Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1860

You do not want this appearance, person who I have the husband and wife.” Xia Tian both hands protect in their front. What calf pulls with me, said quickly, Cao Yaqian? I only look up three integers.” Female wicked saying. One! When the female finds out one, Xia Tian facial color one cold, who is he? He is Xia Tian, was dug the bone to break the muscle not to wrinkle the person of brow by Abao, his strength of spirit is hard, the man real man is indomitable spirit, at the most, the foot steps on, is he that person who betrays the brothers? Snort!” Xia Tian cold snort, did not speak. Two! When the female looks up two, Xia Tian gains ground to throw out the chest, on the face wrote all over me is brave soldier these four characters, even if were the female kills him, he will not incur. Three! Cao Yaqian, male, one of the Saint virtue palace ten archbishops, our two at the serious famine knew that he leads me to come to here mainly for the buried treasure of Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, on that day he saw your time probably saw suddenly was cleverly same, ran directly.” All matters that Xia Tian will know one time all said. Although kills will not incur, so long as cannot kill, he will incur. Um, good, these?” The females asked. These, female hero, you have forgiven me.” Xia Tian depressed saying, he said to Bishop Cao in the innermost feelings at this time 100 were sorry. His had said that what means makes you have to contact with him?” The females asked again. No, but he definitely will go to the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, so long as when the time comes I make the symbol, he can definitely find me.” Xia Tian said.

Good, I lead you to go to the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, which I do not believe him to run away to go.” The females said. „It is not good, I have the matter, now cannot go to the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber.” Xia Tian said hurriedly that he must look for the father. „? What matter?” The females asked. Finds the person, right Linshan.” Xia Tian said. That just right, I must go to a right Linshan to take a thing, then on the same place.” The females said. Xia Tian this depressed, he thinks looked to run by, but he has not thought that female unexpectedly also went to right Linshan. „Won't you want him to be what kind of? How even if must you not let me see that I am unable to continue watching.” On the face of Xia Tian has written all over solemnly and stirringly. I must catch him to go back with my Little Sister to get married.” The females said. Gets married?” Xia Tian stares slightly: „, Is gets married, I also think that you want his anything.” That what? What meaning?” Female puzzled asking. Anything, you have not been the sister-in-law of Bishop Cao, scared to death me.” Xia Tian thinks that the female was owed the sentimental debt by Bishop Cao, therefore pursues the debt. Cao Yaqian this fellow unexpectedly at the wedding night running away marriage, making me catch his me certainly not to let off his, now my Little Sister Tiantian cries.” Female indignant saying. Originally this boy is heartless Chinese, the elder sister, you could rest assured that I guaranteed helps you catch him, I most repugnant is the man is irresponsible.” Xia Tian pats own chest guarantee saying that at this time he seemed and female stands in the unified front.

Um, your boy is good.” Female satisfied nod of. Elder sister, I have not known that your name, I can't such call you?” Xia Tian asked. My name was Liu Shishi, my Little Sister called Liu Mimi.” The females said. Good name, poem poem elder sister, one hear of your names on the atmosphere, absolutely are the family background famous family prominent families.” Flattering that Xia Tian keeps, this is to look for the opportunity runs away, he must locate to relate with Liu Shishi first, then makes Liu Shishi relax to him, like this waited till right Linshan he to seize the chance to leave. He does not want to go the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber with Liu Shishi directly, he will not betray Bishop Cao. He must look for his father and Brother Xiaoma they. Liu Shishi also by Xia Tian quart comfortable of , complacent saying: That is natural.” Poem poem elder sister not only name is of pleasant to hear, the person is also attractive, what is main is your whip law is the time is unusual.” Xia Tian continues saying that he most has a headache is Liu Shishi's whip law, her whip law was really too fierce, perhaps even if were this incomparable formidable human body cannot shoulder her peerless unparalleled whip law. If they hit, only if that Xia Tian uses all cards in a hand, otherwise is very difficult to win, once has used all cards in a hand, he also does help the father and Brother Xiaoma they? Therefore he can only endure now. My whip is high-grade goods treasure, moreover my spirit beast is the snake, I fuse the whip law and spirit beast, has formed this unique whip law, this is four cauldron above Expert alone gate Unique Skill of meeting.” Liu Shishi had not discovered obviously Xia Tian intention, she also said her strength. Hears four cauldrons time, the Xia Tian back is the cold sweat, was good had not spelled because of him a moment ago hardly. Although he could resist with tripod Expert now, the words that but compares with four cauldron Expert, he a little insufficiently looked.

In next three, tripod Expert were considered as on is small Expert, but four cauldron Expert are super Expert, as for five cauldrons in next three is only a legend. Forces the marriage.” Xia Tian was really speechless to Bishop Cao, his unexpectedly will be compelled the marriage, moreover his unexpectedly in the marriage in the evening, the wedding festivities night running away marriage, this also absolutely was the skill. Poem poem elder sister, Expert like you are many?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Possibly to be how many, entire next three four cauldron above Expert can look up, but next three are too big, we are only the people under Giant Bull City, therefore too did not understand that what outside Giant Bull City is.” Liu Shishi answered. „? I just arrived at next three, has motionless, but must need the poem poem elder sister to look, I heard before Giant Bull City is six levels of cities, isn't he only six levels of cities?” Xia Tian just started to think that next three are only six levels of cities, is Giant Bull City. Naturally not, but little takes a walk, I do not have the city outside Giant Bull City jurisdiction, next three are very big, big is above you imagines.” Liu Shishi said. Grows in experience with the poem poem elder sister.” Xia Tian does not worry at this time, Liu Shishi must go to right Linshan in any case, therefore he rides this uncultivated land beast car(riage) to go to that directly, moreover this also runs compared with him quickly, but also reduces effort, therefore he started to ask the related next three matters on the vehicle directly. That was natural, if Cao Yaqian had your half to be obedient were good, when I found his, certainly caught him.” Liu Shishi grasped his pink / white fist to say. Poem poem elder sister, you said Bishop Cao to me the matter of wedding!” Why Xia Tian suddenly very much wants to know Bishop Cao the running away marriage.