Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1848

Earthmen. Here runs into the earthman, he has a feeling of meeting an old friend far from home. The probability that the earthmen fly upwards is low, now bumps into an earthman with great difficulty, that will Xia Tian possibly miss? He must come up to ask why, when this person flies upwards, is the person in any school, perhaps can also climb to relate anything. Hey, Xia Tian, you how with, although we are ask the news, but you do not need such to worry, when he finishes asks again.” Bishop Cao shouted the time, Xia Tian had already crashed in behind, he also can only very helpless followed. Just returned to the backyard to carry on experiments oneself new idea Lao Yun to see Xia Tian and Bishop Cao who suddenly pursued said: You with?” Volume!” After Bishop Cao awkward flexure has scratched the head, said hurriedly: We come plagiarize.” He does not know that Xia Tian so will be how impulsive. This is please from entering, matter that enters others backyard very not politeness, therefore he hopes that comes neutralize this awkwardness with the way of cracking a joke. Your boy owes to punch, does not teach you, your plagiarize.” Lao Yun has brandished gently the only remaining that fists. I do not come plagiarize, I have the matter to ask you.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say directly. Hears the Xia Tian words, a Lao Yun brow wrinkle: Has the matter I to finish, does not understand the custom.” What I want to ask, are you and I come from a hometown.” Xia Tian has not gone to the control Lao Yun disaffection, he believes that he said Lao Yun can understand absolutely. These words, Bishop Cao puzzled looks to Xia Tian, isn't the Xia Tian hometown the serious famine? Also has other place? After Lao Yun was several seconds, saying slowly: I do not know that you were saying anything.” Good, since you do not know that I was saying anything, that dozen.” Xia Tian does not believe where Lao Yun has not understood the hometown that oneself said is, since the opposite party does not want to acknowledge that he will fight will know from now on, after all on Earth famous Martial Skill such several types. Xia Tian, no joking.” Bishop Cao said hurriedly.

I not noisy, Senior, how our two do compete with one?” Xia Tian looks that Lao Yun asked again. „?” Lao Yun has sized up Xia Tian curiously. My hometown is a very beautiful place, I think that here has bumped into the fellow villager, it seems like it was I wants to be many, but Junior was warlike elements, saw that Expert could not bear want to try the hand, please grant instruction.” Xia Tian said provocation looks to Lao Yun, so long as he and Lao Yun fights, he can see Lao Yun Martial Arts way, if Lao Yun Martial Arts way with Earth on wants dead, he can look directly. He is known as under fine Heavenly Connection Martial Skill. interesting.” Lao Yun corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. Xia Tian, no joking, I also very small time, Lao Yun is Expert.” Bishop Cao said hurriedly. I had not been born time many people am Expert, but they defeated in my hand.” Xia Tian impolite saying, the small insect returns very now, he has filled to himself self-confidently, now his within the body is having two strengths, one type spiritual energy that is the small insect is. Another body and Buddhism Buddhist Relic not dying aura. Now Xia Tian the place of dantian, the small insect lies there, in its top of the head has a golden yellow bead, is Buddhist Relic. Young fellow, good, very has the arrogance.” Lao Yun smiling saying. How dares to compare?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Lao Yun. Ratio, how non- ratio, very long has not seen you such interesting kid, happen to I must have a look at your strength to be actually what kind.” Lao Yun has the interest very looked that said to Xia Tian. Good!” On Xia Tian face one happy. This.” Bishop Cao awkward flexure scratching the head, he has not thought that the matter will turn into this, is Xia Tian unexpectedly well must challenge Lao Yun suddenly, moreover said that some bewildered words, resembles him is comes the extraterrestrial to be the same. Follows me.” Lao Yun said that moved toward the backyard of his family directly, after the backyard passes through, is one fills the courtyard of flowers and plants trees. In this dozen?” Xia Tian doubts looks to Lao Yun, the words that here hits perhaps, here thing will be destroyed.

This.” Lao Yun nodded to say. But here.” Xia Tian looked once more. All right, these things are I plant, idles the bored time to plant, they can be long.” Lao Yun meaning is, even if you destroyed them, they also meet long to come out, therefore you do not need too to be worried. Hears Lao Yun words, Xia Tian nodded, afterward looked asked to Lao Yun: Compared with what?” Your anything skill, first compares anything.” Lao Yun said. Good, that first compared with swordsmanship.” Xia Tian plans the equally same seepage. Um, starts.” Lao Yun said directly. Lao Yun appearance is very optional, has a Expert style. Xia Tian has put out day cold sword directly. „An invisible sword, good.” Saying that Lao Yun appreciates. Puts out your weapon.” Xia Tian said. My weapon.” Lao Yun vision looked at one in the surroundings, afterward his right hand grasped directly on a big tree on hand. Puff! Big tree this stiffly had been pulled by him. Saw such scene, Xia Tian a little gawks: You must use it, when weapon?” Um, but also is good, is very convenient.” Lao Yun nodded to say.

Good.” Xia Tian rubbish, after all the opposite party is Expert, therefore he has not cared about the opposite party to use any weapon, at this time he has prepared, he can the coming up direct enlargement incur, letting the opposite party is unable to retain, then he sees the Martial Arts way of opposite party. Come.” Lao Yun smiling saying. The Xia Tian right hand wields, the day cold sword appears in his front directly. Domain! bo! An invisible domain directly covered him and Lao Yun in inside. Domain, good.” When Lao Yun sees the Xia Tian domain, is is a little slightly surprised, but on the face any panic-stricken look, obviously he to his strength has not been very self-confident. ! The flash, the Xia Tian surroundings presented over ten thousand cold glow, the cold glow his whole person regarding in the middle, on the Xia Tian left hand wrister departed four Yuan attack afterward, wraps directly these several thousand cold glow. The enlargement incurred. Xia Tian comes up is the enlargement incurs. Actually he is doing anything.” Bishop Cao is also puzzled looks to Xia Tian. I came.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward wrapped several thousand cold glow direct bang of four Yuan attack to approach Lao Yun.