Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1865

Hundred ghost evening banquets. In ghost spirit Zhu strongest skill. However are most by the present Xia Tian strength can only emit 50 ghosts. Although ghost spirit bead has recognized has advocated, but now Xia Tian Realm is insufficient, therefore he is impossible to release the strongest deep meaning directly, hundred ghost evening banquets. Even if this, 50 tripod ghosts are also very terrifying. Moreover ghost that kills in the night. ! 50 ghosts plunged Murong Bai directly. „It is not good.” The Murong white complexion immediately changes, although he has not seen the ghost, but he has felt the attack from ghost, at the same time his body starts fast retreat. Bang! Murong Bai worthily is tripod Rank 9 Expert, he has blocked the attacks of 50 ghosts stiffly. Hateful, your unexpectedly made it recognize advocates.” The Murong white flash understands that attacked his is any thing, because he almost made this thing recognize at that time has advocated, he had a dream does not have to think one spent completely untold hardships unexpectedly is Xia Tian makes the bridal clothes, he was suffered by five lines of ghosts for this ghost spirit bead, but Xia Tian unexpectedly makes the ghost spirit bead recognize now has advocated, how this made him be able not to be angry, how can not be angry. He suffered greatly, moreover almost dies in five lines of ghost hands, but advantage unexpectedly all made Xia Tian probably. Kills!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, 50 ghosts all plunged Murong Bai.

Hateful, hateful, I must kill you.” In Murong Bai mouth has exuded an angry roaring sound, racket that afterward his both hands make an effort above ground. Summoned the spirit beast. Bang! A head two meters high big cat appears in the Xia Tian front. Galesaur, takes my weapon.” Murong Bai gives a loud shout, afterward in the mouth of galesaur has put out a noble appearance broadsword, this noble appearance broadsword has filled the endless might above. The weapon of treasure rank. unexpectedly hides the weapon in the mouth of spirit beast, there is one set.” Saying of Xia Tian appreciation, has saying that Murong Bai such does to keep a bottom line to oneself, words that if were held by the enemy, will store the ring definitely is first is robbed by the enemy, will therefore such do is feared that will bump into this situation accidentally, own weapon will not be robbed by the enemy together. I want you dead.” Murong Bai thinks that Xia Tian unexpectedly has discovered the ghost spirit bead, and recognizes successfully main on the vitality, he wishes one could Xia Tian swallow raw and whole now. Snort, has a dream.” Xia Tian cold snort said that if the frontage resistance, he definitely is not Murong Bai match, but the fishy spirit bead, him can control 50 ghosts to attack Murong Bai now, these 50 ghosts have the strength of tripod rank . Moreover the present is the black day, the strength of ghost obtained the addition. Their attack methods and normal humanity are different, can use the physical attack, can use the soul to attack. Such the multi-thread ghost use different attack methods, at once are also to let Murong are thrown into confusion in vain. Hateful, has the skill your oneself to come out with me to hit.” Murong Bai angry shouting, he was really more and more was angry now, just started is five lines of ghosts, words that five lines of ghosts took only, without any person was his match, once however five lines of ghosts collaborated, that strength had the tremendous changes. Now Xia Tian obviously is not his match, but Xia Tian actually controlled was his treasure, the ghost spirit bead, and he fought with the ghost spirit bead.

SB, you see the swimming star athlete to go with others to compare the calligraphy? You had seen the singer goes with others compared with the body weight?” Saying that Xia Tian disdains, he is also glad at this time idly, because he does not need to get rid, only needing stood sees a play here is OK. Hateful, I will certainly kill you.” Murong Bai angry shouting. Was a pity that you did not have the opportunity.” The Xia Tian vision suddenly changes cold, afterward ghost spirit bead in his hand one bright. The ghost strangles to death! ! Meanwhile 50 ghosts instantaneously became Berserk, these 50 ghosts have formed a cross shape, afterward started to strangle to death. Bang! Puff! A Murong Bai blood spouts, afterward his body fell on the body of galesaur directly: Brat, you are waiting to me, I will certainly not let off your.” Ran away. Murong white unexpectedly ran away. Has been a pity, cannot kill him, otherwise the treasure rank weapon in his hand turned over to me, although was only rank lowest treasure, but also was the good thing.” Xia Tian all left the elders in day of Lingshan other treasure, at this time on him only then five lines of ring treasure, moreover five lines of links also miss species, so long as he found last species, that five lines of links can display him to affect truly. Receive!

50 ghosts were received by Xia Tian directly, he discovered that after using the ghost has strangled to death, these 50 ghosts also appear very weary, obviously after the use ghost strangles to death, their consumptions are not small, therefore Xia Tian received them directly. It seems like I had the preliminary maintaining life method, so long as I, in next three should unable dead carefully temporarily, what now is main was promotion own strength, was found the father they.” Xia Tian wants to see the father and Brother Xiaoma they. He very long had not seen father. However he also knows that now definitely is not the time. After all his father they just ran away, should be hides. Hateful, hateful.” Murong Baituo injured body angry shouting, he is not having to think own unexpectedly will plant in the hand of Xia Tian this peon, this regarding him is the greatest shame, he is not willingly, he must retaliate, he must kill Xia Tian, snatches own ghost spirit bead. Is that treasure, he obviously is only an ordinary tripod boy, but can actually defeat me with that treasure, if I obtained that treasure, I can cut to kill five to be clever.” Murong Bai also wanted to obtain the ghost spirit bead in angry. After all ghost spirit bead very powerful, he has personally experienced. Moreover defeated in the hand of ghost spirit bead personally. That treasure is my, certainly is my, the brat, I must make you die like a dog, five lines of ghosts, I must make your five solitary person wild ghosts be frightened out of one's wits.” Murong Bai angry shouting, his anger has burnt at this time thoroughly, has thought is he of super talent, recently unexpectedly one after another was frustrated, this makes him wish one could these people to kill completely. The ghost spirit bead is a super treasure, he believes that Xia Tian absolutely does not have enough ability to control this treasure, must trade to do is his words, can definitely play the ghost spirit bead major role. Whom do you want to kill?” At this moment, the ice-cold sound appears together.