Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1861

Mentioned this matter I to be angry, my Little Sister with him since childhood was the friends from childhood, moreover our two both were the Giant Bull City respected families, Liu and Cao, our two were also the family friendships of many generations, they had the engagement since childhood, was this boy continuously rebel, afterward unexpectedly to avoid the wedding, went to the Saint virtue palace, finally was deceived by his mother, at that time his family member decided to get married immediately.” Liu Shishi spoke of here time probably was angry very much. He was being compelled marriage?” Xia Tian asked. „It is not, at that time he agreed.” Liu Shishi said. Since agreed why he does want the running away marriage?” Xia Tian asked again. This is he most exasperating place, had done obeisance the hall, but evening's time he said suddenly one must break through immediately, needs to sense the life, finally threw that to run my Little Sister.” The upper body drum drum of Liu Shishi both hands fork waist air/Qi. Volume.” On the Xia Tian forehead is the heavy line. Sensibility life. His unexpectedly can find out such a rotten reason. You said that he is exasperating!” Liu Shishi looked that asked to Xia Tian. Exasperating.” The Xia Tian vision stares at Liu Shishi's upper body to say. Irritated me, when I caught his, I must repair him well.” Liu Shishi's angry saying. At this time a man is shuttling back and forth fast: Actually did this boy run which? unexpectedly is so quick, his direction. Does he want to go to right Linshan?” Whiz! This man places on Xia Tian that person the ghost spirit bead. He has made the Coordinate on the body of Xia Tian, therefore he pursues at this time directly, but he discovered that own unexpectedly more overtook far, Xia Tian direction unexpectedly was right Linshan. Hateful, must overtake him, is good to bring back my thing, when I take carry back that thing, my this time certainly had the means to make it recognize has advocated, when the time comes I can extinguish five lines of ghosts, before snow, shame.” Regarding him five ghosts by the matter that are not feeling well oppressively, five ghost any take obviously is not his match, but five ghosts he who collaborates actually to hit do not have the strength to hit back. Person who he is one has the lofty character, he has thought one are Expert, when he bumps into five ghosts missed. Five ghosts, you are waiting to me.” Man wicked saying.

This time five ghosts also just went out of town. Boss, which did he run goes?” The wooden ghost asked. Quick that this fellow runs, was the thing has succeeded in obtaining, otherwise before , he did not have the opportunity eastern Tibet was so far.” [gold/metal] Gui said. We pursue to hold him, what to do or did he run away?” The earth ghosts worried that person ran away. Relax, he cannot escape, first do not pursue is so tight, I do not believe him to keep, so long as he stops, we with have a look at any situation, if discovered that he is building up that thing, we directly kill him, but if no, I estimated that he has possibly used the making a fraudulent switch idea.” [gold/metal] Gui said. Making a fraudulent switch idea? What meaning?” Wooden ghost puzzled asking. Has given a person the thing, then makes that person carry off, afterward he finds that person again, this called the making a fraudulent switch idea.” [gold/metal] Gui answered. Originally is this, is good is intelligent because of the Boss, otherwise we one impulsive in vain were busy at work.” The wooden ghost manner is very stupid. Um, walks , to continue with, actually I must have a look at him to be able but actually to run up to where go.” [gold/metal] Gui said that the speed sped up, several other ghosts are also the simultaneous accelerations. Present Xia Tian has been helping Liu Shishi scold Bishop Cao. flatter seeps! How today to have been sneezing, some people keep thinks me again?” Bishop Cao helpless shaking the head of: „After it seems like, cannot be too graceful, otherwise is really is jealous by the day.” Bishop Cao thinks that is own commander-in-chief, therefore these saw his appearance female to think him in that. Whether or not this, he has deceived to be infatuated with himself in any case. In right Linshan. Leader, today was last day.” Hateful, actually did they hide where?” Chief angry saying of hunt-killer team.

„It is not good we to explode mountain, if they did not come out to kill them.” It seems like also can only, inform like this, explodes the mountain.” Chief of hunt-killer team said. Actually he does not want to explode mountain, because this is in the destruction nature, this procedure will affect his destiny, but he thinks, so long as can extinguish that several Expert that demon came, that this destiny should be able to make up, after all that person including existence that the crevice prison can coerce. Definitely has the extraordinary card in a hand. So long as he obtained this type of card in a hand, he immediately takes is running, when came out his cultivation to certain Realm again. He to next three is very ripe, so long as he wants to hide, he had the confidence to make anybody unable to find him. Explodes the mountain. The gunpowder that here uses is the special development, is small to the air destruction, otherwise they do not dare to take the use absolutely, in spirit world, who no matter you are, cannot destroy the spirit world the air, will otherwise encounter chasing down of entire spirit world. Leader, prepared.” Good, that explodes.” Chief of hunt-killer team shouts. Bang! Bang! A series of explosive sounds transmit, afterward the mountain massif crushed stone was exploded everywhere is. The explosive sound has continued for one minute. Grandmother, your this group of fellows, unexpectedly dares to explode the father, is really the tiger does not assume an awe-inspiring pose, you work as the sickness cat with me.” At this moment drinks the sound to transmit greatly. Leader, found.” Ha Ha Ha Ha, I also think that they hide not to come out for a lifetime.” Chief of hunt-killer team laughs was saying: Kills, has killed him to me.”

Afterward he also rushed, his goal is these demon Expert Chu rings. Snort, depends on you also to dare to father to get rid.” That sound has filled extreme despising. Kill! A giant finger empty shade drops from the clouds, this giant finger empty shade seems as if compares a mountain to be big, this finger empty shade pounded directly above these leading troops. Defense! These person of fast start defenses. But! Bang! The entire mountain was pounded the flat land by this finger empty shade, but the person also all disappearing trace on that mountain, obviously was disappeared a moment ago by this finger empty shade. What?” The people of surroundings these hunt-killer teams were all given to control by this. Hateful, do not fear that kills to me, his ability forever not will not stop possibly completely.” The leaders of hunt-killer team shout loudly. Kill! Hears the words of hunt-killer team leader, the surrounding these people once more have all fired into there. Really refuses to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality.” Finger of Consonance: Jumbos.