Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1839

Hears this sound time, a Xia Tian brow wrinkle, has not turned head, he does not need to look that also knows is who came. Female City Lord. Hears she such false voice, Xia Tian thinks not to be feeling well. You also came.” Bishop Cao looked like the typical form to say one. Uncle Cao is good.” Saying of female face smiling face. Um.” Bishop Cao nodded. Afterward the female arrived at the Xia Tian side to open the mouth to say directly: Uncle Xia is good.” Uncle Xia! Hears this name time, Xia Tian was more depressed, her unexpectedly called itself the uncle, did oneself seem is so old? Own this year is only 20 years old. „Am I so old?” Xia Tian asked. Uncle Xia you are father's friend, I am Junior, stemming from respecting you, therefore I naturally must call your uncle.” The females said. Good.” Xia Tian has not haggled over, such called along with her.

Uncle Xia came from far away, the girl has to lose welcomes, but also asked Uncle Xia to forgive.” In the words of female is the facial expression of awe, but how Xia Tian listens to think not to be feeling well, but he has not said anything, after all Kungfu in others surface does is very good, you cannot pick up any problem: Uncle Xia, Uncle Cao, I have prepared the good food and wine in your family place to you, you can return home on to drink.” Does not use, I think here good.” Xia Tian said very not impolite saying. Uncle Cao, I immediately on the big marriage, two both were honored and popular big figure, if I did not lead you, others will smile our sounds of nature city not to understand the hospitality,” female City Lord begged looked to Bishop Cao, she knows that Xia Tian definitely has the opinion to him, because the Xia Tian mood has written is being connected including the above. Therefore he can only implore Bishop Cao to help. Was good, Xia Tian, we go back with her.” Bishop Cao may unable to bear using both hard and soft tactics of female City Lord to comply. He is an elder, cannot Xia Tian be the same, keeps up appearances there. Actually Xia Tian does not keep up appearances, he is hopes little to drink among this female City Lord to have the relations as far as possible, perhaps otherwise she must play any trick. Good.” Xia Tian said directly that he still continually looked has not looked at female City Lord one, he understands now female City Lord installs is calmly, that is more dangerous, although her father is not Xia Tian kills, but her father truly dies in Xia Tian there, moreover died to her father, Xia Tian has not forgiven her father. This is not Little Qiu. Xia Tian and Bishop Cao arrived at City Lord Mansion directly, City Lord Mansion truly supposed the banquet, when banquet in the evening opened, when the time comes the respected families in sounds of nature city can come the pitiful yell. Was right, I do not know the object who she marries who is.” Actually Xia Tian had female City Lord to whom marry suddenly curiously.

I do not know.” Bishop Cao shook the head. Good, marries ties with whom does not know that I also legally marry.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Xia Tian, wanted me saying that actually, you forgave him, after all he died, his lifetime manner was frank, biggest faulty stroke in handwriting on his daughter, if for his daughter, he will not make that stupid action, afterward he was knows one have made a mistake, therefore the unhealthy person broken fell, at best said that he was also one becomes the father.” Bishop Cao mentioned this matter suddenly. You said that these I understood, I can also forgive him, after all he has helped me, but I am unable to forgive him for that tens of millions people, if he wants these people to forgive him, that made him find these people to say.” Before Xia Tian, how does not have to go to look for the trouble of sounds of nature City Lord. After all he and between sounds of nature City Lord does not have that deep friendship. What most is but main is sounds of nature City Lord he looks for Xia Tian that Xia Tian also said was very clear, he can forgive sounds of nature City Lord, the person but who he is unable dead for these forgives sounds of nature City Lord, if sounds of nature City Lord wants to obtain their forgiving, that made sounds of nature City Lord say. Um, the matter of your serious famine I do not want to mix, but I hope that you can understand, the serious famine looks like in the entire spirit world is just the most remote small mountain village, outside person eyes, the serious famine is poor, backwardness, moreover here person cultivation is very mixed, said that strength of the simplest element, actually the strength of element is only auxiliary, however the person of serious famine actually regarded as the most important strength the strength of element, they did not have the complete cultivation system, therefore I hope that your eye can see a broader place.” Bishop Cao persuaded. His meaning is very simple, to put it bluntly in changing to made Xia Tian not haggle over with sounds of nature City Lord daughter, be not thinking worked as City Lord of any Rank 5 city, even if has become, outside macrocosm, they was also only the most backward place. Xia Tian also understands his meaning. After all in the past sounds of nature City Lord had helped Bishop Cao, at this time Bishop Cao more spoke for sounds of nature City Lord, Xia Tian on exceed thought that this person was loyal. After all sounds of nature City Lord died, trades to do is others' words, that can definitely pretend non-involvement the relations are best, but he is still actually helping one already the person of dying.

Relax, I do not have that big ambition.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile: If some people look for trouble, I definitely cannot let off, after all I have the family member and friend, I am the ability am strong, I also worried that they have an accident.” I understand that your meaning, I can help their also only then these many.” Bishop Cao understands that he is thick the facial skin is coming to say these with Xia Tian. If sounds of nature City Lord daughter is innocent, he really did not have the means. Was good, does not use with me like this cautious, you can be the person of dying have striven for these with me here, truly speaking, this is called the real loyalty, if trades to do is others, even if keeps the commitment, most asked the later matter not to manage me, but you thought these many for his daughter, thus it can be seen you absolutely were the person who was loyal, my Xia Tian can hand over your such friend is very really happy.” Xia Tian said. Ha Ha.” Bishop Cao awkward flexure scratching the head. Two uncles chatted anything to chat was so happy.” Female City Lord walked from outside. You wanted big marriage immediately, wasn't busy?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Busy, but is busy at me also being probable to come to see two uncles again, my man arrived, I asked the person to lead him to come, he just arrived at me to make him pay a visit two uncles.” Saying of female City Lord smile, her these words meaning i.e., you are very high in my this status. Came, is Expert.” At this moment Bishop Cao gains ground suddenly.