Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1845

Xia Tian saw that five old very intense appearances show a faint smile. This move of he by oneself had already experimented. Although he is first time uses this move on others, but he is self-confident to this move, after all the day spirit five old suppressed under this Realm was very long, therefore wants to break through for them is not difficult. 2 billion low grade spirit stone, a person 400 million. Xia Tian starts from the day spirit second child. His left hand has placed on the spirit stone pile directly. Swallow! The small insect assumes an awe-inspiring pose instantaneously, spiritual energy neutralize, the Xia Tian fast racket in the head of day spirit second child, this move has been called to fill the top directly afterward, is forcefully pours into this terrifying strength to in within the body of day spirit second child, although this wastes spirit stone very much, but similarly, can promote Realm rapidly. Bang! A strength explodes directly in within the body of two elders. Afterward Xia Tian fast pats the hand once more in the spirit stone pile, then pats the hand above three elders. Then, his fast gang several people one after another fill the top. Quickly.

In an instant, filled to go against finished. After filling the top finished, Xia Tian returned to the seat. After ten seconds, five people have simultaneously opened the eye. On their faces is the joyful look, these many years, they finally broke through, moreover is successful, without any difficulty breakthrough, this time they became tripod Expert of genuine goods at reasonable prices. In serious famine strength topest existence. Multi- Xieshan hosts.” Five people of respectful saying. Does not have what reward to be able compared with breakthrough strength makes their joyful, now regarding them breaks through the strength is the fatal enticement, especially the tripod, this they have hoped very long Realm. Was good, several days later I must handle matters with Bishop Cao, the day spirit city gave you.” Xia Tian said. Mountain lord felt relieved that we pledge certainly to fight to the death the protection day spirit city.” Five elders said together. Let alone is so serious, how probably is I wants you to go to resemble, now our day spirit city the foundation has consolidated, in addition your five tripod Expert here, what person does that have to dare to day Lingshan to start?” Xia Tian shows a faint smile to say. Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Five people have also smiled. Xia Tian just before leaving before and Lin Bingbing said matter, Lin Bingbing hears Xia Tian is looks for his father and Brother Xiaoma, has not said anything, before Xia Tian just before leaving, left Lin Bingbing the faith token that the prestige eats delicacies, makes her look for the prestige to eat delicacies in the event of any irreversible matter.

Initially after he retrieved spirit, the prestige ate delicacies thanks his, therefore left behind the faith token to him, so long as Xia Tian put out the faith token, that was he wants the prestige to eat delicacies to put down the serious famine, the prestige has eaten delicacies will also do. Therefore Xia Tian left Lin Bingbing this most important thing. The prestige eats delicacies, but first Expert in serious famine, any people are not his match, his strength early already formidable to the situation that is unable to imagine, day after day the ultimate of Lingshan extinguished demon big unable to kill him, actually thus it can be seen he was how terrifying, moreover his main body or god beast. This five people of breakthrough it can be said that made all people in entire serious famine be all shocked. Five people simultaneously break through the tripod, this also too legend. These Expert of day spirit city excited. Their dreams are some day break through the tripod, reason that before they were willing with Xia Tian was because Xia Tian was first Expert in serious famine, they had to break through the opportunity of tripod with Xia Tian, now saw that five big elders all broke through the tripod, they confirmed that definitely was Xia Tian knows how to break through the tripod, or Xia Tian had the means to make them break through the tripod. This made them go all out, they also hoped some day by Xia Tian to settle on, broke through to the tripod above. Before Xia Tian leaves, the people in sounds of nature city looked, Xia Tian reply simplicity of very: Asks the elders to discuss that they said the line on the line.” Afterward Xia Tian this letting go storekeeper directly left with Bishop Cao. Walks, returns to the sounds of nature city first, the sounds of nature city is the surrounding of serious famine, after going to his there, is good to transmit, goes to a relay city, there can spread the serious famine, in 5000 spirit stone can pass on directly, if to economize, in 500 spirit stone can also exit, but the foot Cheng Kuai person also needs to step onto for one year, foot Cheng Man person that must take 2-3 years, after all the distances between these stopover stations may not be near.” Bishop Cao answered. Good.” Xia Tian nodded.

Afterward they hurried back to sounds of nature city, when they arrive in the sounds of nature city, the elders and Patriarch in sounds of nature city also all comes out to greet, but Xia Tian and Bishop Cao have not stopped over, but sat transmission to leave directly, sat transmission money Xia Tian to give, afterward they went to the relay city. The relay city is not big, city wall is unreliable, moreover here any person of all forms has. Here relay city not only to the serious famine, goes to other with the serious famine same backward place, therefore here anything people have, this stopover station is not dangerous, however behind that several stopover stations are different, why there person can be said as has, even also has kills a person and takes his possessions specially, naturally they have not dared to attack stopover station absolutely, once because attacks stopover station, six level cities on will send out innumerable Assassins to chase down this person, the normal person, so long as brain not problem not attack judgment stopover station, because attack stopover station is only then. The fault, does not have the advantage.” What Bishop Cao is patient is Xia Tian answers. How many stopover stations from here exits altogether?” Xia Tian asked. Nine! Now our stopover station is one of the innermost, only leads to the serious famines and desert two places, if not pass on directly, but is the choice small transmits the next stopover station, that stopover station can go to four places, afterward , in descending order , are eight, 16.” Bishop Cao said. „, Here nearby unexpectedly has these many place like serious famine.” Xia Tian says with emotion. Um, were truly many, waits for here is the true spirit world, we called here for next three, here Expert like clouds, was the Expert world, there person only believed in the strength, tripod Expert finds at everywhere, even often can also see that Expert of four cauldron five cauldrons walked outside.” Bishop Cao answered. Was right, you had said before, the important matter occurred, what matter is that important matter?” Xia Tian thinks before , words that Bishop Cao spoke. „, Have you listened to illusion? Should listen, but this matter entire world of human beings all people have heard.” Bishop Cao said illusion name suddenly.