshan finally. Sir, the mountain road was given to destroy by them.” A wild beast goes forward to report. Day Lingshan is sharp, wants to crawl is almost impossible, moreover there are many wild beasts is not the suitable mountain climbing, therefore they can only look in Xia Tian dry. When can flying unit?” The prestige eats delicacies asking that unemotionally. Flying unit requires day of time to be able.” A wild beast said. Does not wait, I come up.” The prestige eats delicacies to say. Sir, is not good, above has that terrifying Formation, is lowers the heavenly thunder that big, even if were the body of our wild beast came up, will be extinguished directly kills.” A wild beast said hurriedly. I come up, anyone of you do not permit.” The prestige eats delicacies to say. Sir.” Words that I spoke, don't you listen?” Prestige eating delicacies expression ice-cold saying. This nobody spoke, dozens super wild beast Expert all remained silent, their speeds were in the wild beast are fastest, therefore they also first arrived here.

The day spirit second child not in, he just the elder brother who started also to pass to look for spirit, told him spirit not dead, but he thinks carefully, if oneself so were direct, finally that can perhaps die was very miserable, the elder brother who because he could not see spirit, these wild beasts noticed that the person killed, which can pay attention to him. Therefore he also can only hide first. After the elder brother who waits for spirit they take over day Lingshan, oneself rescue Xia Tian again, then makes Xia Tian try to find the solution. Boss, you may do not have the matter, this time they will certainly succeed.” The day spirit second child knows the terrors of these wild beasts. First did not say the quantity and morale, solely said in these wild beasts super Expert have many, that two wild beast that initially protected spirit, each copes with Expert of tripod not to take the trouble alone. In hills. „The leading troops of these wild beasts have attacked day Lingshan, this combat general directly changes the destiny of serious famine.” Five elders said. I remember that our childhood Master have told us, in the serious famine the most dangerous place is the uncultivated land beast region, in that living the wild beast surmounts existence of serious famine rank, if not they have the leader, that serious famine already was Xia Tian of wild beast, because just had that leader, therefore outside the uncultivated land beast region will not have any wild beast to cause trouble, but was now different, this time was Little Sister of uncultivated land beast leader is killed by Abao, the disaster will soon arrive.” The mountain hosts in day Lingshan said. Recently for these days people very anxious. Actually because they did not know Xia Tian now how, does not know that that side exactly what happened, has Abao killed Xia Tian. Now they wait, even if after wild beast puts down day Lingshan, they save others. In day Lingshan. They came.” Yu Wentao's anxious saying. Do not fear that they do not dare to come up, previous time they have experienced to extinguish demon big fierce, moreover day Lingshan is not that on good, even if they are wild beast inside elite, after coming up, definitely cut and bruised.” Abao very self-confident saying. Um.” Yu Wentao nodded.

You in this my meeting, I must get down to handle matters.” Abao said that moved toward dungeon directly. Yu Wentao knows that he must go to do, now this tense time, nobody knows that will then have anything, therefore Abao got down has killed Xia Tian absolutely, although he also very much hopes to see Xia Tian continued to be suffered, but should at this moment to the understanding time. Because they lost accidentally, he worried that Xia Tian was rescued, therefore before the decisive battle, he must make Xia Tian die. When he gets down, Xia Tian there is been just motionless by lying down that the old lunatic hits. Xia Tian, I came to see you.” Abao looked that said to Xia Tian. Xia Tian has not spoken. Also is angry? Because I have killed your Little Sister matter? However, your Little Sister may really be has made not the small trouble to me, her elder brother unexpectedly is the leader in uncultivated land beast region, now he leads all wild beasts in uncultivated land beast region to attack our day Lingshan, before the decisive battle, I comes to see you specially, delivers you a regulation, making you good with your Little Sister reunion.” Abao said in the right hand to present a long spear directly. Puff! The long spear pierced the heart of Xia Tian directly. Death? The old lunatic has not gotten rid to stop, but static looks at all these, the small snake was pinched by the old lunatic in the hand, at this time small snake already thorough was crazy, gnawing that he keeping bites the hand of this old lunatic, but the old lunatic does not let go. Actually I do not want such to kill you very much, but I do not know that today this weaponry I can win.” Abao said that direct turn around left, moved toward the ground. After Abao leaves, the old lunatic loosened the small snake, the small snake runs directly the body of Xia Tian, seems is whinning. Boy, this is when I give your big ritual, was really old, by my strength, the unexpectedly also almost three months made a connection with your nine orifices, after dying the rebirth, broken then stood, this was true not dead Divine Art, I, am this well sleep.” The old lunatic said that walked wall that place directly, afterward sat cross-legged there, has rested. In day Lingshan.

Was known as under day Lingshan that is unable to climb up. Suddenly has the form foot together to step on stone wall several capers to ascend the sky Lingshan. Some people came up.” Has been observing following Expert to shout hurriedly. Puff! His sound just fell, his head tumbled on the ground. Volume!” Sees such scene, Yu Wentao stares immediately, some unexpectedly people have come up, day Lingshan sharp is unable to imagine, but some unexpectedly people can crawl now from below, this was also too inconceivable, what was main was this person wound does not have. In other words, he does not crawl, but with movement coming up stiffly. Abao! He came up.” Yu Wentao shouts hurriedly. Whiz! Abao just came up to hear the voice of Yu Wentao from the dungeon, he has caught up hurriedly. At this time in front of them presented a heroic spirit threatening man, this male hair is in vain floating. He? Snort, extinguished demon big to kill directly and that's the end.” Abao very optional saying.