Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1841

Tax revenue word is very sensitive. Usually everybody is willing to give the sounds of nature city the tax revenue, because they can be protected from sounds of nature city there, the big influence can also obtain a lot of resources, because of the following person also to them resources, this is a food chain, but they are not willing to pay these tax revenues now, because nobody has been willing to listen now their, the sounds of nature city lost the popular support, now they have paid the tax revenue, perhaps that following person will not be convinced. However everybody has not spoken. Because they are waiting for the response of Xia Tian. Now Xia Tian is first Expert in serious famine, everybody takes Xia Tian, if Xia Tian gives, they give, if Xia Tian does not give, they do not give. Hears here time, Xia Tian also finally understands that female City Lord called the goal that he presided at a wedding, this was bullying the weak by relying on powerful connections obviously, took his reputation to mooch here. Female City Lord sees nobody to respond, therefore smiling saying: Since everybody did not speak, everybody was knows that this matter, I was needless saying that everybody can serve a meal.” She is to get by under false pretences obviously, his such saying, if also nobody stands, after that everybody does not give, she will say that at that time everybody complied, but if who stands, that has worked as the person who takes the lead obviously, female City Lord will retaliate this person absolutely. Meanwhile, the vision of all people all looked to Xia Tian. Words said first in front, whom likes paying who pays, my day spirit city does not pay.” Xia Tian lazily saying. Such remarks.

These big entrances of scene, Daijouike all relaxed, they worried that Xia Tian and female City Lord are in cahoots, they also can only accept fate, after all today Xia Tian, but the female City Lord master of ceremony, these people on the scene does not know how Xia Tian thinks, therefore they can only wait for the Xia Tian speech. Now Xia Tian one said that these people all understood, although Xia Tian is today's master of ceremony, but he has not collaborated with female City Lord obviously. Was right, forgot to say a moment ago, Uncle Xia has performed many merit for the serious famine, therefore the payment of taxes of day spirit city lifelong avoids.” Female City Lord said hurriedly. Buying the hearts of the people. All people listened, female City Lord this was to buy the hearts of the people, was also telling others, Xia Tian said that did not pay is because she has avoided to pay taxes, now Xia Tian this lead goat came such by female City Lord directly, then the following these people turned into the headless fly immediately, the present aspect restored the beforehand appearance once more. Excuse me, I have no need for you avoiding, is I have not thought from the start must give, moreover I am not clear, why can your sounds of nature city receive money?” When the people do not know what to do should, Xia Tian opened the mouth once more. Normally, Xia Tian is lazy minding others'business, however these people on the scene once helped him construct the day spirit city, therefore he must say that for these people two words, he also understands that presents these people not to dare to offend the sounds of nature city, although day spirit City Lord died, but the foundation of sounds of nature city also, which city if the sounds of nature city must extinguish their, they also really fear. Xia Tian these words, female City Lord complexion also cold, she a moment ago already as far as possible to the Xia Tian advantage, but Xia Tian unexpectedly also opposes with her, this lets her unusual not being feeling well, she understands, if Xia Tian does not export, those present mostly can only accept fate, because compares with the life and influence, money is unimportant. But now Xia Tian unexpectedly works as the people who takes the lead of these people. She must solve Xia Tian first, otherwise these people will not obey absolutely, but wants to solve Xia Tian not to be easy.

Where words Uncle Xia this is, this custom before is very long has.” Female City Lord said hurriedly. Custom has Expert to formulate, the weak one observes.” Xia Tian light saying, he such remarks, everybody thought he said is the truth. Our sounds of nature city has six levels of cities to approve, we can communicate with six levels of cities, if has any difficulty, six levels of cities will get rid to help.” Female City Lord a few words moved six levels of cities to be the backer, after all six levels of cities in the serious famine were a legend. Even if tripod Expert in front of six levels of cities is also only the floating clouds. „? Right? Before our day Lingshan, hasn't made a payment? Haven't these residents under our day Lingshan made a payment? Why they had not gotten rid of by the time your sounds of nature city of tripod Expert slaughter, the people in what six levels of cities we have not seen, your this six levels of city is only the flickering person?” Xia Tian such remarks, female City Lord directly was promoted on the crest of wave crest. After all the matter of day Lingshan is placed there, the entire serious famine knows this matter. That matter is only a misunderstanding, I guaranteed, will not have this matter absolutely again.” Female City Lord firm saying. Misunderstanding? A your misunderstanding wants fixed number surely, even over a billion people right? Your misunderstanding these two characters also were really too valuable, I want to know that very much you after what guaranteed won't have this matter again?” Before Xia Tian, has not wanted to tear to pieces facial skin, but the female City Lord husband came up to give Xia Tian demonstration of authority yesterday, this wants to make Xia Tian today honest obviously, do not make the person who takes the lead, they have tripod Expert. But will Xia Tian fear him? If were daunted by this imposing manner, that Xia Tian will not challenge Abao by two cauldron Rank 1 strengths.

Female City Lord thinks oneself clever, this has angered Xia Tian. If he does not make her husband give the Xia Tian demonstration of authority, perhaps that Xia Tian to Bishop Cao the face, his something will not take saying that since they think that Xia Tian is good to bully, that Xia Tian must make them have a look at anything to be called the powerful. Snort!” Female City Lord husband coldly snort. What meaning are you snort? I remember that I should be your wife's savior is right, if not I, she had already been killed by Abao, but you see my first reveal your laughable imposing manner, what's wrong? Frightens me, depends on your also T , M to frighten me, what when you frighten to be big right?” Xia Tian looked that said to the female City Lord husband. His cold snort to express own disaffection, simultaneously gives a Xia Tian warning, but his these can be said as thorough has enraged Xia Tian. Xia Tian originally on a lot of fires, since now the opposite party tears to pieces the facial skin first, what he also does fear? You were compelling me to kill you!” The female City Lord husband said. Good, everybody heard, was he said must first kill my, wants to kill me in the serious famine, since others have killed to visit, if I the homicide, that also very much conform to the reason?” Xia Tian said directly.