Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1838
At this moment, Xia Tian excited some want to cry. The person on image is not others, is Brother Xiaoma. By the person the person who saves from the crevice prison is Brother Xiaoma, that clear head picture seal in his mind. Adopted sons! This glossary only then his father Xia Tianlong can use. Because Brother Xiaoma is the Xia Tianlong adopted son. At this moment, Xia Tian mood specially good, he had father's news, there is a Brother Xiaoma news, before he has wanted to rescue Brother Xiaoma, but he does not know how should go to the crevice prison, now was good, Brother Xiaoma was rescued by his father, he did not need to be worried about the Brother Xiaoma safety again. However he also really thought Brother Xiaoma and father. Therefore he plans to look for them after a period of time directly, after all now world of human beings these many Expert are seeking for them, when the time comes Xia Tian can bring back to the serious famine to come them, perhaps some that people will not discover them. Xia Tian, what do you think?” Bishop Cao has interrupted the Xia Tian words suddenly. „, Has not thought anything, but thought that this person seems also not much.” Xia Tian said. Is very ordinary, but can shut in the crevice prison how can be the average person, especially his adoptive father , the too fierce point, unexpectedly can force the crevice prison to release people, this situation I have not heard absolutely, perhaps is Nine cauldrons Expert goes to the important people to be kicked, therefore everybody thinks that he definitely has used any special method, but his strength is not absolutely strong.” Bishop Cao said.

Yes.” Xia Tian does not think that the father is really fiercer than Nine cauldrons Expert, how long his father is not earlier than him enters spirit world. Although his father is super talent, but Xia Tian also thinks one are the pupil surpasses the teacher. Cannot be negligent, demon person and our different, demon everyone is a soldier, because they are facing the life and death every day, although they have the city, but wants to live in the city needs money, very big expenses, almost 90% people wander outside, so long as is the person of loafing, that momentarily may die, moreover I also heard that demon has many usually with the brothers same person, but they have fallen asleep after you on will have killed you directly, on you treasure will rob.” Bishop Cao said. That may be really miserable, although the world of human beings also has this situation, but are not absolutely many, moreover in the city is quite peaceful, the small village outside city also has own scale.” Xia Tian said. Yes, the soldier of demon are therefore more, world of human beings most people live in the cozy nest, they do not have the sense of crisis, but demon is different, they do not know can one see tomorrow's Sun, in demon looked that who is not feeling well kills anyone, this is very ordinary matter, the demon population base is also very big, demon has an unwritten stipulation, in the woman ordinary circumstances cannot kill, woman who especially is pregnant, if by the big influence of demon were discovered you have killed the woman of pregnancy, everybody no matter that you are will chase down you, in demon. The rule is, the population are more, presents the probability of talent more, but they eliminate the means of talent to be very simple, live, is not all days can live.” Bishop Cao answered. Um, talent are truly many, the probability that but lives is very small, once lives, that future certainly can become Expert.” Xia Tian nodded. Right, demon with this method training Expert, therefore I said that person is not simple. In the demon crevice prison is a special place, it is said the master in crevice prison is a female, she has had the demon lord to cover.” Bishop Cao very saying of Eight Trigrams. Demon advocates Wang Bao. This person Xia Tian may remember very clearly, he is Lei Feng's master. Initially also his a few words almost oppressed dead own, is his strength seizes Brother Xiaoma directly. Also is really the Eight Trigrams news.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile.

Was right, Brother, I heard that your strength now is also good, several days later will follow me, I lead you to go, although we to not make an arrest to seize the treasure, but this time liveliness is not small, moreover is doping other good deed.” Bishop Cao said. What good deed?” Xia Tian asked. When the time comes again told you.” Bishop Cao anything's saying. Good, drinks.” Xia Tian had not asked. Will drink again, you had not said that follows not to go with me.” Bishop Cao pursues asks. Temporarily is not good, I great power spirit city, go back later to arrange to come out.” Xia Tian cannot go ahead, otherwise the day spirit city will have not slightly troublesome, now the day spirit city is big fat, moreover running free with the current that reason that now the day spirit city can develop all the way , because has existence in Xia Tian this legend. If Xia Tian, everybody will not believe a day of spirit city here. Before Xia Tian must walk, must train tripod Expert, moreover after must wait for the day spirit city to stabilize has developed. Good, you said a time, I when the time comes meet you.” Bishop Cao said. Time I could not have decided, I must go back to have a look to say again, but I want soon.” Xia Tian said. Since is soon, I accompany you to go back one, otherwise my this expenditure back and forth is not small.” Bishop Cao said.

„A you such big bishop also in that money?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. You understand anything, if must from my to the serious famine, normal also probably spend the last about year with the quickest speed, I rush to time must sit super transmission to come, this comes time me is in 5000 spirit stone, this is the friendship price.” Bishop Cao said. Is so expensive.” Xia Tian surprised saying. spirit stone can exchange 100 low grade spirit stone together, in other words he comes one time to take 500,000 low grade spirit stone, moreover words that in spirit stone marketable at the present exchanges, quite therefore about 600,000 to 700,000 low grade spirit stone. Even if Xia Tian the big enterprise has lots of assets he does not hate these many Qian to come to sit to transmit now, met several hundred thousand low grade spirit stone not to have. Um, is truly expensive, therefore I am not willing back and forth to walk, the serious famine in our outside person eyes is the most backward desolated place, nobody is willing to come radically, therefore the middle region is emptying majority, besides several stopover stations, other places is the bandit is also occupying Shan Weiwang , is very back and forth troublesome.” Bishop Cao said. Two gentlemen drank here, the girl comes to pay a visit two gentlemen.” At this moment a female appears in the stairways of two buildings said.