Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1830

Unexpected visitors. Can not be been many by the person who the day spirit second child gives this name. What person?” Xia Tian asked. Sounds of nature City Lord.” The day spirit second child said. Does not see.” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying, when he hears this name, he does not have slightly hesitant said directly, person who sounds of nature City Lord, he respected before, since last day Lingshan event, Xia Tian on thorough looked down upon this person. Regardless of before a person, whether some multi- cow B, were others says him good, he said him good. Useless. Must look at the most essential time, can this person get rid. What is called the brothers? Does not get rid, does not give up. But was not together is usually eating and drinking, ascended the sky, but had the matter that blew to hide that type. Although sounds of nature City Lord for daughter, but he has actually entrapped tens of millions, even the life and death of over a billion average people, the spirit world person are truly many, in the casual city has several million people, but is the person are many, that human life cannot be used to spoil, he is sounds of nature City Lord, the master of serious famine. The person of that serious famine should all be his subjects. But his unexpectedly looks at own subjects death, is aloof. Mountain lord, you sees.” The day spirit second child urged. Um?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to him, he knows that the day of spirit second child is not the crude generation, his even hates sounds of nature City Lord, but his unexpectedly also said that obviously in this definitely has any matter.

His present situation is poor, the whole person probably was remaining a body.” The day spirit second child said. That leads him to go to meeting hall, I one can they pass with three elders.” Xia Tian said. Present meeting hall also very crude, because this is the semifinished materials that just constructed, but Xia Tian they will usually have the words of any matter to go to there discussion. In meeting hall. Xia Tian and several long have picked honest. Saw that Xia Tian they came, sit well have stood there sounds of nature City Lord hurriedly. This is the disparity. Before sounds of nature city sounds of nature City Lord including the speech lazily said that appearance that forever is keeping aloof, even Lian Zheng saw that the person did not have, but at this time he was actually driving has stood, Xia Tian was seeing sounds of nature City Lord that moment, he knows meaning that finally the day of spirit second child described. This time sounds of nature City Lord, although puts on is good, but his face whiten, the hair all was also white, the whole person look is lax. Obviously bore very tremendous pressure. Snort!” Xia Tian cold snort, arrived on the seat of honor to sit afterward directly, has not responded sounds of nature City Lord. Xia Shanzhu, my this time comes to apologize specially.” Sounds of nature City Lord arched has cuped one hand in the other across the chest to say. Apology? You are keeping aloof sounds of nature City Lord, our what Dehe can, making you apologize to us.” Xia Tian lazily saying, as if radically seems like teasing sounds of nature City Lord to be the same. Xia Shanzhu, I knew mistakenly, my this time came to apologize specially, I know that I was unfair to you, I do not want to argue anything for myself, I come here today, must kill to hack to be casual you.” Sounds of nature City Lord had decided that he goes on living like this every day is also the suffering. On the same day Lingshan that moment that his daughter sent back, he understands that anything was called to repay good with evil.

He so treats Xia Tian and Laoshan advocates them, but finally Xia Tian their unexpectedly also his daughter delivering, although lost a hand, but, also will have the means to be long . Moreover the life preserved finally. Normally, if trades to do is others, perhaps will kill his daughter to give vent to indignation directly. After all he does was really too excessive, moreover was Xia Tian they have killed his daughter, nobody can testify. Your apology I cannot meet, under day Lingshan and mountain has tens of millions ghosts, you sorry is not we, is they, they have their wife and entire families, because of your decision, making them all ruin under a day of Lingshan, you said that I can represent them to receive your apology? Brothers who our day Lingshan these died in battle, they? The people in uncultivated land beast region in these cities to day Lingshan? You went saying that with them sorry?” Xia Tian looked that said to sounds of nature City Lord. I am unfair to you, is unfair to them.” The sounds of nature City Lord complexion was uglier. Two elders, by guest.” Xia Tian has not wanted to say anything again, pointed to the door directly. Xia Tian said that leaves directly, he has not wanted to continue anything with sounds of nature City Lord, afterward walks toward outside directly. Puff! When Xia Tian gets to the entrance, he hears the sound that the blood has splashed, afterward he turns head hurriedly, this time sounds of nature City Lord has poured in the pool of blood: Sorry.” Sounds of nature City Lord said the final these three characters. Committed suicide. Sounds of nature City Lord like this commits suicide in may their front. Sounds of nature City Lord recently live was very tired, died regarding him is an extrication, he passed the day that was living to might as well die every day, he lived to rebuke oneself every day. Yeah!” After Xia Tian sighed, walked directly, even if were sounds of nature City Lord died, he still has not forgiven sounds of nature City Lord. Saw that Xia Tian such walked, several elders have not spoken.

Sounds of nature City Lord died, moreover dies their here, this matter was not perhaps good to explain, even if sounds of nature City Lord were the suicide, but in the person eyes possibly also will change outside flavor, they think that this was they persecutes to death sounds of nature City Lord. Installs his corpse, no matter what, he is also one generation of fierce and ambitiouses, returns to the sounds of nature city him, is processed by sounds of nature city person.” Three elders said. Um,” two elders nodded, afterward he called to stand in entrance sounds of nature city Expert, they saw, otherwise day Lingshan was really not good to explain that they have not spoken any a few words from beginning to end. They as if expected sounds of nature City Lord such to do. Everybody does not need to think, before City Lord he comes, told that all, the corpse we have transported to be good, City Lord he comes is hopes that everybody can forgive him, but looks like he cannot complete the wish finally.” Expert of sounds of nature city said. „It is not we do not forgive him, is we are unable to forgive him for the innocent person who these died.” Three elders said that also directly leaves. Sounds of nature City Lord dies. He dies in oneself compunction. In sounds of nature city. Young lady, City Lord he died, he to dying cannot obtain Xia Tian their forgiving.” Butler opens the mouth to say. Hateful, Xia Tian, I will certainly not let off your.” Loses hand saying of daughter whole face hate.