Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1844
A words saying of Bishop Cao ended, all people all looked to Xia Tian, now true real power figure or Xia Tian in serious famine, the true trade center is a day of spirit city. So long as Xia Tian a few words, that nobody with sounds of nature city trade. Recently sounds of nature city only several were also skyrocketing prices, this way soon the sounds of nature city will go out of business. Now so long as Xia Tian came out to speak words for sounds of nature city, making everybody be able rest assured that had him, on that day the sound city will not have the matter. But Xia Tian did not determine that what the sounds of nature city will turn into, did not determine that they will also make any crazy matter, therefore Xia Tian will not have this warranty absolutely. Later again said.” After Xia Tian this, said again lets on sounds of nature city all person foreheads is the sweat. Xia Shanzhu, you may probably rescue our sounds of nature city, the words that such gets down, soon the sounds of nature city ended.” The several big elders in sounds of nature city all go forward to say. I do not believe that her plan you can a news not know, but you are calmly called me, this showed that you also had have removed my thoughts, why can I also run risks to help you? Excuse me, I did not have atmosphere that.” Xia Tian said that walks toward outside directly. This farce wedding had ended. The matter that in the serious famine the final demand he solves has also been solved, City Lord of sounds of nature city must certainly change players. Yeah, you put best into it, if you this way, I ensure you will die, when the time comes your father untold hardships preserved your life not to have.” Bishop Cao looked at female City Lord, afterward sighed walks toward Xia Tian there directly, other City Lord and big entrances saw Xia Tian to walk. They come to here actually not for the what youngest daughter City Lord wedding, but to look at the Xia Tian manner, they saw the Xia Tian manner now, that does not need to continue to treat here. If Xia Tian wants them to pay payment of taxes to the day spirit city, they did not have the words to say, because they trusted Xia Tian, Xia Tian absolutely not in vain with their things, but others Xia Tian did not want. City Lord, how do you regard this matter?” These elders in sounds of nature city are die loyally, they mixed with the sounds of nature city for a lifetime, they only know that protection sounds of nature city, the sounds of nature city is their souls, even if now, they also hope that hears female City Lord to say personally.

I want to be static.” The brain of female City Lord is very chaotic, she went back to her room directly. First dispersed.” The elders said. Since the elders said that the head of the clan of these respected families also diverged, they need to wait for the reply of female City Lord, if female City Lord acts willfully, perhaps they also will leave the sounds of nature city, goes to other urban development, after all the sounds of nature city was unable to make them support itself. Next morning. Female City Lord truncated sends for nun, she started to mourn by the side of the coffin for her father, every day chanted scripture to surpass. The sounds of nature city City Lord position let. The sounds of nature city needed new City Lord, heard this news, these respected families in sounds of nature city is eager to try, they were also interested in this position, now the sounds of nature city needs to develop time, they understand that wanted to develop the good sounds of nature city, that must go with other urban cooperative, moreover maintained the relations with Xia Tian. Such sounds of nature city lived. They also became new sounds of nature City Lord. When the time comes the advantage naturally must have. Everybody, this new City Lord position did not need me to say actually, now sounds of nature city in crisis-charged time, needed everybody to cooperate to manage together the sounds of nature city, since that I gave everybody like this mission, who has succeeded, that later sounds of nature city City Lord position was his.” The elders in sounds of nature city said. This is all elders discusses the good result. Elder, you said that what mission?” These Patriarch asked.

Discussed that the trade of next day spirit city, who discussed that so long as were not quite excessive, he was City Lord of sounds of nature city.” The elders said. Hears the words of elders, these Patriarch are also eager to try, although the elders have given them mission, but also in rescuing sounds of nature city, so long as they can complete this mission, they have also revived the sounds of nature city, when the time comes they can calm and steady sitting in City Lord this position. However they also know that wants to discuss the next day spirit city not so is easy. But if did not discuss that next day spirit city, they did become City Lord to be what kind of? But is a skull. After Xia Tian returned to the day spirit city , the first matter that does called five big elders to meet. Now some day spirit city also how many spirit stone?” Xia Tian asked. Except is developing to use, transportable has about 3 billion.” Five elders are managing the finance. Puts out 2 billion to come.” Xia Tian said directly. Yes!” Five elder anything had not asked that in day spirit city, so long as is the decision that Xia Tian makes, they will not refute, will not have any objection, will not ask that Xia Tian is useful. Now wants, to move to training ground.” Xia Tian said. Yes!” Five big elders begin together, 2 billion are not the small digit, even if their five same places begin also to move several times. Several people of back and forth several times, move 2 billion low grade spirit stone: Your several in this Realm more than 200 years, the accumulation strength were many enough, today I help you to break through the tripod.” Anything!” Hearing Xia Tian must help them to break through tripod, five people stare.

Can the breakthrough also others help? Moreover does Xia Tian want these 2 billion low grade spirit stone to not to help them breaks through? This was also too terrifying. Mountain lord, you are not will be cracking a joke, how is this possible?” Five elder surprised saying. „If others, perhaps takes an effort, but you are different, you stayed in this Realm were very long, and has been reducing the strength, therefore wants for your five breakthroughs, is not difficult.” Xia Tian very self-confident saying, he has the sufficient confidence to help five always break through the tripod. He must look for father and Brother Xiaoma immediately, led them. If he does not arrange here matter, he does not feel relieved to leave, assumes personal command without tripod Expert, on that day the spirit city will be perhaps chaotic. Hears the Xia Tian words, their five all one's blood bubbles up to the brim. After all they stayed in this Realm were too long, they do not even know after the tripod, what will turn into. Do not be anxious, I must start.” Xia Tian saying slowly.