Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1837

Long time no see.” The opposite party opens the mouth to say. Yes, almost again could not see.” Xia Tian is also the smile looks at the opposite party. Liquor I prepared, can drink one time again?” The opposite party asked. I feared that drank again upside-down to you.” Xia Tian cracks a joke to say. The opposite party is not others, previous and he puts together the liquor that Cao Yaqian, that initially including sounds of nature City Lord must the respectful person, this time also be he must see Xia Tian, therefore Xia Tian comes. Saint virtue palace, Bishop Cao. This was initially the introduction of sounds of nature City Lord. He and Xia Tian are potcompanions, moreover he very much has looked after Xia Tian. At the worst did not drink that many, I may also probably drink in any case.” Bishop Cao said. Good, Crown prince, drinks with me, you go back first.” Xia Tian said directly. This.” Expert of that two sounds of nature cities stares slightly.

What's wrong, doesn't feel relieved me?” On the face of Bishop Cao presented the disgruntled facial expression immediately. Does not dare, does not dare.” Expert of that two sounds of nature cities said hurriedly. Walks.” Xia Tian their several arrived at that tavern again, their this time has not put together the liquor, but has drunk leisurely and carefree. Crown prince, you also sit.” Xia Tian said. Mountain lord, I sits following that.” The crown prince knows that his status now is the Xia Tian guard, therefore cannot sit with Xia Tian in one table, even if Xia Tian does not care is not good, such others will look down upon their day Lingshan, thinks that the people in their day Lingshan did not have the quality. Good.” Xia Tian nodded. Xia Tian also knows five elders regarding the matter request in this aspect unusual is strict, all disciples who he lets the entrance must understand the custom, especially in front of Xia Tian, if some people dare to disrespect to Xia Tian, or makes some special actions, goes back to be punished. This point Xia Tian had said that he wants everybody should not be too constrained. However five elders they emphasized unusual was strict, moreover five elders unanimously passed, therefore Xia Tian also can only helpless complying. Now was five elders sees Xia Tian also to be respectful.

Your boy, but also dares to come.” Saying that Bishop Cao comes straight to the point, his these words said unusual is direct, does not have slight covering up. I biggest shortcoming believes the brothers, so long as were the brothers has opened the mouth, I how possibly.” Did Xia Tian drink liquor very optional saying, Xia Tian has feared? The place that perhaps only then he does not want to go, without the place that he does not dare to go. He knows that something are hides does not evade, therefore this time he was direct. Also was Cao Yaqian calls him , he he has owed how possibly opposite party many favours. Ha Ha Ha Ha, great, I also heard that you and sounds of nature City Lord matter, this time matter is he is not truly right, since he died, that he before had helped me, therefore I have given him together the jade pendant, making him have the difficulty to seek my help, but he continuously useless, the past was his daughter brings the jade pendant to look my, she hopes that I can call you to come to the sounds of nature city to help her preside at a wedding, I also knew you to feel embarrassed, but this matter was my concern, I want to settle this matter, therefore can only be troublesome you to run..” Bishop Cao awkward saying. He also knows this matter very awkwardly, if Xia Tian obloquied that now he does not have the loyalty, he does not have any means that can only listen, after all this time works as the favour with Xia Tian. Has anything to be troublesome, you called me to drink, I drank a liquor, presided at a wedding to him on the way is good.” Xia Tian very optional saying. A Xia Tian such saying directly branched off this matter, what he said was drinks, presided at a wedding on the way, this saying, directly alleviated the awkwardness of Bishop Cao on the way, heard Xia Tian saying that Bishop Cao the innermost feelings were quite grateful, after all this time was he does not want to owe the sounds of nature City Lord favour therefore to comply, sounds of nature City Lord died, he wanted to understand this matter really earlier. You said real optional, I do not think that she makes you advocate a marriage really simply, but you could rest assured that has me, she does not dare you to be what kind.” Bishop Cao guarantees saying that this point, he can guarantee that after all he is the bishop in Saint virtue palace, if the sounds of nature city dares to move Xia Tian, that was he Xia Tian selling, betrayed brothers matter he unable to do absolutely, he perhaps also will have when the time comes the person to sweep away the sounds of nature city. Ha Ha, all right, did not chat this matter, what were you busy at recently?” Xia Tian direct jump topic.

After all but Bishop Cao Expert outside serious famine, the bishop in Saint virtue palace, the status is high. Recently there made very ominously, is very chaotic.” Bishop Cao said. „? What matter can make you feel chaotic?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Is demon Expert, his person has made the crevice prison greatly, does not know his anything person, but crevice prison existence in legend, but his unexpectedly there noisy earth-shaking, said that to rescue his adopted son, the crevice prison also can only compromise finally reluctantly, handed over his adopted son, after handing over, they also know that demon cannot treat, therefore they have mixed in the world of human beings range, the world of human beings heard that had demon super Expert to mix, that on was saw the experience baby simply, the motion buried treasure, hit. Is eliminating the given name that the demon defends traditional moral principles, in fact is searching for that several people, because everybody wants the treasure, how can make the earth-shaking person also possibly not to have the treasure the crevice prison?” Bishop Cao patient answered. Hears crevice prison these four characters time, Xia Tian brow immediately a wrinkle. When he hears to save the adopted son, was blurrier. Crevice prison not including Nine cauldrons Expert Guan Guo? Why will be been noisy by People? Moreover is actually who to do?” Xia Tian asked again. In crevice prison is closing after Nine cauldrons Expert was almost defeated, closes, they were discarded the dantian generally, has broken the whole body bone, and ties up the heavy shackle, therefore they and average people do not have anything to distinguish, but also guarded tightened, as for is we who who does not know, that person here that but was rescued has the head picture, the head picture I suspected that is crevice prison puts, they were want to kill them with the world of human beings hand.” Bishop Cao said that has put out an image stone, this type of image stone specifically is used to have and record the photograph. Xia Tian received the image stone, when he sees that moment of image stone, the whole person was shocked.