Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1851

King crab city.” Xia Tian these three characters silently at heart. Four people. Hears four people time, Xia Tian worried. Moreover they had also been discovered. If four people, that these four people separately are his father, Brother Xiaoma, Yin Nie and Great General. He was also listens to Eastern Man they saying that Yin Nie and Great General also flew upwards, moreover they went to demon, now two people turned into four people, obviously they had found their father, what most made Xia Tian surprised was the Fire Cloud evil god, his unexpectedly for a commitment, stiffly own cultivation to suppress. On strongest the strength by Earth continues to protect Xia Family. unexpectedly such quickly was discovered that has that caught?” Bishop Cao asking of face anticipation. No, inside has strength very formidable of person, they by five cauldron Expert, 100 four cauldron Expert were besieged run away finally.” Lao Yun said. Is so fierce.” Bishop Cao said. Truly good.” Lao Yun said. Since he appears in king crab city, that explained that he should also rush to the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber to go.” Bishop Cao said. I estimate soon, the seal of Qi Wang mausoleum chamber will be opened, when the time comes inside fears any people to have, can be earthshaking big slaughters.” Lao Yun vision empty looks to the distant place. Qi Wang mausoleum chamber big?” Bishop Cao curious asking. Should have least 800,000 kilometers, in that trim hills is the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber.” Lao Yun said.

Was right, Lao Yun, you goes not to search the treasure, we take your one, free, does not collect your money, how is it?” Bishop Cao a face anticipates looked that asked to Lao Yun. Is worth me getting rid on this small buried treasure?” Saying that Lao Yun disdains. „!” Bishop Cao stretched out the middle finger directly: You are not will fear death.” Go away.” Lao Yun scolded one directly. I may leave, Ha Ha.” Bishop Cao moves to say with a smile. You exit first, I had the matter to tell him.” Lao Yun referred to Xia Tian saying. Volume!! Said with him? What you and do he have to say?” Bishop Cao puzzled asking. That many idle talk that which your comes, roll out to me.” Lao Yun said that direct foot trampled, but he does not want to trample Bishop Cao obviously, because his speed is not fast. After Bishop Cao shunts, a face angry looks at Lao Yun, afterward shouts loudly: Leave leave.” Sees his appearance, Lao Yun also provoked laughter. What matter does Senior have? Please grant instruction.” Xia Tian looked that asked to Lao Yun. Went to the king crab city, do not use Finger of Consonance.” Lao Yun reminded. „? How do you know Finger of Consonance this Kungfu?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Nonsense, because I am also surnamed Xia.” Lao Yun said directly.

You are also surnamed Xia.” On face of Xia Tian immediately one startled, he has not thought that at this time opposite Lao Yun is also surnamed Xia, no wonder in using the Finger of Consonance situation, his unexpectedly does not hit: Lao Yun, Lao Yun, surnamed Xia, you are Xia Yun.” Here time, Xia Tian was more surprised, he has not thought at this time in front of the person unexpectedly is legend culmination spirit seven child in Boss Xia Yun. Your unexpectedly has also heard my name.” Xia Yun looked curiously to Xia Tian. I now am the mountain lord in day Lingshan, you said why I know your name.” Xia Tian said. „? You were the mountain have advocated, they also left the serious famine.” Xia Yun asked. No, before I walk, tripod that they break through, I become Shan Zhu have the fishy, before had a Abao, he had the person to seize a day of Lingshan, and three elders, the bones of four elders and six elders all shivered, the dantian has also abandoned, hung in day Lingshan, afterward I had saved them, two elders the mortal body in 200 years ago that war have abandoned, seven elders in that fought died in battle, now only remaining five big elders.” Xia Tian answered. Yeah, blamed me, if I, that nobody dare to get rid to them, luckily you have saved them, otherwise I definitely could not bear want to go back to look at their one eyes.” Xia Yun sighed to say. Why doesn't that go back? They think you very much, even if they are hung , on the mountain was still saying, if their eldest children, that can certainly kill Abao with ease, now they five relations are very good.” Xia Tian looked that asked to Xia Yun. „The matters between our adults, your child each family do not inquire about, remembered my words be good, have not used Finger of Consonance to the king crab city.” Xia Yun reminded again. Why?” Xia Tian asked. That person who because runs away from demon is also the Xia Family person.” Xia Yun reminded. I know that is my father Xia Tianlong, that person who paints a portrait is my righteousness brother, he to save me shut in the crevice prison.” Xia Tian said. Really was too skillful, Xia Family Finger of Consonance one generation only passed on one person, my son called Emperor Jie.” Xia Yun light saying. Great grandfather on, was done obeisance by grandson.” Xia Tian hears these words time kneels on the ground directly kowtowed, because his grandfather called Emperor Jie.

Is quick, my live, you do obeisance anything to do obeisance well.” Xia Yun has drawn Xia Tian hurriedly, the Xia Tian original manuscript thinks one meet an old friend far from home, but has not thought that Xia clouds unexpectedly is his great grandfather. My this was too excited, I have thought my great grandfather was in the burial plot, has not thought that unexpectedly saw lived.” Xia Tian says with emotion. Brat, said anything, my body is very hale and hearty.” Xia Yun ridicules to say. Has not thought, my unexpectedly met one living here elder.” Xia Tian excited saying. Although according to the Xia Family inherited family rule, I cannot Professor your any thing, but after you, has any issue to ask me, moreover I must teach you some methods of maintaining life.” Xia Yun said. Did not say that has the family rule, can't teach me any thing?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Custom is dead, person is lives, but you must remember, even if you dies before me, I cannot get rid to save you, naturally, you have saved your father to be able, but your father cannot save you, this is the Xia Family custom, I teach your maintaining life method, although is violates a regulation, but also this time.” Xia Yun said. Many thanks great grandfather.” Xia Tian excited saying. The Xia Family ancestor teaches is, the descendant has the descendant luck, cannot the disturbance next generation development, making them display freely, do not render them any assistance, because Xia Family is the good second son. I must teach you am the Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step promotion version.”