Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1858

Good, I told you.” Chief of that gang said. Xia Tian vision stubbornly is staring at that person, his first distance father such near, he thinks that in the past his father died, but had afterward known the news that the father has not died, does not know happy, he and father separated were so long, this time he must see his father finally. „It is not good, I did not feel relieved that you must by the soul enlightenment, unable to kill me, cannot injure me.” Chief of that gang was worried that Xia Tian does not kill him, but hits to be remnant he, that and killed him not to have what difference, after all this road every day through the person may be many, once these people saw injured him, the good intention will not save him. I by the soul enlightenment, I will not begin to kill you.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. Hears Xia Tian to pledge that Chief of that gang really felt relieved: Person altogether four that demon comes, they appeared in right Linshan yesterday, now over ten thousand hunt-killer teams have surrounded and captured them.” Actually is hunt-killer team what?” Xia Tian asked again. Hunt-killer team is over ten thousand hunt-killer teams comprised of six levels of urban Giant Bull City subordinates all city entrance elites, each team has 15 people to compose, altogether is 150,000 people, they are responsible for that four people who hunts and kills demon to come, I am only a vacation, a swindler, I knows these many.” Chief of that gang said. „Do the people in why king crab city believe you?” Xia Tian puzzled asking, the people in these king crab cities highly believed these people before, moreover special maintenance these people. That is the bureau that the total master sets up, he has the person to kill and burn to plunder intentionally everywhere, flaunts to be bewitched the banner of person, this can facilitate us to handle affairs.” The leader of that gang said. Who is total master?” Xia Tian heard these people to mention this total master a moment ago. Total master is our seven days the hole hosts in ten Erdong.” Chief of that gang said. Good, matter that should know I knew.” Xia Tian light saying. I can walk right.” Chief excited saying of that gang. When I had said you can walk?” Xia Tian smiling looks that gang Chief said.

You had pledged that will certainly let off me to walk.” The Chief face of that gang startled Xia Tian that looks at said: If you dare to kill me, you will certainly present the heart demon.” I had meant I do not kill you, but I had not said that they do not kill you.” Xia Tian within the body departed more than ten ghosts instantaneously: Has eaten him.” You die like a dog!” Body of that Chief but actually. Xia Tian truly had said do not begin to him, does not kill him, but Xia Tian had not said do not make the ghost kill him. 150,000 people of teams, but also really thinks highly of my father.” Xia Tian vision one cold, afterward he looked to the distant place: Father, waits for me.” Whiz! The body of Xia Tian vanished in instantaneously same place, he must find his father and the others, he very long had not seen his father, he can also remember the father that to have the severe appearance now gently, initially the father well studied to he biggest expectation, finished the university, but he has not finished the university. He does not know that can be hit the fart by father, the stock. In king crab city. Finally caught you, your boy very can run, the thing handed over, I gave you a happiness.” People in five lines of ghost said that at this time their opposite is standing before that man, hits Xia Tian that man. Father technique is inferior to the person, must kill to hack as you like then.” That man wicked saying. Searches for!” Gold ghosts in five lines of ghost wave, other four ghosts all started to search. Boss, no.” The wooden ghost looked two on this person.

How to be possible? Certainly was hidden by him, called till me, projects on him to say.” [gold/metal] Gui angry saying. Bang! Bang! Their several people start to beat. Ha Ha Ha Ha.” That person has laughed suddenly. What do you smile to smile?” The earth ghosts asked. I smile your five am one group of solitary person wild ghosts, this method? Continually to grandfather flexure itchy insufficient.” Saying that person disdains. Snort, I make you taste the taste of zoophagous ant, the second child.” [gold/metal] Guileng snort said. Good.” The wooden ghost has put out a small jar directly, in the small jar has packed the dense and numerous ants, his cautious and solemn opens the bottle mouth, afterward puts three zoophagous ants, then fast the small jar sealing, this set has acted he to make unusual is quick, is feared that made. The zoophagous ant crawled directly the body of that person. Incites! The zoophagous ant has climbed in the skin of that person directly, starts to gnaw in his meat, this feeling is painful and itchy, moreover in inside concern, therefore regardless of your how flexure flexure. Ah! in that person of mouth has sent out a pitiful yell. Boy, which so long as you told us the thing to place, we forgave your life.” [gold/metal] Gui looked that said to that person.

„Do I, depend on your five ghost wild ghosts? You five one-to-one words who is the father match? Isn't depends the person to be many? Sooner or later the father kills you directly.” That person of angry shouting. „ The second child, do not let him die, slowly suffers him, your several get eating and liquor comes, we eat a thing first.. [gold/metal] Gui said. Boss, you felt relieved that his leg had been broken by me, the Chu ring also in my this, I thought how he also runs away.” Wooden ghost very self-confident saying. Before long, they got one pile of eating and good wines, several people opened afterward directly eat, most excited saying when several people of eating: Second Brother, you takes eating entices him.” Good.” The wooden ghost stands up directly, when he arrives at inside ran hurriedly: „It is not good, Big brother, he disappears.” What? Disappears?” Other three people also all stare. Disappears disappears, has anything to be good to make much ado about nothing , to continue to drink.” Gold ghost very optional saying. But I have broken his leg obviously.” Wooden ghost whole face inconceivable saying, he is self-confident to his technique, moreover he distinct heard the opposite party bone break the sound, he really thinks that does not understand a leg broke the person is how silent escaped. I already know that he can run away.” Gold ghost very optional saying. Already knew?” Other four people looked very puzzled to [gold/metal] Gui. This fellow is an unyielding person, coming hard him definitely not saying that I will give him an opportunity of escaping, after he escaped, definitely will take that thing, but I have planted [gold/metal] Guiyin on his body, which me regardless of he went to find him.” [gold/metal] Gui very self-confident saying.