Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1867

This time Xia Tian does not know that crisis arrived once more. Has not thought that ghost spirit bead unexpectedly has such strong function, was only a pity that it affects in the evening is biggest, if greatly will sell at a discount in the daytime might.” Xia Tian had experimented, battle efficiency of ghost in daytime very weak . Moreover the fight time was also shortened, but Xia Tian also understands one cannot too rely on the ghost the strength. After all ghost spirit bead can only be a card in a hand. Was only a pity that I can only control the ghosts of these tripods now . Moreover the fiercest tripod ghost I could not have controlled, if some day I can control four cauldron ghosts, perhaps that is Murong Bai can also instantaneous Insta-kill.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, his strength is stronger, his exceed can protect the person who wants to protect. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian is shuttling back and forth fast. He discovered that in next three, two cauldron Expert quantities are many, in the serious famine, the people of two cauldrons is super Expert, but here two cauldron Expert were really too common, these people of cauldron as if were the child are the same, here the person of tripod can say that were Expert, but the people of four cauldrons, that is here topest battle efficiency. Ok, asks Bishop Cao to be able first with.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. At this time next three. „Are you Xia Tianlong?” Male vision solemn saying. Is I.” Saying that Xia Tianlong unemotionally. That looked for you right, followed me, I was disinclined to begin.” That male calm saying. „Who are you? Why do I want to follow you?” A Xia Tianlong brow wrinkle. Qin Yingmen.” That man said. Hears these three characters time, body of Xia Tianlong one soft, he has closed the eye directly, seemed has prepared to suffer to death was the same.

Tianlong, what's the matter?” Yin Nie sees appearance puzzled asking of Xia Tianlong. I follow you, but you must let off their several.” Xia Tianlong said. You did not say that I am also disinclined to begin to kill them, their several have not matched in my hands.” In that male look is the contemptuous look. No, Tianlong, has any us to face with you together.” Yin Nie said hurriedly. Yin Nie, listening to me saying that looks Xia Tian, tells him never to step into three, do not look for me.” Xia Tianlong vision stubbornly stares at Yin Nie to say. Tianlong!” Promises me.” Xia Tianlong clenches teeth to say. Yin Nie has never seen such Xia Tianlong, Xia Tianlong that he knows is a person of fearless, he even dares to go to the snafu that demon does, moreover forces the crevice prison to release people, this kind of super figure Xia Tianlong, on the face unexpectedly will present the desperate facial expression. I.” Promises me, takes care of him, I am an irresponsible father.” Xia Tianlong said. That many idle talk, I do not allow you to say goodbye, the last few words, your this whole life could not see in any case.” That person of very optional saying. Yin Nie unwilling clenching teeth, he knows that at this time front this person absolutely is super Expert, otherwise Xia Tianlong will not accept fate absolutely directly, moreover he also understands because of their three, therefore Xia Tianlong does not dare to escape, otherwise in the Xia Tianlong method, can perhaps escape from this individual hand. Yeah, said goodbye.” Xia Tianlong sighed to say. No, hateful, I do not allow him to lead you to walk.” Yin Nie said the sword instantaneous thorn in hand to opposite that Qin Yingmen Expert.

Do not kill him, otherwise I die here!” Xia Tianlong shouts hurriedly. That person of hand gently wields, not any unnecessary movement. Puff! The body of Yin Nie threw to fly directly, but has not died, if Xia Tianlong did not shout that a moment ago those words, he perhaps already died. Yin Nie Senior.” Brother Xiaoma and the others run hurriedly to Yin Nie, when they arrive at the Yin Nie side, discovered Yin Nie, although has not died, but the whole person has abandoned, his bone and meridians all break, the soul also fell into the deep sleep. Hateful, why you must injure him.” Xia Tianlong angry looks to that person. Ants, if not you threaten with deaths, he now is a deceased person.” That person of very optional saying. Little Ma, bringing Yin Nie to walk.” Xia Tianlong clenches teeth to say. Adoptive father!” Brother Xiaoma anxious looks at Xia Tianlong. Walks!” Xia Tianlong shouts once more. On the face of Brother Xiaoma presented the unwilling tears, he has regarded Xia Tianlong is his father, but saw at this time Xia Tianlong carried off, he is actually helpless. The Great General has not spoken. He always so, although he had the spirit wisdom, there is a sentiment, but he little expressed his feelings. Brother Xiaoma carries the body of Yin Nie to walk toward the distant place directly, he does not dare to turn head, because he is afraid sees adoptive father that gentle vision.

Sorry, the father, is I am incompetent, if you have had an accident, then one day, I certainly will sweep away Qin Yingmen.” Brother Xiaoma face angry saying, although he has not known that actually Qin Yingmen was any rank, but he can wait, 100 years were not good for 200 years, 200 years were not good for 300 years, 500 years, in 1000. The Great General follows silently in Brother Xiaoma. Walks, this is your life, on the day of that day that you live was doomed you to have, can die for our Qin Yingmen, that was your glory.” Saying of that person of coldly. Brother Xiaoma carried in Yin Nie a city, at this time his appearance was revised by Xia Tianlong, even if were the people of hunt-killer team saw that he could not recognize absolutely: Great General, Yin Nie Senior first gave you, this was the clothes gives my Chu ring, I left behind something spare, other left you.” „Do you want to go?” The words of Great General are few. „The Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, there is I now only opportunity, sooner or later, I, if on Qin Yingmen, if my adoptive father has been short of any fine hair, I conquered by killing Qin Yingmen surely.” Brother Xiaoma vision firm saying: „, This time matter character was unable to say to Xia Tian.” Um.” The Great General nodded. At this time King Qin mausoleum chamber surrounding. Restlesses, will not have any matter to occur.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Hey, that side that boy.” At this moment, the sound has interrupted the ponder of Xia Tian together, present Xia Tian and not the dead Divine Art strength has restrained Buddhist Relic, in not the dead Divine Art coordination of Xia Tian the Buddhist Relic strength is a tripod, however his small insect dantian actually is also only Realm of two cauldron. Therefore in bystander opinion, he now is an ordinary two cauldron Rank 1 person.