Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1842

Xia Tian these words, the fools know that perhaps he must begin. Although the opposite party spoke such a few words, but these words may be possible to be small greatly, if regarded is the joke in the past, but if on getting to the bottom, that this matter absolutely small, if these words were he to possibly, after all here person who others said that has not dared to resist with their Rank 5 city, but his these words said to Xia Tian. Who is Xia Tian? In serious famine first Expert, fame highest person. Moreover is also today's master of ceremony, he such spoke with Xia Tian directly, that was he first provokes. This time Bishop Cao has not spoken. If normal, seeing Xia Tian must act crazy, Bishop Cao will definitely be blocking, but Bishop Cao actually has not been blocking now meaning, because Bishop Cao does not like the female City Lord husband. Moreover yesterday he came to be full on provocation, this also let Bishop Cao the unusual disaffection. Snort, the person of serious famine is just the shortsighted person, others said that you for first Expert, you really think were one first Expert?” cold Liheng said that obviously he is serious famine outside person, but he said the goal of these words to result at heart the pressure to Xia Tian, after all regarding the person of serious famine, outside person strength is generally terrorist, the method is also very many. Therefore so long as the average person hears is the person who outside serious famine comes, they are not willing to offend. Is first Expert I do not care, but takes your number of people I am a little confidence.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Female City Lord has not spoken, she marries the goal of this man is to let this man deters these people on the scene, is good to consolidate her City Lord status, if he could not frighten, that let the homicide Xia Tian, so long as has killed Xia Tian, those present did not have anybody to dare not to listen her, moreover her father's enmity can also report. Her father dies because of him, finally but actually dies is so miserable, the suicide was also spurned, wants to hear others' forgiving unable to hear. This lets she angriest matter.

Therefore she must revenge for the father. Has killed Xia Tian. Extremely arrogant, today I must make you experience anything to be called outside the person to have the person, one should always strive for better.” cold severe said that released that formidable imposing manner in oneself within the body directly. People outside serious famine does not rely on the strength of element, in their eyes, the strength of element is only auxiliary, only if the strength of very strong person element, will continue to study the strength of element, but other people in the intensity and strength of research human body, obviously cold severe are also a such person. The war is ready to be set off. The scene was peaceful immediately, nobody wants to mediate a quarrel, because they understand that this fight nobody could prevent, Bishop Cao also stands there looks that has not planned to mediate a quarrel. He is very disappointed. He is very disappointed regarding the female City Lord procedure. Moreover he does not hope that really female City Lord marries a such person, compared with her father age big person. Xia Tian VS cold severe. If Xia Tian has won, perhaps then the custom of serious famine must change, if Xia Tian lost, they also can only accept fate, because Xia Tian is their mind reposing. cold severe already inquired here situation, he was staring serious famine fat, although the serious famine was very poor, however the Rank 5 city of serious famine was richest, once collected the payment of taxes, that may be equal to having the continuous resources, after these resources, must turn over to his. Moreover after him, will increase taxes, he must press out to do the serious famine, finally he is taking the resources and spirit stone leaves.

Now Xia Tian has prevented his plan, this lets his unusual not being feeling well, he must kill Xia Tian, like this here can turn over to him to control truly, he can become here local despot. „The custom of serious famine must change, although I have never thought must substitute for the position of sounds of nature city, but if the sounds of nature city cannot bring the advantage to everybody, can only demand everybody unceasingly, on that day the sound city does not need to continue to work as the superintendent of serious famine.” Xia Tian has decided that since the opposite party must tear to pieces the facial skin with oneself, he must help his person strive for these. Reason that looked like the ancient emperor can make everybody be convinced, on the one hand was the military force issue, on the other hand was because the emperor can protect them, making them not need to be worried that momentarily was massacred, moreover after did not need was worried about the disaster to arrive, nobody to respond, but the present Rank 5 city besides asks for money from everybody, anything could not achieve. This is not you decides.” cold severe said above both hands to twine black air/Qi, at the same time on his face presented a steel and iron mask, mask above has flowed out the black air/Qi, continuous to his hand upper reaches. Ultimate Spirit Tool! Sees here time, Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Attacks in that group of tripod Expert in day Lingshan also to have existence of treasure, what this tripod Expert unexpectedly uses is only ultimate Spirit Tool. Before Xia Tian thinks that perhaps Expert outside serious famine had treasure, now looked that he knows he wants to be many, initially these Expert were not the average people, they can afford the storehouse treasure chart, this had first indicated their strength and status, hid the valuable chart the price not to be cheap. Since your sounds of nature city wants to speak by the fist, I am impolite, I want to take a look but actually am your fist my fist am hardly hard.” Xia Tian said that the right fist stretches out directly, afterward his fist draws back backward, closely gripped. Meanwhile, the nine orifices direct connectivity of his within the body, a strange strength flowed through his body, finally enters to his right fist, all these occur unusual is quick. Fist! What Xia Tian this using is fist. Kill!

They have fired into one directly. Bang! When they hit in together, cold severe the body has flown upside down directly, finally pounded to stop in a building, how the building was crushed by him. Humph! All people have all held breath cold air. Now they knew finally fierce of Xia Tian, tripod Expert unexpectedly was raised to fly by a Xia Tian fist directly. Good.” Xia Tian said is not cold severe, but is own fist, after he since cultivation not dead Divine Art, he does not know that actually his strength has achieved what Realm, now he knew finally, his fought with the fists to surmount strength of the cauldron completely. Hateful, you court death.” Cold severe vision ice-cold looks at Xia Tian, he has scratched the bloodstain of oneself mouth, the whole face hate looks at Xia Tian, this, Xia Tian makes him not have the face very much. Has any skill to use.” The fist of Xia Tian changed into the palm. Tathagata god palm.