Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1864

Xia Tian had known the father they escaped news, therefore he does not worry, perhaps after all he wants to look does not have is so simple, because here had hundreds of thousands people to look could not find, were the place that he can also these hundreds of thousands people of looking more than? Even he also suspected that his father and the others fled from right Linshan. Since should ask asked that Xia Tian naturally wanted to be separated from Liu Shishi. He cannot betray Bishop Cao. Good.” Liu Shishi nodded, afterward walks toward inside with Liu Changsheng directly. Liu Shishi walked shortly, Xia Tian disguises to stroll in this surroundings, afterward left quietly, here and nobody pay attention to Xia Tian, nobody is willing to provoke him, a moment ago that guard was out they to look clearly. Ha Ha, finally ran away.” Xia Tian excited laughing said. Whiz! After he fled from right Linshan, plans to go to Qi Wang mausoleum chamber there first and Bishop Cao can with, then inquired the father their news. He understands, even if the present wanted to look is impossible unable to find, therefore he can only look from now on again, now his father they definitely already had hidden. When Xia Tian leaves Liu Shishi's that moment, in the darkness, on a person of face has shown the joyful look. Whiz! Xia Tian to avoid Liu Shishi pursues, found the quite difficult to walk road specially, moreover his speed is also quick. The night falls. Shouted! This she should unable to overtake.” Xia Tian has dropped out Liu Shishi finally, before he with Liu Shishi in mainly to come to right Linshan together, now knew that own father has been all right, therefore he can also leave, before he also deliberately considered that helps father and the others cope with the hunt-killer team.

But saw the complexions and Liu Changsheng's words of these hunt-killer team people, Xia Tian understood, the father did not have the matter, not only did not have the matter, but should also cause very big losses to the hunt-killer team. Shasha! The preparation rests Xia Tian to be on the rise suddenly, although sound very slight, but discovered by his vigilance: What person? Comes out to me.” Tread! The person's shadow walked from the darkness together directly: Good, unexpectedly can discover me.” Is you!” Although is the dark night, but had X-Ray Vision eye Xia Tian instantaneously to see clearly the appearance of opposite party, the person's shadow that at this time in that darkness went out was not others, initially by five ghosts have chased down the person. It seems like you to my a little impression.” That person of expression light saying. By that person who five lines of ghosts chase down, I remember you.” Xia Tian said. Heard Xia Tian saying that by that person who five lines of ghosts chased down, that person of complexion is a little unattractive, after all this matter regarding him was the shame. My Murong Bai will kill that five solitary person wild ghosts sooner or later.” That person of angry saying. „.” Xia Tian very optional saying: You kill, look me to do.” Xia Tian appearance that pretends anything not to know. Looks for you are because I have left behind a thing on you.” Murong Bai corners of the mouth slightly one evil, his vision looked to the Xia Tian clothes mouth, he placed on the ghost spirit bead Xia Tian this clothes mouth at that time: Well? Thing?” He looked at for quite a while not to find the ghost spirit bead the trail.

What thing?” Xia Tian asked. „It is not right, certainly was hidden by you.” Murong Bai looked that said to Xia Tian, he is self-confident to his technique, that place that he hides is also very covert, even if Xia Tian changed the clothes not to be impossible to discover that but Xia Tian has not changed the clothes now, but the ghost spirit bead disappeared. This only then an explanation, that was Xia Tian had discovered existence of ghost spirit bead, then hid it, he does not believe absolutely Xia Tian can make the ghost spirit bead recognize the lord, because the ghost spirit bead recognized the main time had the soul attack, initially he also got a cut by this soul attack. You were saying anything, I do not know.” Xia Tian played the rascal directly. Snort, did not acknowledge.” Murong Baileng snort, looked said afterward to Xia Tian: Boy, do not blame me not to remind you, my temperament is not good.” All right, my temperament is not good.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. It seems like the thing truly was taken away by you, since you do not want, my oneself to begin.” Murong Baishuo ends flushes away to Xia Tian directly. Whiz! Quite quick! The flash, Murong Bai rushed to the Xia Tian front. Finally level Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step. The limit flickers the step! The flash, Xia Tian has shunted Murong Bai attack directly. Well? Good quick movement.” Murong in vain somewhat surprised looks at Xia Tian, he before placed on the ghost spirit bead Xia Tian he discovered obviously the Xia Tian strength was not right, most was also one just entered the person of tripod, but Xia Tian unexpectedly so relaxed has shunted his attack.

You are also pretty good.” Xia Tian smiling looks at Murong Bai. Snort, your unexpectedly dares to speak to me with this tone, you know that who I am? I am Murong Bai, I this year am only 30 years old, by 30-year-old age cultivation to tripod Rank 9, I absolutely is the super talents of next three in being able to stand in line given names, you in my eyes are just the stepping-stone, now I give you an opportunity, submits to me, hands over the thing, perhaps after you, can become today subordinate.” Murong Baileng snort said. Tripod Rank 9.” Xia Tian light saying, he does not have to think one just entered next three to have a match of such rank. After the tripod, before strength and tripod, is the tremendous changes, although Xia Tian entered the tripod now, but he absolutely impossible and Expert front impact of tripod Rank 9. Feared, had feared the words, kneel down to beg for mercy now.” Murong Bai nostril saying upwards, he thinks that he has used the air/Qi of oneself tortoise to conquer Xia Tian. Is good to fear that scared to death me, my melon seed that frightened fell the ground.” Saying of Xia Tian very exaggeration. Sees the Xia Tian action, Murong stares in vain slightly, afterward a face angry looked that said to Xia Tian: You dare to play me.” Plays is you.” Xia Tian said that starts directly. „To run away, does not have the gate.” Seeing Xia Tian must run away, Murong Bai pursued hurriedly, his speed is fast, if were not Xia Tian just comprehended ultimate Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, perhaps he already gave for nothing to overtake by Murong, even if were such Xia Tian and between distance Murong Bai has not reduced. The limit flickers the step to be wise in the movement, the addition in speed has not promoted to be too many. Saw that Murong Bai must pursue to the Xia Tian front, at this moment Xia Tian gains ground suddenly. Hundred ghost evening banquets, kill to me.”