Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1856

Snort, your unexpectedly dares such to speak to the hero, did not apologize we not to put you to walk.” These people said. Hero, what hero they are, they caught the person, killed? What has not achieved, your unexpectedly believes that they were the heroes, but also asked for money, which hero had not caught the person to come back to boast that did ask for money?” Saying that the females disdain. You said is not right, others said that is Formation needs spirit stone.” These people are still getting free for hunt-killer team. Good, you are willing to be swindled, you at will, make way to me, otherwise do not blame me not being impolite.” The females brandished whip in the hand to say. Young miss, I looks in you are in girl's share, so long as you apologize now, I do not feel embarrassed you.” Person very aggressive saying of hunt-killer team, they have exhibited a manner of superior. Lazy pays attention to you.” The females said that has wielded the whip in oneself hand directly. ! That moment when her whip brandishes, the entire whip had the huge change, the whip as if incarnation for red, the long red, stretched out more than ten meters all of a sudden, will keep off in all people of entrance directly all pulls out to fly, saw that such scene Xia Tian was also shocked. Treasure!” The first response of Xia Tian is treasure. Moreover is not ordinary treasure, but he responded immediately: „It is not right, even if treasure is impossible to have such big might.” Xia Tian a little could not completely understand the strength of female. In the king crab city strongest people are four cauldron Expert, although Xia Tian thinks that own strength is good, but absolutely impossible and compared with four cauldron Expert. „Is this female four cauldron Expert?” Xia Tian thinks here time immediately is startled. Bang!

Snort.” Female cold snort, walked afterward directly, nobody dares to block her again, cracks a joke, the female was does not want to kill them a moment ago obviously, otherwise took not to make them to be so simple a moment ago, but was all kills them directly. Quite fierce.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, was good because of him had not provoked this female a moment ago, otherwise, his fate could be imagined. The females like this went out of the tavern under thousands of staring eyes, Xia Tian saw, continued to drink own liquor, but he just opened drinks discovered that the atmosphere in tavern was not right, because all people all looked suddenly to him. He, what he with a moment ago that female is one group.” Does not know that was who shouted, all people have all fired into Xia Tian. Lying trough!” Xia Tian thought one lie down is really also being hit, oneself are drinking their liquor well, opposite party unexpectedly said what one with a moment ago that female is one group, obviously they hit that female, therefore has turned around to bully Xia Tian. They are taking Xia Tian, when soft persimmon pinches. Holds him.” Suddenly, the attacks of these people all arrived at the Xia Tian side. Calculates that you won.” Xia Tian said that jumped from the window directly. Afterward the Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step promotion version started to be treated as escaping to use by him, after these people pursued has met, looked that really could not overtake, therefore they all gave up, can only go back the tavern. Whistling, scared to death the father.” Xia Tian gasped for breath, afterward walks toward outside directly, he must go to the hills, because there has the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, although the seal of Qi Wang mausoleum chamber completely has not been opened now, but the time was also up, therefore he must rush to there now. On the road, he took that thing, is the face whiten that person places oneself thing. He is chased down by five lines of ghosts, therefore is forced to place itself on the thing, can by the treasure that five lines of ghosts pursue be able to be the ordinary treasure? Well!” What Xia Tian takes is a bead, when he puts out this bead he discovered that in this bead unexpectedly completely is the soul body, these soul bodies are formidable, concrete is any strength Xia Tian has not known now, but the rank is not absolutely low.

The X-Ray Vision eye, opens! Xia Tian opened own X-Ray Vision eye instantaneously. These many ghosts.” Xia Tian discovered that in this small bead unexpectedly is stranded over a hundred ghosts . Moreover the strengths of these ghosts are not low. Ghost! This is in ghost that in the day Lingshan ancient book records. This type of thing is rests the refinement by the ghost, ghost is difficult to refine, but the similar might is also very big, this ghost inside soul is refiner grasps, is stranded them in ghost it ** oneself urge, naturally, wanted to urge this ghost, that must make him recognize the lord first. Tick-tock! Ghost recognizes the main method is the blood. Therefore Xia Tian directly own blood drop above ghost, when his blood drop after ghost, a formidable soul attack has raided directly to his soul. Snort, depends on you also to attack my soul.” The Xia Tian soul is very formidable. Technique of Third Layer deep meanings eight Qi, disappear. Bang! Attacks is direct to the soul attack of Xia Tian.

At this time Xia Tian understands finally a that person face is why pale, but did not use ghost, because he wants to let ghost recognized the main time, has encountered the attack of ghost, therefore his complexion that ugly, because of this, therefore he is unable to use this ghost. After Xia Tian disappeared that soul attack, bead above has sent out unwillingly, but also can only submit to Xia Tian. Ghost spirit bead. Ability: The use ghost attacks. Strongest deep meaning: Hundred ghost evening banquets, emit inside over a hundred ghosts to come out to hunt, at this time they will regard food front all enemies, hunts and kills. Very strong.” Sees here time, on face of Xia Tian immediately one happy, he has not thought that such strong ghost unexpectedly is others delivers. N , N , D, was I the corrupt wolf take possession?” Xia Tian surprised saying. He felt that was too inconceivable, some unexpectedly people place on this ghost him, although the opposite party possibly wants to place on him temporarily, then finds an opportunity to rob again, since the present treasure fell in the hand of Xia Tian, that Xia Tian naturally will not give others. Was right, the ghost of what rank in this has?” Xia Tian examines in the ghost spirit Zhu ghost hurriedly. Volume, tripod ghost 95, four cauldron ghost four, has not obeyed the director, obviously is a more formidable ghost.” Saw when one can control these many formidable ghosts, Xia Tian simply was too excited. He just arrived at next three, skill how worries to maintain life, he has not thought skill unexpectedly oneself that maintains life delivered. „, Young mortal, dares to control me.” At this moment, the ghost that in ghost spirit Zhu that is not obedient gives a loud shout.