Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1829

Why isn't good? Were you shut out several of us to be old?” The day spirit second child said. Gets up!” Xia Tian saying slowly. You do not promise us, we do not get up.” The day spirit second child said. You are the elders, I respect you very much, therefore do not speak such words again, regardless of my strength becomes strong, I will not regard you under regard, looks like Eastern Man and Northern Army Senior, since I called them since Senior that day, their level for a lifetime was my Senior, even if my present strength early by far has surpassed them, but they were still my Senior, you and they were the same in my status.” Xia Tian said directly. Heard the Xia Tian words old, day spirit five is moved. They know that they have not elected the wrong person absolutely. Eastern Man and Northern Army they just entered shortly after the secret, but Xia Tian saw them the time is also polite, just started them also to think that they are the Xia Tian family's elders, but afterward found out, although Northern Army is the Xia Tian wife's grandfather, but Eastern Man is not, he had helped Xia Tian. Xia Tian is one understood person who feels grateful. Who doesn't hope to become friends with the person like Xia Tian? Is quick, today rests well, tomorrow will have you to be busy.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. The day spirit five old also said Xia Tian, finally can only pledging silently, probably protect Xia Tian, is Xia Tian handles all matters. Next morning, all people get up is very early, because today was the big day of day of spirit city reconstruction.

At the beginning was truly chaotic. However five days later. Mountain lord, the news we have sent, effect very good, outside person heard that is you must construct the day spirit city, these designers want free to come personally, usually asked them to design is very expensive, moreover they will not come personally, but this time they must come personally, moreover since has been more than 30, these person of each are in the serious famine most top designer.” Five elder excited saying. unexpectedly also has such good deed.” On face of Xia Tian one happy. That was natural, is not the mountain advocates your big name, they want to become friends with Shan Zhu such person.” Five elders said. What haven't I made probably?” Xia Tian awkward saying, was such held, he was a little also embarrassed. Mountain lord, you a person opened the tiger to leap the city gate of city before, and rescues the tiger to leap the elite in city secretly, the destruction demon teaches the internal strength of alliance, these matters already became the legends in serious famine, afterward you did not fear coming of life and death to rescue the Third Brother they, is makes all people be full of praise to you, said that you are one feel emotion the real man of righteousness, now you extinguish kill the king of Abao this slaughtering, hurries back the wild beast of uncultivated land beast region, these matters may be legendary same existences.” Five elder excited saying. Xia Tian is coping with the demon to teach the matter of alliance, is the tiger leaps the people in city to publicize outside wantonly, because they must thank Xia Tian, therefore reputation such silent proliferation of Xia Tian. Afterward he went to rescue solitarily is day Lingshan Laoshan of disabled person main and the others, this made the person admire. Finally he strikes to kill Abao. But Abao the king of slaughtering, all people knows that homicide more than ten million common people, this matter is the seething discontent among the people, moreover Abao has also brought in all wild beasts in uncultivated land beast region, making many cities be destroyed, finally is also Xia Tian neutralize the event, therefore in the serious famine, Xia Tian is a legend.

Volume.” Xia Tian does not have to think own unexpectedly was so famous. Moreover the news that I reported yesterday evening said that the hiring helps to make the city, the price is one person of one month five low grade spirit stone, but in the entire serious famine seethed with excitement all of a sudden, the countless person is rushing to here now, they did not ask for money, for food on line, what was main, these big influence Daijouike, the small city also in abundance extended the olive branch, they all sent for our here helping.” Five elder excited saying. Volume, but also is really the good deed.” Xia Tian said. Many people come with admiration, the biggest good news is the construction many people in day of spirit city decides to disburse money, after their requests is a day of spirit urban construction makes, they can here choose several stores and residences.” Five elders more said that is more excited. Good news, truly is the good news, this can save our costs.” Before Xia Tian, has considered, constructs a big city not that simple, although he is truly rich, but wants to construct fast must spend, therefore he considered at that time contests the people of some big influences to come to their day spirit city to open the store, then makes them take out money. This is just like attracting investments of China. However afterward he gave Pass, because the day spirit area next to a city wall did not have what fame, although is day Lingshan transforms, but day Lingshan at this time also merely only remaining their less than 1000 people, but also there is any person to care about them. Will not invest without some fame naturally people. However he has not thought that he does not have to invite businessmen to open company, these business and influence unexpectedly oneself walked. This because of his reputation. These business and influences are because his reputation will choose invests here.

Good, the concrete assignment I will plan, but right of use I only to them 100 years, 100 years later they need to make a payment, naturally, they, so long as makes a payment has first wins the power.” These knowledge of Xia Tian society on Earth uses him here now. Good, Shan Zhu, my this gets down the preparation.” Five elders said. Um.” Xia Tian nodded. All were expected that compared with him being better, he thinks, although he is willing to disburse money, but wants to build up a day of spirit city is also the matter of very waste strength, but now looks like, perhaps the construction of day spirit city can become simple. How is it? Feels tired?” Lin Bingbing looked that asked to Xia Tian. „It is not tired, we have the Xia Family village on Earth, in the spirit world, we have a day of spirit city, where regardless had the stopping over place, but I do not have Brother Xiaoma any news to the present.” Xia Tian the biggest worry was he had not found the related Brother Xiaoma news and matter of crevice prison now. Half a month later! Began construction together, the city that the designer designs is more luxurious than the sounds of nature city, the city internal construction, is the defense of surrounding, in the designer of most top after more than 30 serious famines jointly designs, usually is the Rank 4 city, they are also only a person get rid, has not cooperated, this is their first cooperation, they are the plan construct in a serious famine the most luxurious city. Mountain lord, had an unexpected visitor to come.” The day spirit second child walked to say.