Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1855
Xia Tian denies flatly! Is anyone to look at the stance that female this threatens absolutely not to be affable, perhaps was Bishop Cao has owed others money, after or has rested others, ran, if were the matter in money said fortunately, but if were the sentiment debt, that Xia Tian may also not. Um? Didn't know? Did not know why you are following him together, I had asked a moment ago a protection transmission person, he said you together leave transmission.” Female coldly looks at Xia Tian to say. Volume, this, by chance, is only by chance.” Xia Tian not slightly hesitant, said directly. Transmitted a person saying that you also got rid to hit Bishop Sun in Saint virtue palace.” Female not slow not slow saying. Hears here time, in the Xia Tian mind is thinking once more this, if deals with this issue: Matter is this, I passed by at that time, right, passed by, then that person finds fault, therefore I have hit that person.” Is this?” The females have doubts looks to Xia Tian. Right, is this.” Xia Tian serious saying. Sees the Xia Tian appearance, the female even starts to suspect before oneself, deduces, she pursues Bishop Cao time has not pursued, therefore she went to recent transmission, this inquired that also really asked that said that Bishop Cao followed a man together, after contrasted her the lock-on target on the body of Xia Tian. But now hears the Xia Tian words, she also starts to suspect that was finds fault the person. Good.” The females nodded, afterward stands up. Shout! Xia Tian looked that the female must walk, relaxed finally, at this moment, the female sat once more, the vision looks angrily at Xia Tian: Your unexpectedly dares to deceive me.”

Um? I have not deceived you.” Xia Tian serious saying, he installs unusual looks like, the Xia Tian present characteristics are kill me not to acknowledge. You are deceiving me.” Female wicked saying. I have not deceived you, I do not know that Bishop Cao.” Xia Tian said. Added did not know how you know he is Bishop Cao?” The females asked. Was you said a moment ago.” Xia Tian conceals hurriedly said that when he said Bishop Cao three characters he also knew to go bad, certainly wanted exposed. I had not said that what I said is Cao Yaqian.” The females confirmed that oneself said absolutely is Cao Yaqian, but is not Bishop Cao. Right? I was listen to that any Bishop Sun saying that should be this.” Xia Tian also in vigorously is concealing, he does not want to acknowledge, if the female is really the sentiment debt, he may be miserable. You said probably is also very reasonable, good, this time, if I discovered that you dare to deceive me, I tear to pieces your this to open mouth.” Saying of female very violence. Only has the female and villain is difficult to raise. This is the feeling that Xia Tian is from the heart. Looks quickly, was coming back of hunt-killer team.” At this moment, does not know that was who shouted one. Hears this sound time, all people all looked to the entrance.

Boss, the nice wine good meat to give on me.” One team of People sounds shout. Came.” Boss very polite saying. „Do brave soldiers, what good news have?” Immediately some people open the mouth to ask. That several spies who yeah, not to mention, demon mixed were really too sly, we soon caught them obviously, what a pity finally arranged Formation spirit stone to be insufficient, we can only visit them to run away helplessly.” And a member said. Brave soldier, lacked spirit stone you early saying that everybody did not suffice with!” Some people said. We do not want to take the money of folks, eradicates the demon spy is our duty-bound matters, but this time has truly been a pity, if we can arrange that super greatly sleepy that us definitely to hold that several spies, this time may probably our next three people, that several fellows slaughter innocents painstakingly everywhere, their place visited human and animals do not remain, see anything to kill anything . Moreover the insult woman, heard couple days ago their sow has not let off, they on are one group of crazed fellows.” Also is people of hunt-killer team said. That quickly holds him, otherwise we cannot meet with a disaster.” Some hurried people said. This time we come back are think the means lane to select spirit stone, then grasps their.” The people of hunt-killer team said. Brave soldiers, the wine and meat came, has let loose eating, insufficiently said that calculates my.” Boss very polite saying. Although only listened to several words, but Xia Tian summarized, the person prestige of these hunt-killer teams were very high, next they were boasting, heard them to describe a moment ago own father face sow did not let off, he has almost not come up to choke to death this group of bastards. Brave soldier, misses the spirit stone words, everybody can gather capital, the next three these many people, each city take words, that is not the small digit.” Yeah, what a pity, now other city did not have the consciousness of our king crab city, moreover wants to arrange big to surround their words, needs many spirit stone.” The people of hunt-killer team said.

Xia Tian this time was looks to understand, the people of these so-called hunt-killer teams clarified is deceives to eat to deceive to drink to deceive spirit stone, but why he cannot master the people in king crab city so to believe the person of hunt-killer team. No matter many spirit stone, we make, when the time comes makes the people in king crab city contribute spirit stone together, the previous time matter cannot occur absolutely again, cannot make their several damage us again.” These people shout immediately loudly. Xia Tian in observing these people, he discovered that the people of hunt-killer team when hear these words the corners of the mouth to rise obviously slightly, appearance that obviously a sinister plot prevails. Snort, could not listen, I walked.” Female who that looks for Bishop Cao also knows obviously these people are deceiving to eat to deceive to drink to deceive spirit stone. Um?” Heard the words of female, the people of hunt-killer team all looks to the female: Young miss, your what meaning?” Any meaning, my this ear has not had a problem, does not listen to the gutting thing.” The females said that must walk toward outside directly. Halts!” Hears his words, the people of hunt-killer team shouts immediately. „Did you call me to halt I to halt? You think that what thing you are?” Saying that female does not return. Hateful, blocks her.” The people of hunt-killer team shout, afterward the surrounding these people will export to stop up directly. A bit faster gives the person apology of hunt-killer team, otherwise we do not make you exit.” Surroundings these People sounds shout, hunt-killer team's image in their mind is big, did not allow that anybody insulted. I, if didn't apologize?” Female facial color one cold, afterward in her hand presented a whip.