Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1863
Catches me?” Liu Shishi's complexion immediately changes. On!” The people of these hunt-killer teams have fired into Xia Tian directly, their recent are not happy, because demon Expert escaped, they have been busy at work in vain, moreover Chief, because has not caught demon Expert, therefore he under is usually unkind to person, they were usually a scapegoat. Now saw that some people deliver, they happen to plan to take the Xia Tian air vent. Snort, dares to move my person.” At this moment Liu Shishi right hand wields, in her hand presented a flame whip. ! When these people rush to the Xia Tian front, the whip in her hand flings directly, the whip flash as if lived was the same, flushed away to the people of these hunt-killer teams directly, the people of that several hunt-killer teams directly by that flame whip tying up solidity: Xia Tian calls me.” Good.” Xia Tian has fired into that several people directly. ! A person of palm of the hand hit directly on the faces of person of these hunt-killer teams. Anything!” That guard saw the hunt-killer team that dresses ranks directly was controlled by Liu Shishi one move, on the face has written all over inconceivable, but he responded immediately: Comes the person, gives me to come the person, is the demon spy, they mixed.” Hears is the demon spy, the people of surroundings these hunt-killer teams all flushed. Meanwhile, in corner. Hateful, found him with great difficulty, is his unexpectedly with Liu Shishi in the same place, Liu Shishi is Expert, now wanted to take carry back to be possible the thing from that boy to trouble.” At this time a man is observing here situation in secret, he places on Xia Tian that person the ghost spirit bead. He has tracked Xia Tian mark to find here, but he has not thought of Xia Tian unexpectedly with Liu Shishi in the same place.

Liu Shishi is a he very familiar person, because he and Liu Shishi come from a city, six levels of urban Giant Bull City, Liu Shishi in Giant Bull City is also a celebrity. „It is not good, must try to find a solution, while Liu Shishi does not pay attention to time goes that boy thing to take carry back, so long as I have taken carry back that thing, I can make that thing recognize the lord, this time I have been ready, so long as I shoulder that soul to attack, I can make that ghost spirit bead recognize me for the focus, when the time comes I can kill that five old ghost, before snow, shame.” Saying of that male innermost feelings anticipation. He was called talent from infancy to maturity, but he does not have to think own unexpectedly was defeated in the hands of five ghosts, moreover suffering that was kept by five ghosts, this regarding him is the greatest shame, he must cut to kill five ghosts, can subside the anger in his heart. Irritated me.” On Liu Shishi's face has written all over anger, afterward she shouts loudly: Liu Changsheng, you leave to me.” The human eyes of surroundings these hunt-killer teams look that must kill Xia Tian and Liu Shishi's front. Stop!” At this moment drinks to transmit greatly, afterward the form fell on Liu Shishi's front together directly. See Chief!” Sees this person time, the people of these hunt-killer teams stopped their movement hurriedly, respectful saying. Chief, they are the demon spies.” That guards goes forward to say hurriedly. Nonsense.” Chief angrily rebukes to say. Chief, I have not talked nonsense, what you had a look at them to make into the people of our hunt-killer team.” That guard said. Bang! That Chief direct foot trampled on the body of that guard, afterward respectful looked to Liu Shishi: See young lady.” Young lady! Hears this name time, that guarded is shocked directly.

Liu Changsheng, your big rack, after having become Chief of this nonsense hunt-killer team, unexpectedly I do not pay attention.” Liu Shishi face angry saying. Young lady, you have misunderstood, I do not have.” Liu Changsheng answered hurriedly. Also? Your person must catch us, then tortures, now unexpectedly added that does not have.” Liu Shishi face angry saying. Is the servant does not understand custom, my this helps you teach him well.” Liu Changsheng said that arrived at the front of that guard directly, a foot trampled him. Bang! Chief.” That guards also knows at this time one offended big figure. Blind your dog eye, unexpectedly has dared to disrespect to the young lady.” Liu Changsheng scolded one, afterward continues to that person kicks. Bang! Liu Changsheng keeps kicks and beats that guard. Was good, my lazy responds you, my thing?” Liu Shishi impatient saying. Son of a bitch, has not thanked the young lady quickly.” Liu Changsheng scolded. Sees such scene, Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, although this guard is not the good thing, is a snobbishness, does not pay attention to anybody taking advantage of the convenience of own position \; However Chief Liu Changsheng of this so-called hunt-killer team is not the good thing, reason that guards does not make anybody go is he told obviously, now he such hits this guard, for all shirks the body that the responsibility guards. Thanks the young lady, thanks the young lady.” That guard said hurriedly. Has not rolled to me quickly.” Liu Changsheng scolds one, that guarded sneaks off directly.

Snort!” Liu Shishi does not like this Liu Changsheng obviously. Liu Touling is right, I heard that here is grasping demon Expert, how did not know.” Xia Tian found the person who has been able to inquire with great difficulty, how he possibly misses, he has not thought person unexpectedly that Liu Shishi looks for is Chief of hunt-killer team, how he happen to can ask the situation. Asked the news that he obtains will obviously obtain other people are more real. Um? You are.” He is my friend.” Liu Shishi said directly. Originally is young lady's friend.” On Liu Changsheng's face has piled up with the smiling face immediately: This matter said that was ashamed, we soon caught them, but that demon Expert does not know that has used any treasure, has ruined a mountain directly, has killed our several thousand Expert, afterward escaped, but I have the confidence certainly to catch his.” Really appears you, I do not know how these old fogies actually think, unexpectedly must grasp any demon Expert, after that several people intrude next three , has probably not done the misdemeanor, because of your appearances, has to pretend the people of hunt-killer team to deceive everywhere, even they also to install real, kills and burns to plunder with the aid of the given name of person of demon teaching everywhere, you give the disaster that next three bring to be older than that several demon person.” Liu Shishi very discontented saying. Right that young lady said that but this is the above person instruction, I also obey their dispatching.” Liu Changsheng said hurriedly. Was good, left that many idle talk, thing?” Liu Shishi asked. In inside, the young lady invited.” Liu Changsheng said. Walks.” Liu Shishi said to Xia Tian. I do not go, I wait for you here.” Xia Tian said that his can be separated from Liu Shishi's opportunity with great difficulty, how he possibly misses.