Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1822

Abao saw the opposite, only then a person time relaxed. After all he also knows fierce of this group of wild beasts, if these extremely wild beast all comes up, he does not know that these wild beasts actually think any means resistance extinguished demon big. The wild beasts know that here has to extinguish demon big. He thinks that wild beast full of wisdom, possibly is not clearly knows that has to extinguish demon big also to bring death. He thinks these wild beasts possibly stand in the different positions the distance are very far, like this extinguishes demon big impossible one time to give to kill them, but his unexpectedly only saw a person now, this not obvious is courts death. Abao you have a look carefully, on him any wound does not have.” Yu Wentao reminded. Um?” Abao's brow immediately a wrinkle, even if tripod Expert climbs mountains not to be impossible to achieve a wound not to have . Moreover the mountain climbing most minimum clothes definitely will be scraped. But in front of them this white hair man unexpectedly has not gone bad including the clothes, in other words, he flies with the movement. How is this possible?” Abao whole face inconceivable looks at the man. Who has killed my Little Sister.” Prestige eating delicacies expression light saying, in his expression does not have the anger, seems these people are not worth him getting angry to be the same. But doesn't have the anger to lead uncultivated land beast region all wild beasts to attack day Lingshan? Little Sister! Hears this glossary time, Abao and Yu Wentao were more surprised. Because this represents in front of them the white hair man is the leader in uncultivated land beast region, commands in the uncultivated land beast region that eldest children of all wild beasts. His unexpectedly is the leader of wild beast, moreover his unexpectedly come up, is really the day helps me.” On Abao's face presented the excited look, he also suspected a moment ago the opposite party to consume them to extinguish the demon big might, but discovered now when the opposite party is the leader of wild beast, his at heart is incomparable was excited. So long as he kills this wild beast the leader, perhaps then a group of people without a leader uncultivated land beast group can retreat. This is really a good news.” On Yu Wentao's face presented the excited look.

Who has killed my Little Sister.” The prestige eats delicacies this time sound a little to be slightly big. I do.” Abao gains ground saying that throws out the chest, in his eyes, the prestige ate delicacies is a deceased person, therefore he can want to say that now casually anything said anything. „.” The prestige eats delicacies to nod, afterward the vision 11 has swept on the bodies of surrounding these people. You are the leader in uncultivated land beast region, looks like also not much, since today you dare to come up, I must make you die here.” Abao very self-confident saying. Right?” The prestige eating delicacies corners of the mouth have shown a happy expression of faint trace. This was his first time hears some people saying that must kill him. Saw a plate in my hand? This is day Lingshan strongest extinguishing demon big, Expert of what rank strikes to kill, because this is the heavenly thunder strength, you are strong, strong heavenly thunder?” Abao has not worried to release to extinguish demon big, he knows that in front of own the fellow absolutely is Expert. He wants to see the desperate expression from the face of this Expert, the frightened expression, or escapes. In any case no matter what, he will not make eat delicacies to escape, so long as the prestige eats delicacies moves, he immediately starts extinguishes demon big. You can try.” On the face that the prestige eats delicacies has not presented Abao the expression that wants to see. Instead is at will is very same. Snort, since you court death, I deliver you a regulation.” Abao cold snort, afterward directly according to that button. Bang! The heavenly thunder dropped from the clouds together pounds has eaten delicacies directly to the prestige. Abao's corners of the mouth slightly one evil, at this time he started excitedly, because he must notice that immediately the leader in uncultivated land beast region died in own front, Expert of this rank definitely was not he can the front impact, but he was a God's favored one, therefore the heaven sent out the strength to help his clear barrier. Bang!

The heavenly thunder pounds directly on the body that the prestige has eaten delicacies. The prestige eats delicacies has not dodged. Heavenly Thunder strength on this pounding stiffly on his body. Bang! The clothes that the prestige eats delicacies crush instantaneously, however of miracle occurred. Extinguishes demon big unexpectedly not to proliferate, usually extinguishes demon big to pound after the ground to spread to the surroundings, but this unexpectedly has not proliferated, moreover that person who the heavenly thunder hits is standing there at this time, clothes shatter he, has revealed his these explosive muscles. What?” Saw that this Abao and Yu Wentao were all shocked. Extinguishes demon big unexpectedly unable to kill this person. How is this possible?” Abao, carries on the back is cold sweat, this is his first time sees such terrifying existence, unexpectedly stands there can block stiffly extinguish the demon big attack, before must know is, that serious famine beast is also instantaneously, but in front of them who the heavenly thunder disappears a fellow unexpectedly matter does not have, although the clothes broke, but any scar cannot stay behind continually. This uncultivated land beast region leader fierce? Is impossible, unreasonable, can't the heavenly thunder strength possibly ruin a human body of person? Even if the wild beast is impossible to block.” Yu Wentao is also inconceivable of whole face. Hateful, I do not believe.” Abao angry has pressed down that button once more. Bang! The heavenly thunder lowers once more. The heavenly thunder pounds once more on the body that the prestige has eaten delicacies. Bang!

The prestige eats delicacies still stands there, his body is belching smoke, but his body has not left behind any wound similarly. This..” Abao does not know what at this time completely should say? You with it kills my Little Sister, by the body of my Little Sister cannot block, is so painful, how she withstands?” The prestige eats delicacies saying that thought aloud. Abao and Yu Wentao do not dare to breathe heavily the atmosphere. I must kill you to make small glass walk is more relieved? But how can this? Small glass was impossible to live.” The prestige ate delicacies unable to bear sadly: Did not have the tweedle of small glass, what to do should I?” Frightened! Abao and Yu Wentao all felt the fear at this time. Their this time felt really the death was away from them so to be near. They biggest insignia extinguishes demon big, but extinguishes demon big unexpectedly not to have an effect now, how this makes them be able not to fear, this regarding them simply was the worst news. No, I cannot die, I have the big destiny person, child who I am the God's favored one, ascending the sky, the heaven will help my.” Abao shouts loudly, afterward his vision looked to a plate in oneself hand, the there big buttons, this button he had not pressed. Because that is ultimate extinguishes demon big. At this time he must use this ultimate to extinguish demon big finally. All spirit stone I gave you, extinguished him to me.” Abao's crazy shouting.