Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1823

Abao fell into now crazily. Because he is afraid, person only then in falling into frightened situation, will make some crazy actions, this time Abao has made the crazy action. His whole person is going crazy, he put out oneself all spirit stone to make a plate swallow. He must use ultimate extinguishes demon big. On this plate has Freshman small two buttons. Since they open extinguished demon big, they only use the too small button, never uses the oversized button, but he must use the big button now. Because this in his opinion was his final maintaining life qualification. The terrifying that the prestige eats delicacies makes him be afraid, he first time noticed that extinguishes person who demon big is unable to massacre, moreover not by any wound. Um?” The prestige ate delicacies to look to Abao. I want you dead, nobody can disregard me, nobody can provoke I, because I am a day of child.” Abao's crazy shouting, a plate has swallowed his spirit stone at this time completely, therefore Abao's hand according to approaching big button. He does not have the slight hesitation. This time, he does not feel to delay, because he feared that he died not to press ultimate to extinguish demon big. Bang! Above sky an explosive. Without the heavenly thunder, but the sky of entire day Lingshan is cloudy, in day Lingshan also blew the strong winds, at the same time an empty shade of broadsword appeared above the broadsword. Extinguishes the blade edge of demon! This broadsword has transmitted the incomparable terrifying aura on. What is this?” Yu Wentao whole face inconceivable looks to airborne, empty shade that at this time airborne presents already thorough made him be shocked, he has never seen the so terrifying matter, this has surpassed his cognition completely.

Ultimate extinguishes demon big, this is ultimate extinguishes demon big, ha ha ha ha.” Abao's crazy saying with a smile. When he sees ultimate extinguishes demon big, he really seems saved from death to be the same, because ultimate extinguished demon big is really too terrifying, at this time this in midair broadsword empty shade, if were the real broadsword, will then fear day Lingshan to be broken out by it directly. The empty shade of broadsword has eaten delicacies the prestige at this time locking. The prestige eats delicacies slowly is also on the rise, stubbornly looks at that broadsword in midair. On his face presented the dignified look. Bang! Above the broadsword has transmitted the incomparable terrifying fresh breeze. ! In the mouth that the prestige eats delicacies has sent out a great roar, afterward his body starts to change. His head has had two corner/horn, his body turned snake-shaped, on his skin starts to present the scale, his four limbs changed into four claw, his tail becomes is the same with the alligator. Dragon? No, he is the Ancient God beast imprisons the good descendant. God beast, he is the god beast, no wonder he can receive to extinguish demon big.” Yu Wentao knows at this time finally they offended figure of any rank, unexpectedly is the god beast, their unexpectedly offended a such terrifying god beast, if no ultimate extinguishes demon big, perhaps they already died. God beast how? Same must crawl my under foot, because I am a day of child, in the future, I will be the day.” Abao saw ultimate extinguishes demon big that moment, the self-confidence restores. He thinks that this is own big destiny is helping. The big destiny can always help him in the most crucial time, can always , when is most dangerous helps his neutralize. This is not the first time.

Others only know that the big destiny is easy to bump into the treasure, can arrive exuberantly the destiny of entrance, but these people actually do not know that the big destiny can change a destiny of person, the danger everybody will bump, when the person of big destiny bumps into the danger, generally can turn danger into safety, this is the big destiny secret. Abao thinks at this time definitely also because of the big destiny reason, therefore ultimate will extinguish the demon big talent to have such might. Bang! This is the third sound that the sky makes, after this sound appears, the giant sword in sky finally starts to fall, but is not it falls, but is its doing several things at the same time starts to fall, sharp incomparable swords start to drop from the clouds, these sword empty shades cut open the air directly, cuts open the nihility, as if the flash can cut open is same. ! The prestige eats delicacies roars greatly, afterward he starts to greet these swords directly. Bang! Bang! Bang! The sword falls, pounds on the prestige eating delicacies body, the spark four shoots, this cannot explain that the might of sword is weak, can only say the defensive power that the prestige eats delicacies was too strong, because the sword falls , in ground, the ground will be pounded a pit, even if will be the giant stone instantaneously is also divided into two. Bang! Bang! Bang! The sword as if rains to be the same, whereabouts. ! The prestige eats delicacies gives a loud shout once more, afterward his body circled, lets own body as far as possible least contact swords. Good terrifying might, good terrifying defensive power.” What Yu Wentao is sigh with emotion is ultimate extinguishes the demon big sword powerful force, sighs with emotion the defensive power that the prestige eats delicacies to be too fearful. Snort, he fell the defeat, if he can resist, on his why plate body?” Saying that Abao cold snort, disdains. Um!” Yu Wentao also nodded. If the prestige eats delicacies to receive the strength of heavenly thunder with ease, he did not need to fluctuate the main body, did not need to circle the body, he such did to let the contact of his body reduction and sword as far as possible. This time Abao and Yu Wentao all anxious looks at front all, they do not know when the sword will stop, they are afraid the sword to stop accidentally suddenly, without solving the prestige eats delicacies, they may be miserable, the prestige eats delicacies is impossible to let off their.

Do not stop.” Yu Wentao prayed. Will not stop, certainly will not stop.” Although Abao on the mouth said that but he is also very anxious, at this moment determines the life and death regarding them the time. ! The prestige eats delicacies each to drink to transmit greatly, his imposing manner will rise. His head corner/horn was just long, moreover probably also a little slight defect, this is fate that because he stops closing up suddenly, if not stop closing up suddenly, his corner/horn completely will be long, at that time his strength will be increased once more. For spirit! He was also spells. Bang! After the sword rain has gotten down for a half hour, stopped. Stopped? Cannot.” On Yu Wentao's face presented the panic-stricken look, the body that although the prestige eats delicacies now has truly been injured, but this wound should be the skin flesh wound, cannot be what kind of it. No, has not stopped, strikes finally.” Abao's vision stubbornly looks at that sword empty shade above sky. This time sword empty shade started to make the preparation of whereabouts. Bang! The giant sword empty shade finally started to fall, this was also its final struck.