Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1843

That person was hit to fly by a Xia Tian fist, matter that this does not have the face very much. He also boasted a moment ago one were fierce. Because he thinks that the person in serious famine rises the tripod, definitely also focused on the strength of element, strength as a supplement, but he has not thought that Xia Tian strength unexpectedly with such big, fist unexpectedly hit to fly him, on his hand claw has twined the aura of ultimate Spirit Tool death mask. Xia Tian has not used any Spirit Tool or treasure obviously, seems seems to be casual to fight with the fists. But is a such casual fist, actually hits to fly him to be so far. Hateful, this time I must make you die.” cold severe said that on his entire mask has emitted the intense black air/Qi, the black air/Qi twined his both hands instantaneously, at the same time the strength on his mask vanished completely, above his both hands has also covered entirely two black air/Qi, on these two black air/Qi all was the aura of death. He has now represented the darkness. But in the hand of Xia Tian has covered entirely the bright look. Because above his palm is the golden ray, aura that the Tathagata god holds. Buddhism is representing the light. Ghost good claw. Fokuang peeps. Bang!

Light black two strengths collide in together, the dark ray was swallowed instantaneously. Bang! cold severe the form disappeared in all people directly at present. Death. Xia Tian successful extinguishing has killed cold severe. Anything!” Female City Lord whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, she had looked up the Xia Tian matter, before Xia Tian obviously was the boy who two cauldrons did not arrive, reason that she thought Xia Tian can win Abao, was actually these wild beasts so-called, but was others false report. However she has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly can fiercely become this. cold severe is she spends many painstaking care looked, to keep in balance Xia Tian, although she has also thought must tear to pieces the facial skin with Xia Tian, but she has not thought on this day can come is so early, she has not thought of continuously in she very fierce man cold severe unexpectedly by Xia Tian Insta-kill. The newly-married day, Xia Tian has killed the bridegroom. Has saying that this is not the good deed. However these sounds of nature cities long on shameless relaxed obviously. Xia Tian, what do you mean, owes I also to call you an uncle, your unexpectedly has killed my husband on the day of my big marriage.” Female City Lord angry looks to Xia Tian, although cold severe died, however the Xia Tian procedure is not good, she must wear this big hat to Xia Tian now.

I have not made you call.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Do not think that your strength formidable can act in a self-serving manner, today's matter you must to me an explanation, give us a sounds of nature city explanation, to a serious famine explanation, if your Xia Tian is the fellow of that bullying, I have recognized, but I must serious famine to see clearly your countenance.” Female City Lord angry saying. Sufficed.” At this moment, drinks to transmit greatly, is the voice of Bishop Cao, hears this sound time, all people all stare. Bishop Cao is high in the status of sounds of nature city, before he is, person who sounds of nature City Lord respects. Female City Lord the whole body is trembled by this drinks greatly frightening. „All elders and Patriarch in sounds of nature city all come out to me.” Bishop Cao gives a loud shout. The elders and Patriarch in these sounds of nature cities all walked: See Bishop Cao.” She is innocent, are you also innocent? What thing that cold is severe? The wild ambition can't you look? Do you make her such deliberately create trouble? I know that you are die loyally, after sounds of nature City Lord dies, is loyal to her, but you must divide the situation, I and her father are friends, I also calculate her half elder, her father for her reputation smelly including oneself disgusting, why or does he commit suicide? Does her father make these to see her children destroys the serious famine personally in your hands?” Bishop Cao looked that asked to these head of the clan of elder and family. Scene complete silence. I, no matter before you, how to think that but I must tell you now, if you want to accompany the sounds of nature city to disappear together, I cannot control you, but you must bleed off in the city these innocent people.” Bishop Cao spoke of here time looked that asked to female City Lord: „Does your father leave a stink for ten thousand years for what? In order to let you revenges? Even if you want to revenge, you know that who your enemy is? Your enemy is not Xia Tian, he is your savior, is not his words, you already T , M , D made Abao kill, your father dies before him right, but dies regarding your father is an extrication, but you? All day in your brain thinks what is? If not I asks Xia Tian, you think that he will come, when your master of ceremony? You think that he visits you with him, when the monkey does play? So long as he thinks that your here does have several people able to run away?” The words of Bishop Cao said is truly coarse, but also in principle. But Xia Tian serious famine first Expert, can easily be killed by he so striking including tripod Expert, if Xia Tian really vitality, but also who is his match?

How many people does here have to run away? The spirit world is the place that a fist big person reasons things out. The fist of Xia Tian is big, after they died, who goes to figure out for them? Let alone Xia Tian stands in the front of principle of righteousness now. Bishop Cao, we knew mistakenly.” These elders and Patriarch said. „The present sounds of nature city is the popular sentiment completely lost, although the scale of your city still, however your city now also some people does dare to trade? The major entrances and influences removed the business in your city, everybody does not dare to make a payment to you, why was this? Because they do not believe you.” The words that Bishop Cao spoke are very direct, is very grating. Female City Lord stands there, complexion is ugly, but she is a few words cannot say. „The sounds of nature city City Lord position should change players, the ruler of serious famine should also change players.” Bishop Cao said such a few words. Although these elders in sounds of nature city very unwilling, but they do not have any means that now the trade and transaction of their sounds of nature city are very dreary, the words if this had continued, that soon, city Wei Jun will dismiss, these respected families must starve to death, but after all in their family many people open mouth to wait to eat meal, does not have the trade, does not have the business, their money which? He hopes that his daughter can carefree going on living, but is not the eyeful benefits, therefore I hope that you can complete the last dream for him, lets his daughter safe going on living, asked a good person to marry, but was not one compared with her father age big person, City Lord votes to elect in several respected families, wanted to restore as for the business and trade, that wanted you to ask Xia Shanzhu, because now the day spirit city is the trade center of serious famine.” Bishop Cao said that the time all people of these words all looked to Xia Tian.