Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1862

Bang! Meanwhile, a finger empty shade of large size appears sky over these people, sees this finger empty shade time, these people all start to escape, crack a joke, the person who these had not escaped a moment ago with enough time all died, how at this time they possibly do not escape, the surrounding these people are also scatter in all directions to go. Bye-bye, I warned that do not pursue, otherwise your person last cannot be left over.” After that sound said that the empty shade in sky also directly falls. Bang! When the empty shade falls in the midair, the empty shade vanished there directly. Enormous and powerful empty shade on such news. Under empty shade these people have all frightened to be paralyzed, that flash, they think a moment ago really one died. Terror. They enormous and powerful coming encircled before kills Expert from demon, but they have not thought that finally unexpectedly turned into this, over ten thousand hunt-killer teams, 150,000 elites, including the person had not seen that finally is the casualty was serious . Moreover the present hunt-killer team had been scared. The opposite party that seems invincible style also lingers in their hearts now, they also think a moment ago own these many people can definitely kill demon Expert, then robs the treasure. Words that but now, the treasure and life compare, appeared not anything. Let alone kills Expert that demon came, the treasure may not by them be snatched. If makes them take the lead now, that fears nobody to go. The person who after all took the lead a moment ago may die, moreover death is so terrorist, the opportunity of continually escaping does not have. Head.. Lead(er), now we what to do?”

Pursues, cannot make him run away.” Chief of that hunt-killer team shouts. „But how this pursues, now the morale of troops has been defeated and dispersed.” Hateful, that style he definitely can only use a moment ago one time, second time blustered, had not looked that the second person was all right? Certainly is this, clashes to me, orders, if who dares retreat, that to harass morale of troops handling.” The leaders of hunt-killer team shout loudly. Yes!” Under the famous artisan directly issued to order, hears Chief made them pursue, they are in a daze, but they do not dare disobedient Chief now, otherwise Chief definitely killed the chicken to startle the monkey. To! These people rushed once more. In this time four people of groups. Adoptive father, they pursued.” A handsome man said that this man is not others, is Brother Xiaoma. Really is fellow of one crowd of acting recklessly, if not I am wounded by demon Expert, I can definitely extinguish them directly.” What speech is Xia Tianlong, in his words has filled aggressively. Tianlong, now we what to do?” Yin Nie asked. Leaves here, my wound restored part, I can be Little Ma carry on super disguise, how when the time comes only to need to infiltrate a city to be good.” Xia Tianlong said. Adoptive father, didn't Xia Tian in spirit world, we have a look at him?” Brother Xiaoma asked. „, Now is also not we met, something are also not he should withstand, I led you to go to three first, there had an old friend, when the time comes you stopped over in his there, I also very important matters must be done.” Xia Tianlong shook the head to say.

Regarding seeing Xia Tian this matter, he thinks that is also not the opportunity. Because something were not he should with Xia Tian say that now, he does not know after seeing Xia Tian, how should say. You must look for her, I go with you together.” Yin Nie said. „, That is my wife, you keep thinking also in vain keep thinking.” Xia Tianlong smiles was saying. You could also manage me to keep thinking.” Saying that Yin Nie is not feeling well , the usual Yin Nie words are few, moreover is serious, when he in front of Xia Tianlong, he became cannot enforce. He and Xia Tianlong, but long-standing friendship. How did not know her!” Saying that a Xia Tianlong face yearns. I urged you not to harbor the too big fantasy, after all that was only she does several things at the same time.” I knew.” Xia Tianlong is not willing to mention this matter obviously. Right Linshan. When Xia Tian they come here, here hunt-killer team is looking around, their 15 people of one team, is looking around. How? That several demon Expert?” Xia Tian held on people of hunt-killer team to ask hurriedly. Your what person?” That hunt-killer team person obvious is too not happy. I.” Xia Tian is at a loss for words for a while, he cannot get rid to the people of these hunt-killer teams directly, that will fear him to encounter these to extinguish kills besieging of team of people.

Xia Tian, do not wander about aimlessly, what person do you want to see? If could not find, first follows me.” Liu Shishi arrives at the Xia Tian side to say. „!” Xia Tian can only comply, he also knows that now obviously is not begins, he wants to know that father and the others news, that must wait by the evening, has caught several people to ask to him in the evening. Walks.” Liu Shishi waves to walk toward the front directly. Quick, they arrived at outside a tent. Halts, here is the rest area of leader Sir, the miscellaneous personnel cannot approach.” Guarded has blocked Xia Tian and Liu Shishi directly. Snort, tells your Chief, making him come out to greet me.” Liu Shishi light snort said that obviously she stops this matter to be extremely discontented to the guard. Small girl each family, every day want to see the Chief person to be many, hides the distant point to me, our family Chief takes constant care of many affairs of sate, the matter that every day must be busy are many, has no free time to respond you.” Guards very impatient saying. Who manages the affairs of state is?” Xia Tian very curious asking. Volume!” Hears the Xia Tian words, guards stares immediately, afterward the complexion changes: Boy, your live is impatient? Your unexpectedly dares to crack a joke with our Chief, do you know that our Chief is shoulders no matter what greatly person, if not he leads hunt-killer team resistance demon Expert, you can also live are standing here? Now leave to me, otherwise do not blame us not being impolite.” „Do you want not to be how impolite?” Has not waited for Xia Tian to answer that Liu Shishi has opened the mouth. Um? I warned you, my present mood is poor, you offended me.” That guards the vision one coldly, afterward he shouts to the hunt-killer team people who outside the tent goes on patrol: Comes the person, here some people cause trouble.” Whiz! Hears some people to cause trouble, the hunt-killer team personnel who these gone on patrol walked directly, their complexions are not good: Any person, unexpectedly dares to cause trouble here, grasps to me, interrogates and tortures strictly, is look the spy of person of demon.”