Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1827
Shan Zhu. Xia Tian does not have to think own unexpectedly turned into Shan Zhu all of a sudden. Mountain lord in day Lingshan. He enters the spirit world after Earth, from an most common servant turned into the day of Yong city the best talent. Afterward he joins day Lingshan in way of mountain climbing, becomes the day Lingshan most common white clothing disciple, finally the performance is outstanding, became the scarlet disciple, now he sits in the day of Lingshan Shan Zhu position officially. This position does not pass on position, but is everybody elects together. After all people votes to elect, Xia Tian unanimously passes. Became the mountain lord in day Lingshan. This.” Xia Tian has never thought must become the mountain lord in day Lingshan, reason that he choice and Abao oppose are not because he wants to struggle the day Lingshan Shan Zhu position with Abao, because Abao must be disadvantageous to Zhao Yushu. Mountain lord, day Lingshan is reconstructing now, soon, day Lingshan can fix the mountain road, when the time comes day Lingshan can also open the entrance to recruit the disciple.” Five elder respectful saying, in his eyes, Xia Tian became Shan Zhu, moreover Xia Tian also has this qualifications becomes the mountain lord in day Lingshan. Looked from the strength that Xia Tian has defeated Abao, has recaptured a day of Lingshan \; Looked from the prestige, Xia Tian in the resistance demon taught in the war of alliance to perform very big merit, was called the person of star of sounds of nature \; Looked from the principle of righteousness that Xia Tian gives self up to save Shan Zhu and the others, this is the average man cannot achieve. How regardless to see, Xia Tian is the most suitable candidate. Good!” Xia Tian nodded to say. Xia Tian knows that he becomes the mountain of day Lingshan main to not demonstrate now one good, but has very big responsibility on the body.

Now day Lingshan needs the recast, needs to recruit the talented person, these heavy responsibility on him. Day Lingshan truly is a Baoshan, but to develop day Lingshan, that will be perhaps limited, since you elect me to be the mountain lord in day Lingshan, then from now henceforth day Lingshan starts to reconstruct, no longer is the mountain, but is the city constructs a day spirit city, but day Lingshan by preparing emergency requirement.” Xia Tian proposed. Hears the Xia Tian words, five elders and the others stare, afterward they also said: Respectfully follows Shan Zhufa the aim.” Although the loss of day Lingshan is very big, the treasure that but this time we collect absolutely are also many, these wealth are used to construct the day spirit city.” Xia Tian wants to build the first own city in the spirit world, after this city, might very much becomes his base, like this, if some Earth people will fly upwards again, will not be blind, so long as they can find a day of spirit city, that naturally can find Xia Tian. Moreover entrance, although listens to very atmosphere, but in fact unusual is not convenient . Moreover the disciple of entrance almost could be said as secluded from the world, divorced oneself from reality, that will forever fall behind. Mountain lord, where do we construct the day spirit city?” Five elders asked. Day Lingshan in three li (0.5km) delimits, starts to construct from three li (0.5km), here died tens of millions people, Baleful Qi is too heavy, does not suit us to construct the entrance, moreover by the day after tomorrow Lingshan will be Forbidden Land of day of spirit city.” Reason that Xia Tian does not want to continue to have in the reason that in day Lingshan constructs the entrance. First, the entrance in seal, among the disciples is not extremely familiar with outside fight, this will bump into some method many people directly to lose suddenly. Second, in day Lingshan hid too many secrets, the old lunatic, his rare treasure, extinguished demon big, these things as far as possible outside to know that is good. Third, here died too many people, Baleful Qi is heavy, here the cultivation person is easy to have the resentment to read. Therefore he plans to make a city, turns into a day of spirit city day Lingshan, the disciples in day Lingshan in the City Lord Mansion housing and cultivation. Yes, we started to pack the thing over the two days, I will go to other city to design the person of Master and construction, now our day Lingshan most does not lack was spirit stone.” Five elders said that although day Lingshan caused heavy losses, but now the disciples in day Lingshan are also rich flow the oil. Beforehand these Chu bangle and Chu Wudai enough over a million, moreover these Chu bangle inside treasures also very many.

Um, invited some people, after all person many strengths were big, were right, from now henceforth our day Lingshan no longer obeyed the sounds of nature city's direction, if they were not convinced, that made them hit.” Xia Tian very aggressive saying. Before present Xia Tian early is not that cauldron small figure. He fights with the fists Abao, recaptured day Lingshan, the casting the perfection legend. Now in the entire serious famine nobody dares to offend Xia Tian again. Right Shan Zhu, before Abao has grasped sounds of nature city City Lord daughter, now still in day Lingshan, handles her?” Five elders asked. Sends for returning to sounds of nature city him, we do not bully the woman.” Xia Tian said. Yes!” Five elders said. Now our day Lingshan also remaining how many people?” Xia Tian asked. Calculates your 987 people.” Five elder respectful saying. Good, our according to these 987 people heavy newly-built make a myth to come.” Xia Tian makings soaring saying. He must construct the city, although he knows that completes is a very difficult matter, but this time must construct one to belong his, is the city of day of Lingshan, is separated from the sounds of nature city management completely the city. Was good, today tidies up, tomorrow starts to take action, everybody begins together, strives to construct to belong to our city earlier.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. Yes.” All people all bowed to Xia Tian, afterward everybody diverges in abundance.

Finds a peaceful place.” The Xia Tian official business has gotten through, now should also hold the private affair. In a courtyard on day Lingshan. Mountain lord, four elders, six elders, I have an idea to attempt, but I cannot guarantee that certainly will succeed, does not know that you are willing to try.” Xia Tian looked that said to them. Do not ask me mountain to advocate again, if your absolute several of us old fogy also selects the use, that called me three elders, you had anything to try direct said.” The Laoshan main start to talk of day Lingshan said. I have means to restore your dantians, but I am also the first attempt, therefore I did not guarantee that certainly can be successful.” Xia Tian said. Restores the dantian? The time people who hears these characters stare immediately. Xia Tian unexpectedly said that has the means to restore their dantians. Was defeated will be what kind of?” The Laoshan hosts asked. Possibly the human body will explode directly.” Xia Tian has not concealed, after all he has not tried. Hears the human body direct explosion time, several people have simultaneously looked at each other one, afterward they said: Good.”