Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1847

Small two lifted the liquor directly, the jug is not big. daughter red reputation Xia Tian has listened, but he has drunk is fake, moreover is only ordinary daughter is red, since this Lao Yun dares to say what oneself is super daughter is red, his liquor definitely uncommon. Before Xia Tian, reason that can unable to get drunk dry is because has existence of small insect, although now small insect also, but actually on his arm, but is not the dantian place. Therefore Xia Tian does not know can one drink four super daughter to be red. Come, young young fellows, making me have a look at your alcohol capacities.” Lao Yun smiling saying. Good, Lao Yun, today how I let the brothers alcohol capacity that you have a look at me to have.” Bishop Cao excited saying. Xia Tian wants to prevent Bishop Cao, after all the present does not have the small insect, also lacks self-confidence at heart, although own alcohol capacity is very good, but has not been the degree of going against heaven's will absolutely. However looks that Bishop Cao has said words, he did not have the means that can only brace oneself. Bishop Cao, directly has raised wine pot, his alcohol capacity is jug super daughter red not but actually, if continues to drink, that definitely but actually, therefore he plans to drink this jug today, although he knows that four jugs also a little felt embarrassed Xia Tian, but he came with great difficulty one time, how possibly not to blow. Actually lost was unable to be what kind, after all tip many, he could not have pulled out. He is to express Xia Tian to drink. Good, abandoned the life to accompany gentleman.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he has ripped open jug liquor afterward directly, jug liquor enters the stomach directly, when the liquor enters that moment of stomach, on the face of Xia Tian had the smiling face, is not willing to return to the dantian small insect unexpectedly, when saw the liquor to return to the dantian directly. He urged for a long time not to have chapter of dantian small insect unexpectedly to go back in this moment direct, has saying that this may absolutely be a good news. Small insect, you are willing to go back finally.” On face of Xia Tian immediately one happy. Had the small insect, does that drink the issue?

Thump. Jug liquor blows to the mouth directly, moreover is the one breath drinks under. Volume!” Sees Xia Tian such aggressive drinking way, Lao Yun also slightly stares: interesting.” Bang! Xia Tian threw wine pot on the table directly, at this time the liquor of Bishop Cao drank less than one-fourth, because was he drinks this type of liquor also to need to take a breath, this liquor entrance was pungent, after the liquor swallowed, was online is the burning burningly painful feeling, has saying that this feeling was really too crisp, was too exciting, but if cannot control, drank directly burns broken the throat and stomach. That side Xia Tian has ripped open second wine pot once more. Sees second wine pot time, the surroundings had many people strongly to come the vision, here had can drink much, but their alcohol capacities were similar to Bishop Cao, a jug was the limit, moreover must drink slowly, but Xia Tian the one breath directly had done a jug a moment ago, this absolutely was very good. Now Xia Tian opened second wine pot, obviously was he has planned to drink second. Thump! Xia Tian head one supine, second opens directly drinks, has here appeared has been able to drink second? Has appeared, but had presented second also absolutely is not blows to the bottle, but drinks slowly. Blows to the bottle like Xia Tian, they have not seen absolutely. Bang! The second jug has gotten into the stomach, Bishop Cao stopped the liquor in oneself hand, although before him, said is very unyielding, but truly speaking, he also lacks self-confidence, after all this super daughter red is no one can enjoy. Xia Tian has taken up third wine pot.

Thump. Opens once more drinks. Bang! Quick, the third wine pot child inside liquor he has also drunk up, when Xia Tian opens fourth wine pot, Lao Yun opened the mouth finally. Wait / Etc..” Lao Yun said hurriedly: I believed that later you came the liquor to be OK free, do not drink, if drank again, the liquor spoiled, super daughter red was takes your time.” What's wrong, Lao Yun, you loved dearly.” Bishop Cao opens the mouth to say. Calculates that I have loved dearly well, such have not drunk, my liquor.” Lao Yun depressed saying. Lao Yun, you said that you so are how mean-spirited, do we spend not to be good?” Bishop Cao said. You understand anything, super daughter not so is red good to ferment, these years I have been studying the daughter red improvement method, the achievement is what a pity limited.” Lao Yun helpless saying. Lao Yun, you said that you are childless, studies that many to do, you have not taught other people finally, was inferior that you passed to me to result in the technology of this wine-making.” Bishop Cao smiling saying. Thinks that the fine deeds go, my super daughter supplies red entire next three, your boy such simple wants to walk my wine-making technology study, you go home to have your daydream to go.” Lao Yun very impolite saying. With does not use this, no matter what we were also the long-standing friendships.” Bishop Cao depressed saying. Your boy little has usually not deceived to eat to deceive here to drink, our where has the friendship?” Lao Yun attacks to say once more. Good, can't you save face to me before my brother?” Bishop Cao begged.

Face? Comes with 100,000 low grade spirit stone, I give fully your face.” Lao Yun hand has extended directly. Saw Lao Bishop Yun who appearance Cao also thorough was helpless. Xia Tian looks this old one few here squabbles also thinks very interesting, he direct have drunk. Boy, is my liquor how is it?” At this moment Lao Yun opens the mouth to ask directly. Flavor is good, the effect is also very good, was what a pity bad a little.” Xia Tian spoke thoughtlessly to say. „?” Heard the small love to be too difficult saying that has missed a point, Lao Yun looked curiously to Xia Tian. Hot and had painstakingly, but after the bitter comes the sweet?” Xia Tian thinks must pungent, although right, but after spicy stimulation, should have after the bitter comes the sweet to be right. But this liquor spicy will feel from now in only the ignition of remaining that type of fires. Not sweet. Sweet, right, sweet, although here grain in has the spiritual energy ingredient, but has actually been short sweetly, therefore with here grain wine-making, that has been short of a sweetness.” Lao Yun is suddenly enlighted suddenly, on his face has the joy of not being able to conceal, which he knew his liquor difference finally. Afterward he runs directly to behind. Here grain?” Hears these characters time, Xia Tian stares slightly, in addition the Lao Yun following words, currently Xia Tian has 60% confirmation Lao Yun is on Earth: I have a look.”