Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1849

Log to fighting domain. Bishop Cao stood in one side is also shocked by such war. The Xia Tian domain can be said as very formidable, even if in the entire spirit world also absolutely were the talent, moreover now he has displayed to be incisive the domain might. Opposite Lao Yun is in hand a log. He wants with a log wraps four Yuan attack on broken quick Xia Tian this power and prestige incomparable domains and his several thousand the sword glow. Good that comes.” Lao Yun gives a loud shout, at the same time, his both eyes bright light dodges, afterward the log in his hand to the Xia Tian sword glow cuts directly. How regardless to see, log by sword glow smashing. When the log and sword glow hit in together, the Xia Tian surprised discovery, log unexpectedly in Lao Yun hand such as moving clouds and flowing water is ordinary, all selected to fly the sword glow, this, selecting flew, although the might of sword glow was big, but after must attack the person, will see the might to be big. If unable to hit the match, that sword glow on display any function. The log in opposite party hand probably is the quick sword is common, direct in end of these sword glow, changed the advance path of sword glow, the sword glow slightly has not threatened to him. Quite fierce.” Bishop Cao looks at Lao Yun surprisedly, he never sees Lao Yun to get rid, knew Lao Yun for these years, he first time saw that Lao Yun uses his skill, at this time he has not seen Lao Yun with any strength of spiritual energy or the element, but the simplest swordsmanship broke the Xia Tian this incomparable formidable domain. unexpectedly only broke my domain with the swordsmanship.” Xia Tian is a little also inconceivable, weapon obviously simplest log in opposite party hand, but his domain little log has not destroyed obstinately continually, the log as if lived in Lao Yun hand was the same, dexterous avoided all sword glow, and 11 selected to fly them. Bang! Lao Yun like this returns to the birth family Xia Tian Wan sword breaks directly. „Can boy, trade one move not to be troublesome, this move was too troublesome.” Lao Yun looked that shouts to Xia Tian, obviously Xia Tian the move does not have any function to him. Volume!” Xia Tian stares slightly. He first time noticed that some people only with seeing are breaking their domain.

How? Doesn't compare?” Lao Yun looks curiously to Xia Tian. You wait first, let my static commander-in-chief meeting.” In the brain of Xia Tian was thinking deeply about a moment ago Lao Yun swordsmanship fast, he discovered that Lao Yun swordsmanship was chaotic, seemed is not the swordsmanship of any school, did not have any fancy place. Your has led, or I went to be busy first, you led slowly.” Lao Yun and others is a little impatient. Good.” Day cold sword in Xia Tian right hand receives, afterward has put out a long sword of ultimate Spirit Tool rank directly. Changed the weapon.” Lao Yun very optional saying. Quick sword. Xia Tian this plan uses the Wei Guang quick sword, he believes that the quick sword should be able to force Lao Yun to use relative with same surname's style. ! Xia Tian not hesitant, attacks instantaneously. The sword in his right hand punctures fast, the Wei Guang sword biggest merit can increase progressively, can translate, simply speaking is a character, quick. Quickly. Lao Yun noticed that the Xia Tian swordsmanship shows a faint smile, in the log direct point along with subsequent party to the long sword in Xia Tian hand, is at this moment, Xia Tian fast changes incurs, when he changes incurs, Lao Yun changes has also incurred, the log in Lao Yun hand seems the poisonous snake is the same, stubbornly is nipping the long sword in Xia Tian hand. How regardless of the long sword in Xia Tian hand fluctuates, finally is inescapable his palm. Hateful, words that such gets down, let alone forces his main family swordsmanship, in my hand the sword will be selected to fly by him, he used the simplest sword incurred obviously, but simplest selected, but I probably am not actually able to defend to be the same.” Xia Tian is pondering the following dealing method fast. X-Ray Vision eye. Opens instantaneously.

After the X-Ray Vision eye opens, all slowed down. „The X-Ray Vision eye promoted.” On Xia Tian face immediately one happy, he has not thought that X-Ray Vision eye unexpectedly promotes once more. X-Ray Vision after promotion saw that Lao Yun attack route, Lao Yun attack technique is simple, is simple selects. The sword in Xia Tian hand, is getting quicker and quicker. Lao Yun is also in hot pursuit. This was also too splendid.” Bishop Cao whole face inconceivable looks at front all. Looks that front their this twines in the together swordsmanship completely, Bishop Cao has been shocked completely, he does not know that should with any glossary describe at present fights. Spelled.” The Xia Tian tooth bites, the long sword in hand flew directly. Beyond day flying immortal. Beyond this move of Yin Nie day flying immortal. Instantaneous Xia Tian and sword changed into a long line direct thorn to Lao Yun, but Lao Yun is the body slightly backward draws back, log direct in hand above sword blade. Bang! The entire body of Xia Tian was selected to fly directly. Hateful!” Xia Tian has not thought that own move completely was also broken . Moreover the opposite party slightly has not used under the main family Kungfu premise. Xia Tian, you are all right.” Bishop Cao ran over hurriedly. Do not come, had not finished.” Xia Tian said directly.

Volume, but also hits.” Bishop Cao thinks speechless, him looks very now, Xia Tian occupied the inferiority completely, opposite Lao Yun strength formidable, so easily has defeated Xia Tian with a log. Naturally.” Xia Tian standing up slowly. At this time he knows that he cannot admit defeat, because have not seen this Lao Yun true skill. He must try Lao Yun special skill today, making Lao Yun not have the means to install. He believes that this Lao Yun absolutely is on Earth. Good, clear(ly) knows that is not a match, but also dares to come.” Saying that Lao Yun appreciates. Then just started.” Xia Tian said that the body has shot once more, the long sword in his hand is also quicker and quicker, what this time he uses keeps the strength of bombardment that use element, he does not believe Lao Yun to be able only to incur with the sword, does not need the strength of element to be auxiliary. ! Body fast shuttle of Xia Tian to Lao Yun front, but Lao Yun is also the fast counter-attack, although Xia Tian was away from him to be very near, but the log can still display in a big way most used. Usually, the log is too long, the long-distance range truly profits, but near body must certainly suffer a loss, was present Xia Tian near body, Lao Yun was still deals freely. ! At this moment, the long sword in Xia Tian hand removes, but Lao Yun attack also flushed, his sword approached the chest of Xia Tian directly. Saw that the log in Lao Yun hand punctured on the chest of Xia Tian. Finger of Consonance.