Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1866

Hears this sound Murong to stare in vain immediately. What person?” Murong Bai looked hurriedly to the source of sound. Such quick unexpectedly we do not remember that it seems like previous time is not very ruthless to you.” One line of five people walked from the darkness. Five lines of ghosts!” Sees the opposite party time, the Murong white complexion immediately changes: Galesaur, runs away.” At this time he only wants to run away, a bit faster runs away, even if he under complete condition, is not five lines of ghost matches, say nothing of now, he just had been wounded by the Xia Tian ghost spirit bead, present condition normal one-fifth, but also how and five lines of ghosts hit, therefore he can only run away. He knows that this five lines of ghosts hold his words, he may be miserable. Five lines of ghosts are absolutely impossible again to the opportunity that he runs away, thinks of here, Murong Bai worried. ! The galesaur exuded one to roar, afterward started directly. „To run away?” On [gold/metal] Gui the face has filled disdaining: Five lines of beasts, block him to me.” ! Immediately the front of galesaur presented five spirit beasts, directly five lines of beasts blocking there. I thought that which you this time toward run away.” Five lines of ghosts directly Murong Baiwei in the middle. Hateful, are you how is it?” Murong Bai looked shouts angrily to five lines of ghosts.

„Are we how is it? You naturally know that hands over the thing.” Saying of [gold/metal] ghost coldly, they followed such for a long time to snatch the ghost spirit bead, their five spent very big painstaking care to make the ghost spirit bead, has not thought that actually gave for nothing to steal away by Murong, how did this make their five be able not to be angry? Thing not in my this.” Murong Bai angry saying. Not in your this? I do not believe that the second child, digs to me his spirit beast belly, I thought him should eastern Tibet in the belly of his spirit beast, like his weapon.” [gold/metal] Gui orders to say directly. No, you cannot like this, in its belly anything not have.” Murong Bai angry shouting. The galesaur has accompanied him to be very long, he early has regarded the galesaur is his partner, he cannot look that the galesaur was cut open the belly. You are hand over, do we begin?” [gold/metal] Gui asked. Thing does not have really in my hands.” Murong Bai depressed saying. Begins.” [gold/metal] Gui was impatient, he is not willing to waste the time with Murong Bai, he only wants to bring back the ghost spirit bead now earlier, this is in his mind the long-awaited treasure, was only a pity that initially he with enough time had not made the ghost spirit bead give for nothing to steal away by Murong. Boils to me.” In Murong Baishou angry shouting. His hand the weapon of treasure rank creates an incident tigerishly. However double fist difficult enemy four, in addition he just injured, therefore he is only the flash is defeated, his galesaur was also held by the opposite party. Kills!” [gold/metal] Gui shouts loudly. Stop, I said.” Murong Bai shouts hurriedly.

Saw that [gold/metal] Gui must kill own spirit to be beastly, Murong has no alternative but to worry in vain, wants to establish with a spirit beast to need bit by bit to train tacitly, even the spirit beast also needs special compounded drug training, he has paid too many things on the body of galesaur, therefore he did not hate to see the galesaur dead. Wait / Etc.!” [gold/metal] Gui shouts hurriedly. I said that I all said.” Although Murong Bai unusual is not willingly, but he does not have any means now, if he did not say that finally he and galesaur must die, all he can only say now, then looks for the opportunity to escape. Said that has remembered, do not make a show with me, otherwise I will not be softhearted.” The [gold/metal] ghost vision ice-cold looks that Murong Bai said. I said that that thing now truly not on me.” Murong Bai said. Then on whom?” [gold/metal] Gui asked. I do not know that person names, but I have planted the mark when him, my wound a moment ago snatched that thing receives.” Murong Bai said. „? Is that person very fierce?” [gold/metal] Gui knows Murong Bai fierce, their five person any single Tiao are not Murong Bai matches, but Murong Bai unexpectedly said that now he has lost to that person, their five people must be more careful, but is also more careful. Their five are self-confident to their strength, although their five person each are only the tripod Rank 9 strengths, but their four people add actually to strike to kill four cauldron Expert. This absolutely is a legend. Among four cauldrons birth and death. This is an invariable legend, four cauldron beforehand people for some reasons could die, but four cauldron later people not so were easy. Four cauldrons is a watershed, although four cauldron following Expert among each Rank 1 have the change, but generally speaking will appear jumps the ranks the situation of challenge, draws an analogy, so long as cauldron Rank 8 above Expert is taking ultimate Spirit Tool, they can defeat Expert of two cauldrons, two cauldron Rank 9 take treasure to defeat ordinary tripod Expert.

But tripod Expert takes Advanced treasure not to be impossible to defeat Expert of four cauldrons, as for ultimate treasure, is uncommon. Four cauldrons in next three are also very famous. Generally speaking, four cauldron Expert cope with ten tripod Rank 9 Expert absolutely not to have the issue, but they five jointly attacking can actually kill four cauldron Expert, although also needs to depend on the sneak attack, but they truly have killed four cauldron Expert. That person himself is not fierce, can only be ordinary tripod Expert, but he made that thing recognize has advocated, the might of that thing was too terrifying, although he was unable completely to control that thing, but has actually been able easily to defeat me.” Saying of Murong Bai face hate, the ghost spirit bead should be his, then fierce treasure, if can definitely play the true role to his hand, at that time, he can extinguish kills five to be clever, is he actually in vain cheap Xia Tian. Thinks of here he unusual vitality. Now where is that person at?” [gold/metal] Gui asked. He on going to the road in Qi Wang mausoleum chamber.” Murong Bai said. Good, leading us to look for him, hands over your weapon.” [gold/metal] Gui said. Murong Bai looked at preliminary treasure in hand, helpless shaking the head, with the words that the life compares, treasure was not anything. Guides, you should better not to make a show with me, otherwise I will certainly make you live to might as well die.” [gold/metal] Gui warned. Relax, the winner for the king defeated invader, I lost, I will not revolt, said again, looks that boy the thing that I stole laboriously with, I thought that he was not feeling well, therefore I will lead you to ask him to do accounts in the past, if you can kill him, I was die also recognize.” Murong Bai depressed saying.