Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1850
At this moment, the Xia Tian left hand attacks instantaneously. Gripped in Lao Yun hand directly the log, the log had not gone forward again. Lao Yun movement also stopped, a face strange looks at Xia Tian, but his anything had not said. Stopped! Suddenly, the fight stopped. This.” Bishop Cao is also a face confused looks at Xia Tian, Xia Tian unexpectedly only with two fingers stiffly Lao Yun log gripping, this was also too terrifying. Does not hit.” Lao Yun loosens the log directly, afterward lazily saying. Doesn't hit? Bishop Cao and Xia Tian all are puzzled look at Lao Yun, Lao was Yun given to control by Xia Tian the air/Qi of Wangba directly? Cannot. Why doesn't hit?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Boy, you are not inquire the matter? Finds a place we to chat slowly.” Lao Yun looked that said to Bishop Cao, he has not managed Xia Tian from the start. Good Ah! Bishop Cao to notice that Lao Yun unexpectedly is so good to speak today, immediately was happy. Xia Tian can only helpless shaking the head, he discover that Lao Yun as if not like responding him, moreover probably some lot do not want to tell him that does not want to explain to him.

He knows that he continued to closely examine not to have any result, therefore he was also disinclined to ask. They arrived in not a big room, room inside has a table, on the table has various types of good food: Come, chats while eating.” Hears to eat! Xia Tian not polite, sits down opens eats. Lao Yun, your this time so is how happy, must lose to my this brothers a moment ago.” Bishop Cao a face badly smiles looks that Lao Yun said. „Will I lose? Cracks a joke, does your boy also want to hear the news.” Lao Yun very self-confident saying. Good, that calculates that I have made a mistake, your Martial Arts first under Heaven.” Bishop Cao said hurriedly, but he inquires the news, if Lao Yun anything did not tell him, he owed in a big way. Um, this also almost.” Lao Yun has taken up one glass of liquor directly, afterward Xia Tian and Bishop Cao also lift one glass of liquor. Clinking glasses time, they were all short the Lao Yun half cup, Junior have proposed a toast this to express the respect with the elder. Lao Yun, you said quickly, now situation how?” Bishop Cao asked hurriedly. This time buried treasure confirmed that is not the illusion, but is the Qi Wang palace.” Lao Yun said. Qi Wang? Isn't the king of that slaughtering?” Bishop Cao surprised saying. Right, is the king of that slaughtering, Qi Wang, in the past he and his army swept away next three, plundered the treasure to be innumerable, everything ran into the resister, massacred city directly, in the past he living time, the next three population were least times, that time population insufficient present 1%, afterward heard him and his army, because killed people too many encounters the day tribulation, but Qi Wang to seek asylum to have constructed this mausoleum chamber, he used the magic arts and army seal, waited for that moment of emerging as the times require.” Lao Yun answered.

Such fierce figure.” In the hand of Xia Tian is taking a bulk meat, eats while said. Qi Wang in next three is a legend, person who some people want the key with the reputation of illusion these attracts, but they have not thought that their unexpectedly embarked finally the Qi Wang palace, the person who now there goes to were getting more and more, everybody knows, so long as unties the Qi Wang buried treasure, perhaps that can become second Qi Wang, unifies next three.” Lao Yun said. Who, if can obtain the Qi Wang ability, or has the person who controls the Qi Wang army, perhaps they also had unified the next three strengths, after all Qi Wang was a true legend, was only one has unified the next three people, if were not the bridge of Heavenly Connection was shattered, that will fear him to have the person to enter three, even previous three.” Bishop Cao said also one's blood bubbles up to the brim. What thing is the bridge of Heavenly Connection?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. „The bridge of Heavenly Connection is in the next three connections three and on the bridges of three immortal, it is more terrorist than transmission, so long as walks, can pass through to directly three, but before 1000 that war has ruined the bridge of Heavenly Connection directly, from now the next three people want to go to three and on three to ascend to heaven on the difficult ratio.” Bishop Cao said. „? Before I why, has seen the Nine cauldrons gate person?” Xia Tian asked again, Xia Tian has inquired, the Nine cauldrons gate was the school that Yu Wang the descendant created, was in the entire world of human beings the row on number big school. Now next three in should be only several transmission to three, in this one is the Nine cauldrons gate.” Bishop Cao said. That here person rode this transmission to go to three not to be good directly directly.” Xia Tian very optional saying. You think was too simple, that several transmission were not you said that sat takes a seat, even if were Nine cauldrons gate that colossus is impossible to support the transmission of such long-distance range completely, therefore this transmission can only open one time every 100 years, use spirit stone that most three people, in need to keep each time in the hundred years fed transmission, as for needs to feed many spirit stone specifically, that nobody knew.” Bishop Cao said. That here was divided, what strength in the next three strongest people are?” Xia Tian asked. Five cauldrons.” Bishop Cao said. People of that cultivation above to five cauldron also has to break through?” Xia Tian asked. Should have, but were too few, at least I never have listened.” Bishop Cao nodded to say.

Boy, such living eight cauldron Expert sits by you your unexpectedly cannot see.” Nearby Lao Yun very discontented saying. „, Forgot saying that but our Lao Yun Nine cauldrons Expert, that strength absolutely was first under Heaven.” Bishop Cao takes to say with a smile. Your boy, irritated me.” Lao Yun indignant saying. Do not be angry, my this to not hold you.” Saying that Bishop Cao a face badly smiles. Go away.” Lao Yun is mad has drunk alcohol to drown one's sorrows. Xia Tian saw that two people were saying was saying also quarrelled, thought very interestingly. Was right, Lao Yun, the matter you have not said that continued.” Bishop Cao excited saying. Did not say that vitality.” The old cloud top turned to switch through. Do not be angry, such big person, but also is angry, I made a mistake was not good, you a bit faster said.” Bishop Cao begged. That was simple the point saying that that several people who previous demon came, the population have determined, was four people, place that they presented finally in king crab city, there is also away from the Qi Wang palace recent place.” Lao Yun was directly disposable the most important information to say.