Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1857

Um?” Xia Tian discovered that [say / way] hides in the ghost of deep place not only does not listen his, but also seems wants to be disobedient he, directly carries on to seize the shed to him. Submits to me, you are just a young mortal, should kneel before my knee.” That super ghost said directly. Snort, courts death.” Xia Tian cold snort, emits the attack afterward directly. Technique of Third Layer deep meanings eight Qi, disappear. Bang! Counter-balanced. unexpectedly was counter-balanced.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. He has not thought own attack unexpectedly so simple was counter-balanced. Mortal, you are not my match, I can easily extinguishes you kills.” That super ghost laughs loudly. „It is not good, this ghost is not the average person refines absolutely, the origin of this ghost is not perhaps simple.” Xia Tian does not dare to pull rank, drags into the soul of small snake own knowledge sea directly forcefully: Small snake, gave me seal he.” ! The small snake attacks instantaneously. Meanwhile, the strength of Heavenly Connection erupts directly from small snake within the body. What? Actually is this what strength?” That super ghost has not thought obviously Xia Tian also has such skill, immediately had a scare. He only felt that a destruction the strength twines directly him: No, hateful, you are only a mortal, why will have the so terrifying strength.” Seal he.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout.

Afterward the small insect lived to the seal that ghost directly. Shouted!” Xia Tian long expiration, he does not have to think one almost capsize in Yingouli, if not the strength of Heavenly Connection, perhaps he really must seizing to abandon by this fellow, before he only thinks that this ghost is others refines, but now looks like, this ghost should be that ghost forms, he to seize the shed and prepares, as for here these ghosts, should be seized the object in shed by him, just he seizes the request of shed to be too high, therefore the human body of these person is not enough to satisfy him to seize the shed. Originally this ghost bead is a trap, is good has the strength of Heavenly Connection because of the small snake.” Xia Tian then relaxed. However now he already that ultimate ghost to seal, therefore this ghost spirit bead can definitely be used by him, after him , after the soul intensity increased, he controls that ultimate ghost again. After having resulted in ghost spirit bead treasure, Xia Tian is happy. Although he was almost seized to abandon, but the opposite party has not succeeded after all, but oneself were also directly that ultimate ghost suppressing, like this he can fight using the ghost bead. After leaving the king crab city, is the darkness. Today is really bad luck, thinks can deceive these fools, has not thought that finally unexpectedly has bumped into the real hunt-killer team.” In the darkness one line of walked directly. Hidden rest/breath technique. Xia Tian direct hidden went to the personal appearance. Also is not that dead girl and that broken window, but boy, their words, will not bring in the real hunt-killer team, rapidness that luckily we run, otherwise may be miserable.” Another person said. Hateful, do not let me bump into that brat again, otherwise I have certainly abandoned him, he breaks the window, but the sound too big words, how possibly bring in the real hunt-killer team.” Also the person complained. First let alone, we went to another city, deceive there person.” Is one person of head said. „Does Boss, we go?” Goes to Zuo Linshan, cannot go to right Linshan, the news that total master there spreads, the person of that batch of demon in right Linshan, the people of real hunt-killer team went to there now, we happen to can go to That side Zuo Linshan to deceive while this opportunity.” Is that person of head said.

Since is the total master passes on, left we go, our time member money have not sufficiently collected, if such goes back, the total master must kill us.” Um, goes to Zuo Linshan.” Is that person of head said. Blames that person, if not he, our time members have certainly sufficed, next time I will bump into him to dig up his skin.” Whose skin can you pull out?” At this moment, the ice-cold sound appears near their ears together. What person?” The people of that several false hunt-killer teams garrisoned immediately. They are the false hunt-killer teams, is that type specially closes right up against the person who the reputation of hunt-killer team cheats out of money everywhere, they organized gang, Chief of gang is total master in their mouth, but they are the subordinates of total master, the total master gave them to get down mission, making them exit to cheat out of money, then has paid the member money, came out turned over to them. Tread! Xia Tian step by step walked from behind. When he walks, the people of opposite these false hunt-killer teams are an anger of face: Brat, unexpectedly is you.” Your unexpectedly also dares to appear before us, the brothers, on, have killed him to me together.” The leaders of gang shout directly. Kill! That more than ten individuals have fired into Xia Tian directly. The ghost attacks. Xia Tian wants to have a look at the ghost spirit bead the fierce place, although these people are the false hunt-killer teams, but their strengths are good, in more than ten individuals has five tripod Expert. Ten ghosts attack.

Because in the opposite party has five tripod Expert, therefore Xia Tian sent out ten ghosts to attack directly. ! That moment that the ghost attacks, Xia Tian discovered that in nighttime, ghost unexpectedly invisible, although the opposite party has discovered the danger, however the attack of ghost is actually partial in the soul attack, virtually impossible to guard against, in addition sneak attacks, these more than ten people of teams were strangled to death instantaneously, their souls also by that ten ghosts swallowing. At this time that gang dumbfounded standing is in-situ: This, is this possible? Actually a moment ago what happened?” Looks at own subordinate but actually, he does not know that should say any was good, he does not even know that actually his subordinate how dies. Has not thought that will also obtain the addition in the attacks of nighttime these ghosts.” The strength of Xia Tian first use ghost, he has not thought that the first use has such big harvest, the mood immediately very good, the might of ghost spirit bead he imagines is bigger, especially in the night, the strength of ghost also obtained the addition. Tread! Xia Tian moved toward the leader of that gang directly. „Do you want to do? Do not come.” Although the leader of that gang is also tripod Expert, moreover tripod Rank 2 Expert, but now he completely by the Xia Tian method being scared. Answered me an issue.” Xia Tian coldly looks to the leader of that gang. You must guarantee that you do not kill me.” The leader of that gang put forward the condition hurriedly. Good, I do not kill you, told me the news of demon these people.” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks at the leader of that gang.