Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1859

Other four ghosts have all raised up the thumb to their eldest children. Big brother is a big brother, is more intelligent than us, this that fellow could not be inescapable.” Saying of wooden ghost face admiration. First drinks, the vigilance of that fellow is very high, when he walks away to select us again with, so long as he took that thing, we immediately get rid.” The [gold/metal] ghost took up the liquor to say directly. Big brother, I respect you.” The earth ghosts is a slippery fellow, thought highly of [gold/metal] Gui hurriedly. Other two ghosts the words are not usually many, but has also held up the liquor, several people of direct big mouths has drunk. Has not thought that my unexpectedly almost planted in the hands of five ghosts, was the ghosts who that bead did, has not thought of unexpectedly the soul attack, if were not I responded that quick, perhaps the soul must be swallowed, was not good, I must a bit faster retrieve the bead, then recognized the lord, so long as such bead I can make it recognize the lord, I can definitely strike back five ghost, their unexpectedly dares to cope with me with the zoophagous ant, was really one group of idiots, father played the zoophagous ant in childhood the time, you also scattered, the urine living putty played.” That face whiten man criticizes to say. He little had not suffered loss a moment ago, five ghosts are not softhearted to him. On the boy had gotten down the asterisk by me, which me regardless of he went to be able to find him, has not thought that his unexpectedly went to outside the city.” That man in hitting Xia Tian that moment placed on the bead Xia Tian, it still has made simultaneously the asterisk on the body of Xia Tian, this asterisk was his is in sole possession of the method. Moreover is under on the Xia Tian clothes, therefore Xia Tian is impossible to discover. In right Linshan. At this time here gathered the people of 100,000 hunt-killer teams, these people are all pursuing the person who that four demon come. Found?” Person of the lead asked. No, although here does not have trees, but the rock is important, the big or medium cavern was innumerable, wants to find them not to be simple.” Looks , to continue to give me to look, here has 150,000 elites, I did not believe unable to find their four people.” The person of that lead said. Yes!” Chief, is the City Lord information.” Under a famous artisan ran over hurriedly.

Read.” The total leaders of hunt-killer team said. Person who within three days, must find that four demon, life and death, regardless, but must find their Chu ring, three days later the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber must open.” Under the famous artisan discussed directly. Um.” The total leaders of hunt-killer team nodded, afterward said: Order hunt-killer team all members speed up moving to me, within three days, must discover that person of several demon teaching to me.” Whiz! The body of Xia Tian is shuttling back and forth fast. Hateful, so to be how far.” Xia Tian has turned toward the direction of right Linshan to hurry, but right Linshan actually can only walk, because this does not have any transmission all the way, even if goes to other cities also same to take such far road, therefore he is running at this time unceasingly. Ran one in the evening, Xia Tian sat on the ground has rested a meeting, in this had many people to communicate, if were usually may not have these many people, at this time these many people were because everybody heard demon Expert in right Linshan, therefore they went to right Linshan to try one's luck. If they happen to have bumped into dying demon Expert, they picked up a big bargain, although this type of probability , is less than surely 1, but they harbor the fantasy. The people should have the dream, if realized. Therefore they chose this type compared with buying the lottery ticket probability also low way, followed to try one's luck in behind of hunt-killer team. Was sitting in same place rest Xia Tian saw an uncultivated land beast car(riage) suddenly, is car(riage) that the wild beast drew: Lying trough, how I have not thought that also has this means.” Sees that moment of uncultivated land beast car(riage), the Xia Tian innermost feelings one happy, had the uncultivated land beast car(riage), he can save the time of rest, moreover can preserve stamina: Good, who made you bump into me bad luck, I tribulation your this car(riage) to be good.” Whiz! The tip of the toe of Xia Tian at a ground point, jumped up directly that car(riage), the cart driver who driven noticed that by him were many a person, stopped the car(riage) directly: „Who you are, quickly gives me to get down.” I am take by force, now this car(riage) turned over to me.” Xia Tian said directly.

Takes by force? Ha Ha Ha Ha, you determined that you can take by force this car(riage)?” That cart driver laughs was saying. What's wrong, this car(riage) can't I take by force?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Naturally can, Young lady, he must take by force your car(riage).” The cart drivers were saying to compartment inside person. Who must take by force my car(riage).” At this moment the familiar sound appeared together, heard this sound the time Xia Tian face to be green. Whiz! The familiar form fell on his front together. Is you.” That female who the opposite that female initially must look for Bishop Cao. Volume! At just the right moment, I passed by, you invited, I walked my.” Xia Tian awkward saying, he does not dare to take by force the car(riage) of this violence female, cracks a joke, the strength of this female is not a lid, moreover this female temperament is irritable, he hides also to hide, how possibly dares to take by force her. Happen to I must look for you, I later think it over, I want to understand finally, you know Cao Yaqian, has not thought that I had not found you, you delivered actually.” The females smiling look at Xia Tian, her smiling absolutely is smiling of not bad good intention. I have the matter, first walked.” Xia Tian said that must start directly. ! At this moment, in front of him a giant stone, by the smashing that a female whip pulled out, the body of Xia Tian is stopped directly hurriedly there. Runs Ah! female to look that said to Xia Tian. Does not run.” Xia Tian said directly. All right, is your speed not very fast?” The females said again.

No, is not quick.” Xia Tian shook the head. Do not take by force my car(riage)? Boards.” The females said. Can not on.” Xia Tian felt at this time that in that car(riage) is the hell, even be more terrorist than the hell. „It is not good.” The females shook the head. Others will call.” Xia Tian shyly saying. You called, even if you asked broken throat also nobody to manage your.” The females rubbed their hand to say. But others do not think really on.” Xia Tian continues to say. A bit faster leave to me, otherwise my whip pulls out you.” The females look at Xia Tian wicked saying. Whiz! Xia Tian saw that the female must brandish the whip in oneself hand, immediately jumped up the uncultivated land beast car(riage), afterward he entered in the car(riage), female corners of the mouth slightly one evil, afterward also walked. Now remaining both of us, you said that what our two should do?” The females flew a eye to say to Xia Tian.