Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1831

Sounds of nature City Lord died. This news passed on quickly. Almost nobody is sad, because the sounds of nature City Lord reputation is not really good. Before did not have the matter had the time, everybody listened his, the payment gave him the commodity, hoped one day to have an accident he to act, but the demon taught the alliance to present the time, was the day Lingshan hosts leads the army to attack the demon to teach the alliance, moreover was Xia Tian opens the city gate, and destroyed the demon to teach the internal relations of alliance. Therefore person who regarding these rescued, they thanked Xia Tian, thank the allied armies, but was not sounds of nature City Lord. Afterward the day Lingshan hosts had an accident. This time matter, sounds of nature City Lord not only has not gone to the control day Lingshan lord, whatever he were hung on stone wall of day Lingshan, but also has sealed the Abao's mountain lord for day Lingshan. This matter not only cold heart of day of Lingshan, cold the hearts of entire serious famine all people. Abao extinguishes adds up totals surely general publics matter is unpardonably wicked, but sounds of nature City Lord not only has not prevented, was concerned with. Finally Abao has killed Chief of uncultivated land beast region, he not only does not have to consider the residents in these cities, instead is makes the person in serious famine gather to help that unpardonably wicked Abao, the wild beast is takes revenge, they are go all out, whoever prevents, belongs is bringing death. In their opinion, sounds of nature City Lord has committed suicide, this result is very good result.

He does not die, the reputation of sounds of nature city on thorough was smelly. Moreover now looks like, later some people will not listen to the sounds of nature city. The construction of day spirit city stems from smooth of Xia Tian anticipation, some person people of entire serious famine have the person, strives powerfully. Usually is spends to ask the person to work, people of some that also many being loaf, but the construction of this day spirit city, is different, these people felt that was Xia Tian has saved them, because some by the demon the person who taught the alliance to attack, some by the person of wild beast attack, they are thought was Xia Tian has saved them, therefore they such will go all out. Although they have not asked for money, but Xia Tian has not treated unjustly them, every day is the nice wine good meat, the spirit stone subsidy, this made the will of the people warm. Xia Shanzhu, what kind, this time soon, the day spirit city should be able to appear.” The tiger leaps City Lord of city smiling to look at Xia Tian to say. Really was too thank you.” Xia Tian said that the tiger leapt people of City Lord of city nearby all cities to mobilize, moreover came was the elites, the elite of each profession , helping the person who Xia Tian worked achieve 300 million people now, this was 300 million people, if spent to hire, that month got down few also needs 500,000,000-600,000,000 low grade spirit stone. Nobody can hire these many people, moreover there are many people to help, what a pity here not that big place. In these people almost does not want the Xia Tian money, Xia Tian to give them money, they quietly delivers, spirit stone is placed in front of them, they also move motionless. I first time see such magnificent scene, several billions people make a city, usually construction also several hundred thousand people of city, even if will be the construction of sounds of nature city perhaps not over several million, but your here unexpectedly will have several billions people, these people also will be wholehearted will help, will work also compares normally thin, will also be various talented people in aspect, therefore your city compared with quick 100 times that others constructed, how many worked thin did not know time.” The tiger leaps City Lord of city to say with emotion.

Really must thank these people well.” Xia Tian said. Thanked does not need, you gave each city and influence leave behind some houses and stores your here, I believe that this ratio regarding them gave the actual benefit how much money came.” The tiger leaps City Lord of city to say. Um, I have calculated, the influence and city that helps were too many, I planned one-third stores to give them, one-fifth houses, other places I planned, sold, with selling out money continued to develop the day spirit city.” Although Xia Tian is very rich, but this construction day spirit city was almost the dried flowers his all savings, because this day spirit city construction was too big, even also wanted on big some compared with the sounds of nature city. If not the material and artificial majority of free, perhaps that Xia Tian already had lost everything, before this , the treasure that obtains all gave to sell off has sufficed, hundreds of millions low grade spirit stone also all flowers that before Xia Tian obtained was clean. Such city constructed needs to spend for over a hundred years, even are more, but this Xia Tian city constructs altogether has spent for ten months, including one year on useless, that moment when the city construction completes, Xia Tian has great sense of achievement, such big urban unexpectedly is his one plans. After here, was she in the spirit world family. Day spirit city. That moment that on the same day spirit city construction completed, in the major influences and cities first here chose their store and house, then moved directly, they know, after day spirit city, can be hot absolutely, the person who first came in can eat the first bowl of meat, moreover these Freshman cities and influences have constructed transmission in the day spirit city directly. Construction transmission spends very in a big way, moreover after constructing, must the returning to heaven spirit city unification manage, their this was a free gang day of spirit city constructs, but they were also happy. Because, later back and forth are in this case many on convenience.

Xia Tian has prepared the thanks feast for this reason. Mountain lord, the city completely has completed now, should we start toward betraying?” Five elders asked. Um, sells, now some store and residence also how many?” Xia Tian asked. Residence also 10 million households, each household can live in five to six people, store remaining 800,000 households, the top store, is the position is best, the place biggest store has 20, the Rank 1 store has 200, the Rank 2 store has 2000, the Rank 3 store has 20,000, remaining is the Rank 4 stores.” Five elders said. How much money do you plan to sell?” Xia Tian asked. Generally speaking, here house has the service life, our day spirit city is 100 years, after expiring, they only need to pay 50% money to continue to live, but if must transfer or sell that to need to collect the overall cost again, in these 10 million households also varies, has the difference of position, what therefore is cheapest is 20 low grade spirit stone, but what is most expensive is 2 million low grade spirit stone.” Five elders said directly. What? unexpectedly is so expensive, words that this all adds, can't that curry favor with hundreds of millions?” Xia Tian surprised saying. No, Shan Zhu, you miscalculated.” Three elders said suddenly.