Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1840

The Xia Tian also vision looked to the entrance position, he also felt that formidable imposing manner. The climax came. Female City Lord man unexpectedly is Expert, moreover this came to Xia Tian demonstration of authority, unexpectedly had such Berserk imposing manner to come. The brow of Bishop Cao wrinkles in the same place, he just sought the sentiment to speak for female City Lord, her present unexpectedly came such one, this makes him not know how at once should say to Xia Tian, his vision is stubbornly is staring at the front door, because in the serious famine tripod Expert almost does not have, the imposing manner that but the opposite passes on now absolutely is Expert of tripod. ! The front door opened. Seemed the 30-year-old man walked, this man seemed over 30 years old, actual certainly this be much older, because in spirit world cultivation was Expert, therefore wanted is the Realm high point obviously was not old. This man will not compare the female City Lord father to be young absolutely. Her unexpectedly looked for a person marriage of such big age. Sees here time, on the face of Bishop Cao has written all over disgruntledly, since sounds of nature City Lord commits suicide, he could be said as unusual attendance female City Lord, at this time he saw when man who female City Lord found such big age, he unusual disaffection. Uncle Cao is good, Uncle Xia is good.” Nearby the people have not arrived, his sound appeared. Lying trough!” Xia Tian first time wants to scold a person, the opposite party little said that must have the qibashi-year-old age, but his unexpectedly called itself the uncle, he just 20 years old, unexpectedly was called the uncle. Uncle Xia's big anger.” Manner that the opposite party spoke very stiff. Stops, if you called my uncle again, I tore to pieces your mouth.” Xia Tian really could not listen, he must collapse thoroughly, was called the uncle by a person of such big age, he possibly was not how angry.

„? Uncle Xia unexpectedly must such teach Junior, that can Junior extend to make Uncle Xia rip the face?” The male speech is is very impolite, although has said in cracking a joke, but also is a provocative full appearance. Was good, your this works as the elder, how can with working as lowering oneself to the same level of junior.” Bishop Cao mediates hurriedly, he was looks, if oneself did not speak, perhaps Xia Tian and this man must hit. Female City Lord sees a play in the one side, meaning that as if has not wanted to prevent. Uncle Xia, Junior jokes with you, you are the Junior master of ceremony, Junior pay a visit today specially your.” On the face of man had smiling face, has saying that his performing skill is really very good, said that puts on a serious face puts on a serious face, chats smiles, looks is a slippery customer. Paid a visit, you just came, prepared.” Xia Tian said. Many thanks Uncle Xia, Junior asked to be excused.” The men smiling look at Xia Tian. Uncle Xia, Uncle Cao said goodbye.” Female City Lord said that also left. After they leave, Xia Tian and Bishop Cao have looked at each other one, afterward Bishop Cao shook the head: Yeah, was too young.” Ha Ha, it seems like she looked for a good helper.” Xia Tian laughs to say. Yeah, she is a silly child, she never understands that her father makes these to not to let her retaliates, but lets her going on living well, now her the hand was long, however in her innermost feelings actually all was the anger.” Bishop Cao shook the head, today's demonstration of authority was the fools looks to come to Xia Tian. The opposite party appeared has given Xia Tian demonstration of authority, obviously the tomorrow's wedding is not good to solve. Relax, I give you face.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward has drunk one glass of liquor directly. Next morning.

Xia Tian has worn day Lingshan Shan Zhu clothes, because this is a big situation, therefore he must indicate his status, although everybody knows that who he is, but he cannot put on was too optional. The person who today arrives are many. City Lord and head of the clan of respected family of big influence all Rank 4 cities and some Rank 3 cities all came, the people of eight big entrances also came. No matter what, sounds of nature city is still the Rank 5 city, the superintendent of serious famine, therefore they must give this face. Moreover this time master of ceremony or Xia Tian. Therefore they must arrive, if there is a change of any pattern, they are also good the earliest possible time to know. grievances between Xia Tian and that several big entrances neutralize, the people of these entrances also know after all they could not offend Xia Tian, when Xia Tian constructed the city they got rid to help, especially wonderful Danshan, god mountains and few room of mountains, its culmination spirit city 80% small Formation were the person arrangement of god mountain, wonderful Danshan had the person who many compounded drugs have apportioned to work, Xia Tian saw that they such went all out, but how also to feel all right goes to blame them again. Therefore these grievances already neutralize. Yesterday evening, Xia Tian has not gone to attend the evening banquet, today he comes out turned into the lead instantaneously, all people on all came to greet with him. Xia Tian is also 11 responses. Saw that Xia Tian so shows off, female City Lord naturally is unusual was not happy that today is the day of her big marriage, but all person unexpectedly go to greet with Xia Tian, comes up is speaks thoughtlessly to deal with the people who she congratulates, but these people chatted with Xia Tian on faces has all piled up with the smiling face. The wedding is very grand, but Xia Tian this master of ceremony sat there a few words had not said. Sits there.

Sits well on the seat of honor, Bishop Cao also sits on the seat of honor. Xia Tian also finally knew that man and female City Lord name at this time. cold severe and sound Anan. All as if are the same in procedure, Xia Tian sits unusual is bored, when everybody thinks can serve a meal, female City Lord sound Anan started talking. Welcome everybody to attend my wedding.” Sound Anan first bowed to all people, afterward her vision looks to the person under stage continues saying: I succeed the City Lord time not to be long, there are many matters am also not many, later also needs Senior many help, first, after I take a seat, my first matter has exempted serious famine all city one year of tax revenues.” Such remarks, everybody understood, the climax must come. Which her has exempted everybody's tax revenue, is nobody hands over from the start, her such saying probably was she has the multi- atmosphere to be the same. However everybody has not spoken, everybody is waiting for the female City Lord following words, because she then must say is his real objective. The female City Lord vision after the surrounding person took a fast look around said: Tax revenue also two months of one year, crossed these two months of everybody this normally to pay.”