Almighty Student - Volume 19 - Chapter 1869

I called Xia Tian, did not have any skill.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Heard the Xia Tian words, jade child azure and on the face of allow Anhui presented the disgruntled facial expression, even if were Xia Tian does not have what skill he unable to speak frankly, his such saying, gave people one type is mixes the feeling of team. Snort, did not have the skill also to feel all right to say.” Jade child blue very discontented saying. Cow Senior Brother, who who you have a look are you look.” Saying that allow Wangeng taunted, she a little looked down upon Xia Tian, after all a moment ago Xia Tian a moment ago the subordinate of that total master bullied, Xia Tian including the revolt has not revolted, even did not dare the speech, Hu Li and dialect they, although was bullied, but they have revolted. In her eyes, Xia Tian is one instigates the package. Xia Tian has not said anything, actually he does not want to enter in this team, but Niu Huang was really too hospitable, to the person was also unusual solid, therefore Xia Tian embarrassed opened mouth cannot say that this team, he also looks forward to these people to kick out him now. Good, since we can go hand in hand today together, this showed that we have the fate.” Niu Huang is still such polite, he always said the fate, so long as probably were the person who he ran into seems good is his brothers. That water Senior Sister has stood there a few words had not said that she as if not care to be the same to anything. This Brother Xia Tian, were not I say you, even if you did not have any skill, you can also help Senior Brother Senior Sister hit to overcome the hand.” Hu Li to flatter jade child azure and allow Wan obviously, therefore he started to say the matter with Xia Tian directly. Snort!” Jade child blue once more cold snort. „.” Niu Huang to avoid them continued Xia Tian, therefore said directly. Xia Tian had not spoken, he felt really the good emperor temperament and disposition are good. Paternal grandmother, I rejects him really embarrassed, is what to do Bishop Cao there should?” Xia Tian innermost feelings depressed saying, these people so push aside him, but Niu Huang have not said anything, he directly goes saying that with the good emperor now does not want to join the words of this team, that really hit Niu Huanglian.

It seems like I must install to instigate, making them expel the team me.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. His first embarrassment. . Qi Wang mausoleum chamber. It can be said that the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber is not the buried treasure, but can also be said as the large amount buried treasure, this must first think how they saw, reason that said that which he is not the buried treasure reason is here cannot arrive can bump into the treasure, impossible having mystical powers grass efficacious medicine and so on thing grows in inside, because that inside resentment was too heavy. Cannot grow any plant, do not say that was the spirit grass efficacious medicine. Spirit Tool, various treasure and types of compounded drugs? Has, definitely will have, but absolutely in certain secret treasure houses, only if has the big destiny to add the person of body, otherwise had discovered the buried treasure definitely is also these big influences carves up, their these powder cultivate the team and these small team anything divides radically is less. Naturally also had one type. That hunts and kills others, robs others Chu bag and so on thing, but this matter is done is also very dangerous, if bumped into Expert to end, moreover you, if hunted and killed everywhere, if had been discovered by the big influence issued a warrant for arrest you, then almost all people also with issuing a warrant for arrest you. Therefore is some people wants to make these deals also to covertly carry on. Right Linshan rushes to the direction of Qi Wang mausoleum chamber: Hateful, my unexpectedly was given to play by him.”

Liu Shishi was angry now, reason that she vitality is because Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to play a trick on her, she trusted Xia Tian before completely, but she has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly escaped, she went in Liu Changsheng takes the thing to use some time, when she came out Xia Tian disappeared. She wants to understand immediately, originally Xia Tian this is intentionally is thinking highly of all her the way, quite makes her relax vigilantly, finally escapes: Man really does not have a good thing, when I held Cao Yaqian time, I link certainly you simultaneously to grasp, gave you also to marry, irritates me, irritated me.” She is really more wants more to be angry. You did not go to that any Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, good, my this looks for you.” Liu Shishi grasped his pink / white fist to say. Another. Hasn't overtaken? You are not will be deceiving us.” [gold/metal] Gui looks that Murong Bai said that if not because feared that troublesome, he already broke Murong Bai leg, once has broken Murong Bai leg, they must carry Murong Bai, this gain does not equal the loss. I ensure absolutely does not have.” Murong Bai said. Is far?” [gold/metal] Gui asked. He is moving, the direction is the position of Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, but his present speed fell obviously, between we and him distance little pulling closer.” Murong Bai said. Good, we add a bit faster the speed again, overtakes him as far as possible earlier, what otherwise in the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber not to be uncertain, if the path intriguing words, we were not good to pursue.” [gold/metal] Gui understands, even if were Murong Bai not possibly makes the mark 100% to know that on the body of Xia Tian how Xia Tian walked, he can only know the Xia Tian position, if in the mausoleum chamber presented the branch road junction, they were miserable, does not know that which should enter, after all only knew the opposite party position and own position, but wanted to look to be possible across these branch road junctions to trouble. Right that Boss said that we a bit faster, let us not let that boy run.” The wooden ghost echoes to say. Outside Qi Wang mausoleum chamber.

Which did Xia Tian this boy run? Looked could not find.” Bishop Cao before and Xia Tian mentioned the Qi Wang mausoleum chamber, but he had not found Xia Tian to the present, although he not with the Xia Tian concrete agreement in, but Xia Tian will certainly find a striking place. Bishop Cao looked for quite a while not to find the Xia Tian position. He will not have an accident, hasn't arrived to the present?” Bishop Cao depressed saying, afterward he directly by in a stone head rest. Well!” At this moment, the hand of Bishop Cao touched engraved patterns, when he saw this engraved patterns showed a faint smile: This boy, unexpectedly went advanced, is not loyal, ok, I also a bit faster go, he should leave behind the symbol along the way.” Qi Wang mausoleum chamber. It is not the buried treasure cave. But is the goal, a super goal, covers in the giant anger of surrounding area hundreds of thousands of li (0.5km) region, the person who in this grave buries is Qi Wang and his subordinate. My little darling, right must work as the grave robber.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings say with emotion.