Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1826

The day spirit second child has been looking for the opportunity to come up, he is familiar with day Lingshan, the place that therefore he hides is can evade the opening up wasteland beast group, position that but can also the earliest possible time climb mountains. When he sees extinguishes demon big disappearance, he first climbs mountains. Climbs mountains not so to be simple, now the mountain road was destroyed, he must crawl, is good because of this body defense also very formidable, moreover his strength is also very good, otherwise he may not have that easily to crawl, when he hears the prestige eats delicacies to kill Xia Tian, the hurried exit / to speak prevents. Do not begin, spirit has not died.” Saying that the day spirit second child pants. What? Spirit hasn't died?” Xia Tian is startled immediately. Side these wild beasts were also shocked, they know spirit in Xia Tian mouth are small glass. Spirit, although the mortal body was shattered, but before she, protected the soul of her wild beast to be used the soul bead to receive by me, this, the Boss, I knows that you had the means to make them resurrect.” The day spirit second child said. Heard the words of day of spirit second child, on the face of Xia Tian presented the excited expression immediately, afterward he received the day of spirit old second-hand soul bead. Small hasn't glass died?” The prestige eats delicacies stares immediately. Um, her mortal body has destroyed, but I can save her, I only needed to look for a human body to her to be OK, best to reach one's goal instantly, must the best human body, otherwise later replaced the human body is very dangerous.” Xia Tian answered. Good, takes two? Follows us, our uncultivated land beast region has.” The prestige eats delicacies to say. Um.” Xia Tian nodded, but he stopped the footsteps suddenly. How?” The prestige eats delicacies puzzled looks to Xia Tian. I must process first here matter.” The Xia Tian vision looked to the surrounding these people. Before these people majority are the day Lingshan disciples, they have surrendered Abao, part is Yu Wentao brings. I give you an opportunity, puts down Chu Wu to equip, pats the broken each other dantian mutually, I let off you.” Xia Tian vision coldly looks to the surrounding these people.

Hears the Xia Tian words, they somewhat hesitated. However finally they clenched teeth, has picked own Chu equipment, finally the racket has broken to pieces each other dantian, starts to descend the mountain, the road of descending the mountain did not have, they can only get down following the string, this may on painstakingly dantian shatter them, but they should have this report, because they had killed too many people recently. Xia Tian has gathered that 11 Chu rings, other, he has not gone to manage, but left the day spirit second child to handle, afterward he moved toward the prestige to eat delicacies: We walk.” Yun Shi, you carries him, at the maximum speed goes back.” The prestige eats delicacies to say. Yes!” Yun Shi transformed main body directly, on Xia Tian his back. Afterward Xia Tian followed the prestige to eat delicacies and the others to go to the uncultivated land beast region, after the day spirit second child day Lingshan has tidied up one next, he some ladder subtrees has gotten down a day of Lingshan, afterward he subpoenaed the person to day Lingshan, making them come back. The after mountain of day Lingshan main and the others received the news of day spirit second child, all hurried back to a day of Lingshan, although their population already sharp decline, but these people are the elites, they are the elites in elite. The people came back finally. Day Lingshan starts to reconstruct. But Xia Tian ate delicacies and the others to arrive at the uncultivated land beast region with the prestige, the speed of going back was also very quick, enormous and powerful uncultivated land beast army goes back. Returned to the serious famine, the prestige ate delicacies to look for two corpses. Although who these two corpse Xia Tian do not know is, but he discovered that these two corpses are not absolutely simple, most at least can leap behind the city that corpse in forest to have one to spell with the tiger, has the corpse of super strength. Xia Tian uses the small cauldron stiffly in the soul Zhu two souls pulling, has injected to that two corpses in afterward forcefully. After five seconds. Two corpses have simultaneously opened both eyes: Elder Brother Tian, Elder brother.”

Is spirit. Heard spirit the sound, on the face of Xia Tian has shown the smiling face. Small is glass, you?” The prestige eats delicacies very excited saying. Elder brother, is I.” Spirit excited saying. Good, small glass, you lived.” On the face that the prestige eats delicacies had the joy that is hard to cover. Spirit, with your elder brother later, your elder brother has been injured well, I first great power Lingshan.” Xia Tian looked that said to spirit, he knows now the prestige eats delicacies definitely very much thinks spirit . Moreover the prestige eats delicacies also has the wound, cannot continue to delay again. Elder Brother Tian!” Spirit looked at Xia Tian, wanted to say anything. Is obedient.” Xia Tian traces spirit the head to say. Um.” Spirit nodded, can only comply. Xia Tian, later in uncultivated land beast region you can come at any time, wants to look that spirit comes, will have the wild beast to direct to you, you are in the uncultivated land beast region the only human friend.” The prestige eats delicacies the gratitude looks at Xia Tian to say. Many thanks.” Xia Tian arched has cuped one hand in the other across the chest to say. Yun Shi, your speed is fast, delivers him a regulation.” The prestige eats delicacies saying that this transmission all the way was destroyed completely, Xia Tian can only run going back, although the Xia Tian speed is also quick, but compares to miss with the wild beast many, the main endurance is also insufficient. Many thanks.” Xia Tian not polite. Afterward Xia Tian hurried back to a day of Lingshan, after returning to day Lingshan, he discovers in day Lingshan is the iron ladder, he follows the ladder to ascend the sky directly Lingshan. After he arrives at day Lingshan, the person who defends the mountain all cups one hand in the other across the chest: Mountain advocates.”

Mountain lord?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Mountain lord, you came back, now day Lingshan is reconstructing, all people live front courtyard here, I give you to notify.” The person who that defends the mountain said. Mountain lord who wait / etc., you said what's the matter?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. After the remote antiquity elders and consistent elections of day Lingshan all disciples, you now is the mountain hosts in day Lingshan.” The person who defends the mountain said. Volume!” Xia Tian stares immediately. Mountain advocated.” The person who defends the mountain shouts one, afterward inside person also started to shout, before long, all people in entire day Lingshan all came out, Lin Bingbing and the others ran quickest, when Lin Bingbing saw Xia Tian that moment, he threw during the bosom of Xia Tian directly. Lin Bingbing stubbornly was holding Xia Tian, flowing that the tears could not bear. I do not separate with you.” Lin Bingbing sobs was saying. Um, does not separate.” Xia Tian said. Seeing Lin Bingbing can hold Xia Tian, Xiao zither and Zhao Yushu a little envies, but their two actually cannot go, because others Lin Bingbing is the Xia Tian wife, but their two present anything do not calculate. See Shan Zhu.” Day spirit fifth child and day spirit second child and the others neat knees down to say.