Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1824

In dungeon. „!” Xia Tian has coughed suddenly fiercely, heart pierced his unexpectedly started to cough, afterward his body moved to stand directly. The small snake saw Xia Tian to stand at that moment, plunged the Xia Tian bosom directly, rubbed toward Xia Tian on, before it thinks really Xia Tian such died. Kid, I am all right.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. At this time the Xia Tian dantian is still completely empty. Small insect, should come back.” Xia Tian light saying, on his arm reappeared tattoos afterward, was tattoos of small insect, this small insect has not entered to his dantian, but returned to above his arm. Saw that the small insect came back, old lunatic who Xia Tian turns the head to look at sleep soundly to: Many thanks Senior.” The old lunatic rests is very dead, has not paid attention to Xia Tian. Xia Tian bowed to the old lunatic, afterward walks toward above, after Xia Tian walked, the old lunatic has opened own both eyes: Does not know that what you will turn into the future.” In day Lingshan. Last sword drops from the clouds directly, on the sword is containing the endless strength. The giant sword empty shade cut directly to the prestige has eaten delicacies. ! The prestige ate delicacies also exudes one to drink greatly, his imposing manner rose the crest. Ultimate collision. Bang!

Puff! The sword pricks the body that the prestige has eaten delicacies directly. The body that the prestige eats delicacies changed into human form, this time he is distressed, the body everywhere is the wound, wound obvious bone, moreover general that chest that as if really has the sword empty shade, the sword passed through his chest to insert above the ground directly. Succeeded!” Abao and on Yu Wentao's face simultaneously one happy. But in this is, they discovered in day Lingshan was covering extinguishing demon big to disappear suddenly, big needs to rest. Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! Dozens forms flew not to have big from below directly, they have also stopped at nothing, when they saw the prestige eating delicacies chest was inserting a sword empty shade: Sir.” Dozens forms the prestige eat delicacies directly to get up. Hateful!” Abao's brow a wrinkle, he thinks immediately extinguished the prestige to eat delicacies, the fight had ended, but he has not thought that extinguishes demon big to enter the dormant period, did not have to extinguish the demon big threat, they radically were not the matches of these super ominous beasts, although their here also had many subordinates, but these were under basic on the insufficient families kill. However now these super wild beasts are the care prestige eat delicacies obviously. Has saying that the prestige eats delicacies truly formidable, his unexpectedly in such a case, has not died. Sir!” I am all right!” The prestige ate delicacies said these three characters difficultly, got rid his both hands to make an effort the racket that above the knife edge, both hands that this knife edge empty shade destructive power formidable, the prestige ate delicacies just contacted on the knife edge, his both hands started to bleed, even if were his defensive power that formidable, he still could not block the terrifying power on sword. Kazakh Ah! The prestige eats delicacies to drink greatly, afterward this stiffly the sword empty shade pulling out, that moment that the sword empty shade pulled out, the empty shade vanished directly, but chest of smile also in fast bleeding.

Bang! The prestige ate delicacies a palm to pat on the chest, this seemed like from the oppressive movement, actually the blood stopping, however its body also but actually went to behind, the following that two wild beast supported the prestige to eat delicacies directly. Abao and Yu Wentao see the attention of these super wild beasts on the prestige eating delicacies body, after they have looked at each other one, wants to leave quietly. Whiz! The form fell on Abao's front together directly: „Does Abao, you want to go?” Hears this sound time, Abao's brow a wrinkle, he has lifted the head immediately afterward slowly, when he sees the surface advance party when the person, on his face has written all over the panic-stricken look: This. How is this possible?” At this time stands in his front person Xia Tian. He remembers that he pierces the heart of Xia Tian personally, but now Xia Tian unexpectedly living standing in his front. Xia Tian, didn't you die?” Yu Wentao is also the whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. Here situation has brought in the attention of these super wild beasts. They want to run away, surrounded they.” A super wild beast opens the mouth to say. Immediately ten super wild beasts encircled their several in the middle, including Xia Tian. Abao, the blood debt blood recompenses, you to all that I make, I do not think am anything, because the fight is to become Wang defeats the invader, but you have killed spirit, I will not let off you.” Xia Tian angry looked that said to Abao, he lost regarding Xia Tian, he was suffered him to be speechless by Abao, can only say own technique is inferior to the person, oneself have eyes but fail to see, was betrayed by the brothers. However the death of spirit attacked regarding him is too big. Spirit to save him, kills to ascend the sky Lingshan, actually by Abao with extinguishing demon big killing, how does this make him not hate? How not angry make him.

„Does Xia Tian, depend on you also to want with me to fight? Really laughs, even if has not died, your wound has been able to be what kind of? Your present dantian is completely empty, you is a waste, what rank depends on the human body the strength you to cope with only? Two cauldron Rank 1? Two cauldron Rank 2? Two cauldron Rank 5? These ranks in my eyes are the ants.” Very Abao disdains looks to Xia Tian. Although he does not know that actually Xia Tian is how good, but no matter what, Xia Tian did not have the beforehand skill. That Xia Tian now is not his match. Xia Tian? Sir, he is that Xia Tian that male mainly rescues.” A wild beast opens the mouth saying that he with that wild beast that spirit comes together, in the final moment by that spirit tramples. Person who small glass must save.” The prestige ate delicacies has lifted head slowly, looked to Xia Tian. Sir, killed him together, if to not save him, the princess will not die.” A wild beast said. Sorry.” Xia Tian looked that eats delicacies to say to the prestige, he said sorry is not because he had feared the prestige eats delicacies, because of spirit, if because of him, spirit will not die, he wants to protect good spirit wholeheartedly, but he has not thought that spirit unexpectedly dies for him finally. You said that now sorry is useful? Can the princess live? Because of you, I now has killed you, making you give the princess to be buried along with the dead.” Wild beast angry shouting. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian has lifted own hand. What's wrong? Did you fear? The cowards, how the princess to such a coward die!” That wild beast saying bitterly. No, I do not fear death, you must kill me to be able, but I want to revenge for spirit personally, when I revenge after spirit, must kill to hack as you like then.” Xia Tian looked that said to that wild beast. Revenges we to be able, has no need for you.” That wild beast shouts. Beautiful tiger, making him go.” The prestige eats delicacies to open the mouth to say.