Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1868

„Were you calling me?” Xia Tian doubts looks to the opposite party. Naturally calls you, your did there have others?” Opposite party very impolite saying. What matter?” Xia Tian asked. Our in the hiring, is joining us now.” That person said. Excuse me, I do not like joining others' team, I and other friend of mine.” Xia Tian does not want to cause trouble here, after all currently here person has, moreover good and bad people mixed up, if he stirs up trouble, perhaps that will bump into any Expert, might stare by some people. Snort, being concerned about face?” As soon as that person listened to Xia Tian to say does not want to join cold snort said. Brow of Xia Tian immediately a wrinkle , he although does not want to stir up trouble, but he is not afraid of getting into trouble absolutely. What looks at to look? Refuses to accept, the boy, best not to be bumped into by us in inside, otherwise you died, we mixed with the total master.” That person of very proud saying, this is identifying one's role when first coming on stage. Person goal of identifying one's role when first coming on stage has two, first to tell others is organized, results at heart the pressure to others \; Second is he thought after one sent out oneself given name, very much will have the face. Total master! Hears this name time, Xia Tian has not spoken. What kind, feared, depended on your boy also to dare to think so me, really acted recklessly.” That person looked that Xia Tian did not answer, thinks Xia Tian has feared, therefore his speech imposing manner was fuller, Xia Tian is not the first person who he bullies, he most likes is this feeling. He likes others fearing him.

This will make him have the sense of achievement. Will Xia Tian fear him? Naturally not, but Xia Tian has not wanted temporarily with that total master to, although he will tidy up this person sooner or later, but is not now, the total master to obtain the advantage, borrows his father's reputation to do evil everywhere, this matter is not Xia Tian can endure, therefore he will certainly tidy up the total master. Snort, total master strongest influence besides seven three palaces, you small two cauldron boys share that only then looks up.” That person said. Xia Tian has still not spoken. Go away, be not bumped into by me in inside, otherwise when the time comes I definitely will not show mercy.” That person looked that Xia Tian does not revolt, did not speak, immediately thought very bored. Xia Tian has still not spoken. Orally has Xia Tian lost? Obviously does not have, but didn't he speak at this time fears? Of course not. This absolutely is tranquility before the storm gather. Total master has any extraordinary, the little brother, follows me, how I must have a look at him not to show mercy but actually.” At this moment a robust man arrived at the Xia Tian side to say. Um?” That person hears the words of robust man, the brow immediately a wrinkle: You were saying that what extraordinary total master did have?” You deaf?” Saying that the robust men disdain.

In report comes.” As soon as that person listens to robust man unexpectedly not to pay attention to the total master, immediately angrily rebukes saying that although he bullies the person here, words that but begins truly directly, he does not dare, although his person in, if bumps into one person who he is stronger, perhaps he must meet with a disaster, his person came to revenge to him was also what kind, he same is punched fat. According to moon/month sect, Niu Huang.” The robust men said loudly. Anything! According to moon/month sect, the photo moon/month sects in seven three palaces.” On that person of face immediately one startled, although they think that the total master is very fierce, but the total master also frequently taught them, do not offend the people in seven three palaces, because that was not they can offend. „The second photo moon/month sect?” Niu Huang the voice is grand. Originally according to the outstanding disciple of moon/month sect, the misunderstanding, misunderstands, my this walks, this walks.” On that person of face has piled up with the smiling face, he laughed at inexpensively, obviously him also according to moon/month sect these three characters frightening. Saw that person walked, Xia Tian to good emperor nod of slightly. Follows me, now the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber opened, you go in are also very dangerous, follows us, on the road you only need to protect on the line.” Saying that the good emperor upholds justice. Xia Tian also doing to be shocked by upholding justice of good emperor, he does not know Niu Huang, moreover does not have what friendship with Niu Huang, said again the strength that he shows now is also only two cauldron Rank 1, Niu Huang the strength is not low, moreover he also according to the person of moon/month sect, so long as he waves, that will want to join the people of his team perhaps to have. Lao Niu, how do you have one?” When team that Xia Tian arrives at Niu Huang, a man obviously is very discontented saying. Why can also be, sympathy is in flood.” A female echoes saying that they saw Xia Tian there situation a moment ago. I most repugnant is the fellow who these bully, I had not joined according to the moon/month sect before time frequently was bullied by these fellows, therefore I noticed that they were bullied by this person want to help them, if after all in the past were not Master, I will not have today.” The good emperor opens the mouth to say. Why Xia Tian the bright Bainiu emperors help him break through now.

Originally before good emperor, was bullied, then had been helped, therefore he saw that now some people were bullied want to help. From this point, Xia Tian has had the favorable impression to this good emperor only. Lao Niu, you cannot have the person to come back again, your this half of the day brought to come back three.” That man said. Well good, this last, our, but before embarking, everybody introduced mutually, when the time comes each other do not name does not know.” Niu Huang proposed. Nobody spoke. I come to introduce that to you, my name was Niu Huang, according to the disciple of moon/month sect, these two was my Junior Brother jade child azure with Junior Sister allow Wan, finally this was.. You called him water Senior Sister, our four people were the plan together, since has bumped into your several, that was the fate, your three also introduced itself together.” Niu Huang looked to the first person. Everybody illuminates Senior Brother Senior Sister of moon/month sect to be good, my name was Hu Li, first I must thank Niu Huangge, his words, I perhaps had been hit remnantly, now can also with your one team, this really be most honored fortunately, you could rest assured that no matter any dirty job tiring work you can give me, I ensure made Senior Brother Senior Sister satisfy.” Hu Li spoke on the face has piled up with the smiling face, moreover he kept thought highly of four according to the disciple of moon/month sect, I have prepared for greatly have overcome hand to you. I called the dialect, many thanks Niu Huang Senior Brother, I will not speak a moment ago, but I know that felt grateful.” The words of dialect are few, but everybody understood his meaning. Finally remaining Xia Tian.