Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1833

After Xia Tian farewell Lin Bingbing, went to the transaction scene directly. When he arrives at the transaction scene to know that anything is called the fire. This simply was the fire to family, present irritable degree has surpassed his cognition completely. Several hundred thousand people line up here . Moreover the population of lining up rapidly is increasing. This. How can the fire to this degree.” Xia Tian surprised looks at the long line of team. The house and store in day spirit city one month later, almost consumption altogether, only remaining some scattered, all had been bought finally light, this may be expected that Xia Tian wanted the terrifying more, the present day spirit city was rich flows the oil, at this time, Xia Tian announced the day spirit city first good news, that entered a city not to need to pay any fee, moreover in day spirit city the group of trade, cannot present any highway robber, otherwise he on will get rid to extinguish the opposite party personally. Xia Tian destroys completely the bandit mountain the matter also to come clearly into view now, regarding these bandits, Xia Tian is nightmare same existence, the Xia Tian such remarks mouth, these closed right up against the trade to regard the day spirit city for the fresh person immediately are the trade harbors. Although there is transmission, but the small place has not transmitted, moreover makes a transmission expenditure not to be small, this makes the income that their trade brings reduce, therefore most people will not choose to sit transmission. But trade the economic lifeline of these small cities. Mountain lord, our income distant compared with being expected high, now the wealth of day spirit city already over 5 billion low grade spirit stone, moreover day spirit city many industries have not opened, but can also continue to construct, when the time comes the day spirit city can become richer.” Five elder excited saying.

Good, since had fund, then must study the matter that starts to recruit the disciple, although day Lingshan turned into the day spirit city, but day Lingshan will also continue to exist, we must start the big quarrying a mountain gate to recruit the disciple . Moreover the disciple who such big city also needs the city health/guard armed forces we beckoning is divided into two parts, the first part is a disciple, the second part is city Wei Jun, the strength and talent good works as the disciple, the talent difference on, when city Wei Jun.” Xia Tian proposed. Multi- Xieshan hosts.” Three elder excited saying. Day Lingshan almost destroys in his hands, he has a dream wants to rebuild day Lingshan, now Xia Tian proposed finally reconstruction day Lingshan, he was naturally happy. Like this he was not the criminals in day Lingshan. Disciple recruitment population must have limit, besides this more than 900 disciples in present day Lingshan, receives 1000 people again, so long as elite, but slightly poor makes them work as city Wei Jun, finally performance outstanding receives for the day Lingshan disciple again, city Wei Jun can also cultivation the merit law and Martial Skill of our day Lingshan.” Xia Tian said. Um, we such big city, if no city Wei Jun protection and patrol, that a lot will be troublesome, the present day spirit Chenggu anchorage household population has 70 million, the worthless person and trade population has 40 million, wants to maintain the good public security, that city Wei Jun quantity are least needs 200,000 to 500,000 people, moreover must recruit a number of Expert to assume personal command.” Three elders said. That starts to incur, these matters must trouble you, as for their salary issue, do not treat unjustly others.” Xia Tian said. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” The person in room simultaneously laughs to say. How?” Xia Tian puzzled asking.

„Did mountain lord, you also underestimate your reputation?” Five elders said. Right.” Two elders nodded. What meaning?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. So long as now you say recruitment disciple, moreover becomes city Wei Jun has the opportunity, when ascends the sky the disciple in Lingshan, then these people did not give you money happily to ascending the sky. Moreover you must teach them Martial Skill and merit method, this made them ascend the sky, was easiest to do as for Expert, regarding Expert, money non- money was the minor matters, what their desired was the strength promotion and Realm promotion, in the serious famine did not have tripod Expert, most people were feel the stone to go forward, took many tortuous paths, but if tripod Expert were all right to direct two, then the ratio regarding them gave materially beneficially, who who they several hundred thousand low grade spirit stone came is not willing to mix with Expert.” Three elders smile were saying. Volume!” Xia Tian stares slightly, after he has not thought of became Expert, unexpectedly so many advantage: Was right, city Wei Jun gives my wife to manage, the people who these Expert and perform the merit give a minute of house, cannot say that the opposite party does not want, we do not give, looks like giving of typical form as far as possible.” Yes!” Several elders also said. Actually the present society is also this, so long as you have the skill richly, your anything does not use with, some people gather together toward your side, rather will spend also to approach your. Draws a simplest analogy, has the skill rich person almost little to ask others to eat meal, is others asks them to eat meal. The Xia Tian words can change the matter of their life path regarding the serious famine, therefore said in Xia Tian must recruit that moment of disciple, the talent in entire serious famine all sent out . Moreover the day spirit city must recruit city Wei Jun, but also needed Expert to assume personal command, the old fogies of these recluses appeared, they stayed in present Realm were too long, now has Xia Tian this super Expert, they naturally must come.

Moreover they understand, now Xia Tian most needs the person time, they help Xia Tian now, that Xia Tian affirmation energy remembered they, have the advantage also to take care of them, words that but hot came by the day after tomorrow spirit city again, then on evening. When Xia Tian just said hiring. Two cauldron Rank 8 above Expert came more than 50, two cauldron Rank 7 and Rank 6 people are innumerable. Has is the old fogies of recluse, they usually only know cultivation, but now they, when hears Xia Tian there need person, all came, this solely is not because Xia Tian is tripod Expert, the Xia Tian amiable reputation, can not fear the life and death to save day Lingshan Shan Zhu and the others Xia Tian, do they also hold true by do not surrender? Who can guarantee one are for a lifetime running free with the current, they cannot have the crisis time? But truly comes across the crisis time, which their friends have to dare to Xia Tian to be the same, rather is dies must single-handedly saves others. Main and the others also saw Xia Tian on Lianshan in the desperate situation at that time, when they see Xia Tian that moment, several hundred -year-old fogies with emotion cried. Mountain lord, I have matter to look for you.” The crown prince has sounded the Xia Tian gate. Comes.” Xia Tian knows that the crown prince can look sooner or later his.