Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1835

Shortcut! This is everybody wants to hear. Xia Tian looked that is not old, but he has such strength, obviously should have any shortcut. Shortcut had certainly.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. After hearing shortcut that Xia Tian said that all people on the scene all stare, afterward scene peaceful, very static, even if a needle falls on the ground they can also be able to hear, at this time they worried that they have missed words of faint trace accidentally. Shortcut is every time experiences the fight of birth and death, I in Yellow Grade, every day with Profound Grade greatly complete breaknecking, even with breaknecking of Earth Grade, I to Profound Grade time I with Earth Grade greatly complete breaknecking, I, when Earth Grade is greatly complete, I with breaknecking of Heaven Grade, my cauldron Rank 2 time I with breaknecking of cauldron Rank 5, my cauldron Rank 5 time, I with breaknecking of two cauldron Rank 5, my cauldron Rank 9 time I on with breaknecking of two cauldron Rank 6, my two cauldrons time I on with tripod. Breaknecking, so long as I do not die, my Realm and sensibility will progress by leaps and bounds.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, on the person forehead of scene is the heavy line, moreover they know how finally Xia Tian had the present strength and status. King faith. Xia Tian never fears anybody, if the average person two cauldron Rank 7, he noticed that two cauldron Rank 8 run, because genuinely he does not think one can win, he will not consider absolutely can sneak attack successfully. But Xia Tian is different. Match who regardless of meets any rank, his first response is: Paternal grandmother, how the father must sneak attack to kill him. Although Xia Tian said that is dexterous, but those present may not think dexterously, because of Xia Tian in exceed step challenge, moreover is several steps. Draws an analogy, hitting of Profound Grade and Earth Grade, between Profound Grade and Earth Grade has very big disparity, that is Inner Strength manifestation, Earth Grade wants to kill Profound Grade that is Inner Strength manifestation, but Xia Tian unexpectedly can shoulder, Earth Grade greatly is complete with Heaven Grade, that is also very big disparity.

Surveys heavenly bodies, place. But Xia Tian unexpectedly can also achieve to jump the ranks the challenge. This simply was too fierce. The shortcut that Xia Tian said told to them, but they fear nobody to achieve. Perhaps the mountain main Sir powerful, jumps the ranks to challenge us unable to achieve.” These people all admire. Takes your time, no rush, you slowly, later will have brothers in opportunity many and entrance compare notes, do not look that some people strengths are worse than you, however in the sneak attack method, they are my Senior, three people of lines, must have my master.” The person who Xia Tian said is Eastern Man, the method that the spatial bright fist of Eastern Man and gets rid of suddenly is very strong, moreover he gets rid generally is to use the abilities of various sneak attacks. „The multi- Xieshan hosts direct.” That person arched to cup one hand in the other across the chest to draw back. Was good, you eat, today gives a welcoming dinner for your reception.” Xia Tian said. As Xia Tian said that the person restored once more lively, they are come to here to work, later definitely lowers the head does not see to gain ground to see, therefore everybody wants to become friends with some good friends as far as possible, like this , can also be useful. Xia Tian is goes down the stages and these today the person 11 proposes a toast. Mountain lord, the people in sounds of nature city came.” Five elders said in the ear of Xia Tian.

„Do they do?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Does not know that what does not come is several heavyweight figure, their reputations are also good, initially the sounds of nature City Lord choice must help Abao time, they have all advised, even has also put under house arrest City Lord.” Five elders said. Yeah, that sees.” Xia Tian sighed to say. Although he does not want any connection with the sounds of nature city, but sounds of nature city after all also only then sounds of nature City Lord, other people are good, these people have their faith and will, if were not sounds of nature City Lord has made the mistake the decision, then the sounds of nature city now is still the Rank 5 city that everybody respected. Since this families have walked, comes heavyweight figure, he has, see above saw, otherwise was the sounds of nature city really tears to pieces the facial skin. Although everybody present does not listen to the sounds of nature city, but the sounds of nature city is the Rank 5 city, the superintendent of serious famine, this is without a doubt. Xia Tian and five elders walked. After going to the reception room, old men of Xia Tian with two sounds of nature cities cups one hand in the other across the chest slightly, shows the respect. Senate every day Lingshan Shan Zhu.” Two old men to fully the Xia Tian face, they, but old Senior, normal is Xia Tian comes to salute to them, after all linked the mountains of other entrances main usually to see them also to be polite, but they see Xia Tian actually to be respectful now, this on behalf of Xia Tian now in serious famine inside influence. Two Senior did not use politely, said that what this time came this to advise?” Xia Tian start to talk slowly said. Xia Shanzhu, our time comes is hopes that you help.” And an old man said.

„? Does your Rank 5 city also need some people to help? I also think that is our type of small entrances has needed to help.” What Xia Tian these words said is very grating. Xia Shanzhu where words, our time need help from really your, since City Lord commits suicide, our sounds of nature city has been managed by his daughter, although she is young, but the boldness is good, she will plan several days later to marry, therefore we want to ask Xia Shanzhu you to make a testimony, is a master of ceremony, after all you now are in the serious famine well-known first Expert, has words that you assume, can help us to recall meets the reputation of sounds of nature city.” That old man said directly. Why do I want to be this master of ceremony? If I have not remembered incorrectly, her father dies here, you think that makes my this half kill the revenge person to go, when her master of ceremony, can she be happy?” Xia Tian asked. Xia Shanzhu was needless saying that before City Lord his committing suicide was he came to here, has prepared, you did not have any relations with Xia Shanzhu, you did not need to care this matter, our time came is the request of sincerity you can make a testimony.” That old man pleaded again. I do not want to go.” Xia Tian does not know how really should go facing sounds of nature City Lord daughter. Xia Shanzhu, this your old friend went, said that some important matters must consult with you, he in you.” Another old man opens the mouth to say suddenly. Hears his words, Xia Tian stares slightly, afterward helpless shaking the head, since they have carried out this person, really must go to one time: Good, when?” Seven days later, possibly needs you tomorrow morning.” The old men said.